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A portion of the visual information constituting SCP-2505-JP (Modified).

Item #: SCP-2505-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2505-JP is to be segmented into at least thirty-five media files or physical media before being stored in the Infohazard Containment Chamber B-74.

Containment Chamber B-74 is the sole location where complete information about SCP-2505-JP is available. To prevent information leakage outside the chamber, Class-γ specific memory eradication memetic agent must be administered to those entering the chamber within a 24-hour timeframe.

Any personnel entering Chamber B-74 must have achieved above the specified performance level in conceptual control training conducted by the Memetics Division within the last six months, and must be authorized and monitored by a supervisor with Level 4/2505-JP clearance.

The use of SCP-2505-JP as a countermeasure to various memory-corruptive anomalies is under discussion. Currently, only use for research purposes is permitted.

Description: SCP-2505-JP is a complex information construct related to certain Japanese quail (Coturnix japonica). Attempts to convey the details of SCP-2505-JP to other individuals through language only result in listing vague and general characteristics of quail.

A subject who is exposed to a certain percentage of SCP-2505-JP1 immediately results in the possession of the following fabricated memories (SCP-2505-1).

  • Memories of raising quail during their childhood or having quail in the vicinity of their residence.
  • Memories of at least twenty patterns of quail calls.
  • Memories of interacting with at least twenty-five quail simultaneously.
  • Highly specific and detailed memories of the texture of quail feathers, as well as the temperature of quail's body.
  • Three or more specific episodic memories with quail as the central theme.
  • Memories of past positive emotions toward quail.

When a subject possessing SCP-2505-JP-1 is administered a medication with memory-corruptive effects or undergoes similar memetic procedures, SCP-2505-JP-1 is affected preferentially over other memories in more than 80% of the cases. In such cases, SCP-2505-JP-1 gradually transforms into one of the following types of memories before its complete erasure, and the subject is keenly aware of these transitions. Corruption to non-SCP-2505-JP-1 memories takes place after these transformations are concluded and SCP-2505-JP-1 has been completely erased.

  • Memories of continuously watching frozen adult quail.
  • Memories of the feeling of plucking quail feathers.
  • Memories of crushing quail eggs in their hands just before they hatch.
  • Memories of chewing on living quail chicks.
  • Memories of a quail's pupil at close range in their vision.
  • Memories of dead quail with bite marks.

SCP-2505-JP was discovered at Site-81NI in a state of being segmented and saved in twenty-five media files. The accompanying text files, described below, have been determined to have no conceptual or infohazardous relevance to SCP-2505-JP.

Substitute feed. Pre-frozen. Suitable once a week.

- Anticognitive Division

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