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Sketch of SCP-2493-JP-1, drawn by D-98587

Item #: SCP-2493-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: In order to search for and secure any subject influenced by SCP-2493-JP in an early stage, around 50 staff members from the Foundation will conceal themselves as inspectors in ██ town, and agents will be deployed to corresponding police stations in the area. If a subject is found, they are to be immediately detained and given B-class amnestics.

The entrance to the underground lake where SCP-2493-JP-1 resides has been sealed off with metal fencing and barbed wire, with the public prohibited from entering and the cover story “toxic gas emanation” disseminated in the surrounding area.

Description: SCP-2493-JP is a lucid dream with abnormal properties. SCP-2493-JP has only been confirmed to occur in the surrounding urban area of ██ town, Seto City, Aichi Prefecture, with no occurrences outside this area. The content of SCP-2493-JP explained by the people affected by SCP-2493-JP (Hereafter referred to as ‘subject’) is generally consistent, with some slight differences. The contents of SCP-2493-JP are as follows:

  1. The subject is standing in a residential area described as “blue and dark” akin to dusk or early morning on cloudy weather1. No anomalies can be observed within the surrounding structures, and no human beings or any other life-form have been detected.
  2. Humanoid entity (Hereafter referred to as SCP-2493-JP-1) is confirmed within field of view. Based on physique, attire and hair, SCP-2493-JP-1 resembles a young girl approximately 8 years old, with her face distorting around the nose, with eyes and mouth clearly deviating in both original shape and position. Subjects who see SCP-2493-JP’s face are compulsively aversive to it.
  3. Subject understands SCP-2493-JP-1 is approaching them. SCP-2493-JP-1’s approaching speed is extremely low. During this time, attempts by the target of removing SCP-2493-JP-1 from their field of vision (Such as by turning around and away from SCP-2493-JP-1) end in failure due to SCP-2493-JP-1’s ability to instantly move into one’s field of view.
  4. Finally, SCP-2493-JP-1 approaches until they are 50cm away from the target. The subject’s aversiveness greatly increases at this moment, and the whole body of the sleeping target stiffens up.
  5. The subject wakes up.

The awoken subject perfectly remembers SCP-2493-JP-1, which causes them strong psychological stress.

A common matter with subjects that recognize SCP-2493-JP are auditory hallucinations of water drops falling down, described as “echoing from far away” following sleep affected by SCP-2493-JP. This auditory hallucination always occurs during sleep, and are not affected by REM sleep, non-REM sleep, depth or length of sleep. Craniotomy performed on subjects reveals no anomalies. There is no scientific mechanism that can confirm specific auditory hallucinations during unconscious sleep.

Subjects who continue to perceive this sound of dropping water suffer mood disorder symptoms that closely resemble depression, and report great aversion towards sleep. Furthermore, if this condition continues for more than two weeks, the perception of ██ Pond, located 130m south of the area identified within SCP-2493-JP is altered, and they develop a strong desire of heading towards ██ Pond. This effect is believed to be able to influence all brain functions. This condition worsens the more time passes, but can be treated with B-class amnestics.

Following this, the subject suddenly begins moving towards ██ Pond at irregular intervals. Upon arrival, the subject moves to a cave located 30m west of ██ Pond, and attempts to enter it. The cave continues 300m underground, and the subject is able to traverse to the underground lake at the deepest point regardless of light source. When the subject reaches the edge of the lake, they submerge their head in the water. In this case, the subject’s face is distorted around the nose and twisted off around the cervical vertebrae through unknown means. The target’s severed head moves through the water towards the center of the underground lake in what’s described as “attracted by a strong force”. The bodies left behind remain unbothered, leaving the lake’s shore littered with headless corpses.

Discovery: SCP-2493-JP was discovered in 1972. The discovery was prompted by the testimony of Iwao Sakutarō, a resident of Seto City, Aichi Prefecture who had been hospitalized at the Aichi Prefectural Psychiatric Medical Center. At the time, a Foundation agent obtained concrete and detailed testimony from Mr. Iwao, and from following field work and interviews with local residents, several details matched Mr. Iwao’s symptoms, leading to his containment.

Mr. Iwao’s testimony prompted an investigation into the number of cases of people complaining of symptoms similar to SCP-2493-JP, with 23 cases identified with identical symptoms within ██ town. As SCP-2493-JP occurrences are limited to ██ town, the cover story “entrancing gas” was disseminated to the surrounding residents, and amnestics were administered.

Addendum 1: The following is an excerpt from an audio log recorded while supplying material for the local history of ██ town, stored at the Museum of Ethnology inside ██ town, Seto City, Aichi Prefecture.

Interviewer: Head Researcher Zhe

Subject: Adashino Chizuo2(Referred to as Mr. Adashino)

Note: This log was recorded while supplying materials at the Museum of Ethnology as part of an investigation of ██ Pond, believed to be related to SCP-2493-JP.

<Start Recording>

[Extraneous conversation removed]

Head Researcher Zhe: What is this?

[A book with data on top of a desk]

Mr. Adashino: This is another one of those old documents laying around. You see? It’s right there, it’s… It’s faint, but it’s the pond. It’s written here.

Head Researcher Zhe: With pond, you mean ██…

Mr. Adashino: Ah, no no. That’s a different one.

Head Researcher Zhe: There’s another pond nearby.

Mr. Adashino: I heard it from the previous director… Ah yes, that’s right. There was a huge landslide or earthquake or some such thing and the pond was completely buried.

Head Researcher Zhe: I see.


Mr. Adashino: Oh, well. You don’t wanna see this kind of thing. It isn’t any good.

Head Researcher Zhe: Why is that?

Mr. Adashino: [Short silence] Do you wanna hear the reason?

Head Researcher Zhe: If you please.

Mr. Adashino: [Silence]

Head Researcher Zhe: Mr. Adashino?

Mr. Adashino: Mr. Zhe, was it? Is it really necessary to know this for your local features research?

Head Researcher Zhe: Yes, it is. We just confirmed from the documents we saw that the land here has historical customs that are clearly different from that of the surrounding area. If possible, I’d like to hear a little bit more about it.


Mr. Adashino: Well, your enthusiasm is contagious, I must admit… Well, from here on out you’ll have to [Places index finger over mouth], yeah?

Head Researcher Zhe: Understood. There’ll be no data of it.

[Short silence]

Mr. Adashino: [Sigh] This might not be something the younger people are familiar with, but that’s a taboo place.

Head Researcher Zhe: Is there a reason for it? About the pond I just saw in the document.

[Mr. Adashino turns the pages of the document book]

Mr. Adashino: This, you get it?

[Mr Adashino points at the document. The section depicts a human hanging down their head by the pond, and a human figure being decapitated with a sword.]

Head Researcher Zhe: And this is…?

Mr. Adashino: Seems he’s been decapitated, no? This one. The doctor said he was no sinner or anything… He was just sick.

Head Researcher Zhe: … Sick?

Mr. Adashino: The old director of this museum was a man who knew the stories of this area. Around here, there used to be a story that said if you had a nightmare, you’d surely die. He’d dreamt that he could hear falling water while sleeping, and without everyone realizing, it continued, and then he died by the pond.

Head Researcher Zhe: [Silence]

Mr. Adashino: The dead people’s heads weren’t all connected. Seems like white water was coming out of his head. Someone saw this and began screaming and talking about the water of the pond causing some sort of disease.

[Mr. Adashino moves his finger through the document]

Mr. Adashino: And just like this picture, the head of the person who’d had the dream had been cut off. They’d been cut off and thrown into the pond so that no one else could use the water again.

Mr. Adashino: But it didn’t get better. The people who had dreams never decreased. And that leads to the picture.

Head Researcher Zhe: Wait, are you saying people continued to get their heads cut off?

Mr. Adashino: That’s why it’s a taboo place. Don’t think there’s anyone today who knows today anymore, not since the generations before ours stopped to learn by hearsay. And now the pond is no more.

Head Researcher Zhe: I see. By the way, are there no descriptions of the contents of the dreams?

Mr. Adashino: Contents?… Ahhh… There is one thing written about them.

Head Researcher Zhe: Which is?

Mr. Adashino: “The child laughed”, it said.

Addendum 2: December 4th, 1980. Due to an experiment resulting in D-98587 becoming a target due to long-term stay in ██ town, a following experiment was conducted with the goal of recording the actions of a target following their entry into the cave. An unmaned drone followed behind D-98587 to take photographs, discovering the cave continues 300m underground, with an underground lake 50m wide, 132m long and 20m deep at its deepest point. At this time, the probe entered the lake and came into contact with an unknown entity. The following are the contents of the exploration log:

Drop.                                               Drop.                                   Drop.                    

Exploration Log-2493-JP

This exploration log is a record of photographs taken by a Foundation amphibious miniature probe with the purpose of investigating the movement of someone under the influence of SCP-2493-JP (D-98587) inside the underground cave. The probe was remotely controlled by a staff member situated near the entrance of the cave.

0:00: Probe is activated at the entrance of the cave, and moves inside.

9:08: D-98587 arrives at the underground lake.

9:50: D-98587 submerges their head into the lake’s surface.

10:24: D-98587’s face distorts and twists off.

10:35: The subject’s body stops spasming. D-98587 falls silent.

10:58: Probe moves underwater, and begins following the blood flowing out of D-98587’s head.

11:47: Probe arrives at the bottom of the lake. Human skulls are scattered at the bottom of the lake. All skulls have their facial structures greatly distorted.

12:29: A presence other than skulls and mud is confirmed. It has the outward appearance of milky-white liquid.

14:15: Milky-white liquid at the bottom stands out. Due to GPS signal and topography of the lake, it’s believed the milky-white liquid gathers at the center of the lake. Sample is procured.

15:33: Arrival at the center of the bottom of the lake. Milky-white liquid partially disappears, and an unknown humanoid entity appears. The entity’s appearance closely resembles SCP-2493-JP-1’s reports.

Drop.                                               Drop.                                   Drop.                    


Confirmed entity

Drop.                                               Drop.                                   Drop.                    

16:22: The entity begins absorbind the milky-white liquid coming out of D-98587’s severed head. It’s believed to be cerebrospinal fluid. Photographing the entity’s face was impossible due to environmental factors.

18:09: Multiple attempts at approaching the entity are made. No reaction other than absorption is noted.

18:23: Communication with the probe is lost due to poor above ground connection.

19:35: Connection is restored. GPS signal is confirmed at the northern portion of the underground lake.

20:02: Search is interrupted in order to apply maintenance to the probe, and a route to return above ground is calculated.

20:26: Probe begins moving.

21:21: Passing through the center of the lake. Entity has disappeared. D-98587’s face is momentarily captured on camera, showing distortions similar to SCP-2493-JP-1.

21:40: Milky-white liquid rapidly rises from the bottom of the lake. Visual field obscures.

22:01: Visual field returns. Slight unclear sounds other than the water and the screw propeller are confirmed.

22:36: Unclear shadow moving in the direction of travel momentarily confirmed. No obstacles corresponding to that same location were observed in footage taken earlier.

23:08: Probe’s visibility worsens. Appears to have collided with an unidentified obstacle.

23:15: Screw propeller moves deficiently. Adheres to the bottom of the lake and becomes inoperable.

24:41: Noise. Laughter.

25:19: Screw propeller begins moving again. Begins surfacing from the adhesion point.

25:23: Communication fails again. No further communication occurs.

Drop.                                               Drop.                                   Drop.                            Drop.                         Drop.                Drop.                                               Drop.                                   Drop.                            Drop.                         Drop.            Drop.                                               Drop.                                   Drop.                            Drop.                         Drop.                  

Following the exploration log, liquid similar to the milky-white liquid inside the underground lake is confirmed in the steam that flows from the interior of the cave and the water in ██ Pond. Furthermore, the location of the underground lake was found to be located directly underneath the residential area observed in SCP-2493-JP.

Subjects checked the entity of the underground lake, with all cases confirming it to be the SCP-2493-JP-1 that appears inside SCP-2493-JP. From this, it’s assumed the entity and SCP-2493-JP-1 are strongly related. Furthermore, the team in charge of the probe’s records reviewed the footage, finding the following image at the time of communication loss:

Drop.                                               Drop.                                   Drop.                            Drop.                         Drop.                Drop.                                               Drop.                                   Drop.                            Drop.                         Drop.            Drop.                                               Drop.                                   Drop.                            Drop.                         Drop.                  

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