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Item #: SCP-2513-JP

Object Class: Keter (Neutralized)

Special Containment Procedures: It is impossible to contain SCP-2513-JP itself due to its anomalous properties. Since it is also difficult to detect the event that occurs as a result of SCP-2513-JP, it is to be considered to be in a state of indirect containment by the fact that appropriate cover-up actions have been taken against the reality alteration and probability fluctuation observed by the Foundation.

Update: It is presumed that SCP-2513-JP will not occur in the future due to human extinction.

Description: SCP-2513-JP is a phenomenon that occurs at an extremely low rate1 when a human dies. When SCP-2513-JP occurs, the consciousness of the deceased human (hereafter referred to as "the subject") is bound to the baseline dimension, and an entity that can be perceived only by the subject (hereafter referred to as "SCP-2513-JP-a") manifests2. SCP-2513-JP-a expresses its intention to grant the subject a single wish; if the subject presents the wish, it makes the wish fulfilled by causing a minor reality alteration and probability fluctuation. Due to its limited influence, SCP-2513-JP-a is occasionally unable to fulfill the wish presented, depending on its content3. If the wish is not feasible, SCP-2513-JP-a informs it to the subject and encourages them to present an alternative idea. In case the wish is of an abstract nature, SCP-2513-JP-a arbitrarily interprets the wish and fulfills it. If a feasible wish is presented, or three minutes elapse without a wish being presented, SCP-2513-JP-a demanifests and the subject's consciousness is released.

SCP-2513-JP was discovered by Researcher ██████4, who prepared this report, on 20██/█/██.


Notice from SCiPNET

This report has the following problems;

・ It has not been notified of its preparation.
・ Anomalous fluctuation of Hume level has been detected.

It will automatically be deleted unless the problems are resolved.


The specified time has elapsed.

Automatic deletion is in progress.



Applying the Emergency Notification Protocol

Response Status

RAISA: Unresponsive
Department of Administration: Unresponsive
O5 Council: Unresponsive


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