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Item#: 253-DE
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
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Threat Level: Green

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-253-DE must be contained in the security locker in Site-DE18. If more than ten (10) SCP-253-DE instances are contained, excess anomalies may be eliminated. SCP-253-DE must only be removed from its containment with approval by the assigned research manager, currently Prof. Dr. Steinbach, and solely for research purposes. Visual contact with SCP-253-DE is to be avoided at all costs. If removed from its containment, SCP-253-DE must be covered with an appropriate, warning-labeled protective film, which may only be removed during tests. All tests with SCP-253-DE are to be performed only in Site-DE19. To conduct tests outside of Site-DE19, approval by at least two (2) employees of level 4 or higher is required. An RTF unit must always be available in Site-DE18 during tests to take the SCP-253-DE into custody. Civilian SCP-253-DE-1 instances must be brought to Site-DE18 after their discovery and questioned about the position of SCP-253-DE. Once SCP-253-DE has been discovered, the SCP-253-DE-1 instances must be treated with class B amnestics and returned to their places of origin. Newly found SCP-253-DE instances must immediately be located and either contained or incinerated by an MTF unit.



Description: SCP-253-DE are oval shaped stickers made from Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which are either beige or yellow in color. The objects possess a size of 14.5 (fourteen point five) cm x 8.2 (eight point two) cm. All SCP-253-DE instances bear the inscription: „It's nice here, but have you been to Baden-Württemberg?“ SCP-253-DE is optically indistinguishable from its non-anomalous variant.1 SCP-253-DE features the anomalous property to teleport everyone looking at it to the German state Baden-Württemberg. The persons affected by SCP-253-DE are classified as SCP-253-DE-1. This effect does not occur under the following circumstances:

  • The target person is being actively perceived by others or recorded via camera.
  • The target person is present in Baden-Württemberg.
  • The target person observes SCP-253-DE through video or image recording.
  • The target person can not clearly identify the text on SCP-253-DE as such.
  • The target person interrupts visual contact, before the effect comes into force.

Affected persons report feelings of unease and nausia after having viewed SCP-253-DE. 1.13 (one point one three) seconds to 3.36 (three point three six) seconds after the observation of SCP-253-DE, the target person will be teleported to a random place in Baden-Württemberg. The exact way how SCP-253-DE teleports the SCP-253-DE-1 instances is as of yet unclear. After SCP-253-DE-1 instances have been teleported, they feel dizzy and/or dazed. The severity of these symptoms increases the further the target person was apart from Baden-Württemberg. This can possibly also lead to unconsciousness. The duration of the symptoms can range from some minutes to several hours.2

All SCP-253-DE instances have been created by a para-artist in Baden-Württemberg. He used his abilities to transform the aforementioned stickers into anomalies. The subject is known to the Foundation under the name █████████████. However, the Foundation is unaware of the current whereabouts. Investigations relating thereto are in progress.

Discovery: The Foundation had discovered SCP-253-DE when an agent embedded into the Baden-Württemberg State Office of Criminal Investigation (LKA BW) became aware of a series of kidnapping cases without visible reason or evidences. The investigation was taken up by the Foundation on the 18/09/2019. Through interrogating the affected persons, the location of SCP-253-DE could be ascertained. Initial containment succeeded on the 11/10/2019 at 13:44 local time in New York City, New York, USA. SCP-253-DE was first contained in Site-28, before it had been relocated to Site-DE18 for further research.

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