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SCP-257-DE, shortly after appearing behind Dr. Gruber on the 15/08/2018

Item #: SCP-257-DE

Object Class: Euclid Keter

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-257-DE is not contained sine incident 257-DE-3, and is assumed lost. It is to believed that, given available resources, it is impossible to track and re-contain SCP-257-DE.

Description: SCP-257-DE describes a 14 cm high figure consisting of rigid plastic that depicts an owl with a green-turquoise tint. The wings of the figure partially obscure its face, but the eyes appear to directly stare at the observer, regardless of the viewer's location. In all cases, interrogated persons, independently of each other, described the object as "butt ugly", both in its form as well as its coloration.

Persons that have received SCP-257-DE as a present from another person perceive the object as too unattractive or useless to want to keep it themselves. However, they will accept it out of guilt, and to give pleasure to the other, or to not seem impolite.

As soon as the object changes its owner, the latter will sense the desire to give away the object at the next opportunity. SCP-257-DE will imprint itself onto the owner until it is further given away. The current owner seems to intuitively know who would show the most approval for SCP-257-DE among their acquaintances, regardless of the contact's actual preferences.

Gifting mostly occurs for special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, or simply as a thank you for good companionship. Solely in cases where the subject was unable to give SCP-257-DE away for two weeks, it will attempt to gift a random person, without stating any reasons.

The desire of give SCP-257-DE away will intensify for the subject imprinted by SCP-257-DE as the time period between receiving and re-gifting the object increases, which can lead to continuously increasing paranoia and hallucinations that only end once SCP-257-DE has been given away.

Additionally, SCP-257-DE possesses the ability to materialize in front of the subject it is currently imprinted on, mostly in situations or locations where the subject does not expect it.1

Attempts to terminate the imprinting through other methods than gifting have failed. Attempts to extract, stealing, dispose it in the trash, delete from memory through amnesica, or remove the object from the active area lead to SCP-257-DE re-appearing in the vicinity of the subject once visual contact is ceased and the subject expects it the least.

Akin to a standardized rigid plastic, SCP-257-DE can be destroyed via brute force, sawing, acid, or melting, however, it re-appears near the imprinted unharmed once the subject's eye contact with the remains is broken. How the object accomplishes this could not be determined.

This imprinting will only end when SCP-257-DE changes its owner though gifting, whereafter it will imprint itself onto its new owner, in turn, forcing the latter to give it away.

Discovery: SCP-257-DE initially appeared in Site-DE22 on the 20/12/2017 during a pre-Christmas Dirty Santa, when Dr. Gruber gifted research assistant Kullert with it, without knowing about the anomaly. He accepted it, but gave it away to Dr. Hain on the 28/12/2017, who celebrated his birthday on-Site during that day. He gifted Dr. Seligmann with SCP-257-DE on the 02/01/2018 as lucky charm for his first work day.

The aforementioned re-gifting proceeded for almost half a year, thereby drawing the attention of the site administration onto the object. The confirmation that it is an SCP-object came when D-2510, who was granted with SCP-257-DE from researcher assistant Streuer for exemplary services beforehand, stated that the "butt ugly owl" was hunting her in her dreams, suddenly appearing on her toilet, despite her being sure to have thrown it against a wall and destroyed it a few minutes before. D-2510 subsequently gave the object away to Dr. Gruber to thank him for the rescue.

Dr. Gruber mentioned to have received the object at that time from a former fellow student of the university in Koblenz as a reminder of the old study time. Another survey of the said fellow student concluded that she gained it from her aunt for her phD.

Tracing the chain of progression of gifts lead to the survey of 124 persons in total who received and gave away SCP-257-DE. The last person who could be determined was Mr. Karlsen, an antique dealer from Berlin. He recently obtained the object from his ill mother who passed away a few days after. However, he could not recount from whom he received the object.

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