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An instance of SCP-2507-JP, staying in front of the target after a jumpscare (Image taken by Mobile Task Force Omicron-Rho "The Dream Team")

Item #: SCP-2507-JP

Object Class: Archon

Threat Level: White

Special Containment Procedures: No containment efforts are to be made, as the activities of SCP-2507-JP are beneficial.

Description: SCP-2507-JP is a generic term for dream entities that are generated from the collective consciousness formed by the perception of "ghosts" among an unspecified number of children. They are estimated to be approximately two hundred million instances in total, and are widely distributed in the dreams of people worldwide. This wide distribution is attributed to the fact that SCP-2507-JP is not grounded in a specific host or dream, which allows them to travel between dreams without any restrictions.

SCP-2507-JP's appearance resembles that of a stylized ghost, and varies in type. As a common characteristic, their main purpose of activity is to provoke other Oneiroi to express their emotions of fear. However, they rarely achieve this goal on their own, as their only means of doing so is simple jumpscares1, and their aforementioned appearance typically conveys the impression of being "cheap". As such, most instances of SCP-2507-JP attempt to achieve their goal by exploiting attacks on Oneiroi by nightmare entities2.

Attacks on Oneiroi by nightmare entities are carried out by detaining the target in a specially generated extra dreamspace and then deploying nightmares into it. Since the target's awakening means their escape from the dream, the nightmares deployed often have a certain level of realism in order to prevent their awakening caused by the awareness that they are in a dream.

Upon spotting a nightmare entity, SCP-2507-JP follows it while maintaining a certain distance; when the nightmare entity absorbs an Oneiroi into its extra dreamspace, SCP-2507-JP also enters it. Afterwards, SCP-2507-JP stays hidden in the vicinity of the absorbed Oneiroi, and performs a jumpscare when the target's fear emotion is heightened by the nightmare.

Although the target shows a momentary startled reaction to this, in most cases they quickly regain their composure due to the aforementioned features of SCP-2507-JP. In addition, the lack of context of SCP-2507-JP's manifestation and behavior, as well as its foreign appearance, causes the target to question its existence and their current situation, which leads to observation of other elements in the dreamspace; with high probability, the target eventually comes to the conclusion that they are dreaming . Upon perceiving this, the target typically makes a deliberate attempt to awaken themselves due to their aversion to the nightmare, and achieves it within a short period of time.

These activities of SCP-2507-JP are estimated to have suppressed the damage of attacks by nightmare entities3 to approximately 20%. In case SCP-2507-JP stops their activities, the current social system is expected to become difficult to maintain due to the significant increase in the aforementioned damage, which justifies the anomaly being designated as Archon. While SCP-2507-JP expresses a certain amount of pleasure at the target's startle reaction, it is extremely rare for them to be fully satisfied, as they are generally disregarded by most targets after the jumpscare. As a result, SCP-2507-JP constantly maintains a high level of activity frequency.

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