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Inside SCP-2580-JP

Item #: SCP-2580-JP

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: In order to prevent SCP-2580-JP from being exposed to the public, the protective fence is to be set up around the portal, and 1 or more staff members are to be on guard at the entrance at all times. The cover story "cave-in" is to be applied to the information to the public about the inside of the protective fence, and people who tried to enter are to be released after being amnestized.

The personnel in charge of SCP-2580-JP are all fluent in Welsh, and will accompany the research team as interpreters when conducting interviews to SCP-2580-JP-1.

Description: SCP-2580-JP is the generic name of the dimension shifting portal discovered in the middle of Snowdon in Wales, UK, and the another dimension inside. The stone monuments that make up the portal have carvings such as spiral patterns and solar crosses that are typical of Celtic culture, and several monuments have been found in the vicinity suggesting that the portal was made by the Celts in the mid-7th century. The portal is very stable despite the erosion of plants and the deterioration caused by the weather over the years, but it is unclear how the portal came to exist.

The inside space has the appearance of a high altitude mountainous area, and the weather is always sunny but there is no sun as a light source. The temperature is kept around 15°C and the humidity is always 90% which is extremely humid and allows mosses to grow very well. In the inside space, the same landscape continues for a radius of more than 20km around the portal, and the existence of a group of humanoid entities (hereinafter called SCP-2580-JP-1) has been confirmed throughout the space. No life forms other than the aforementioned entities and mosses have been confirmed to date.

SCP-2580-JP-1 take the form of white-haired women with strong Celtic features that look like they're in their early twenties and very thin in appearance, and all of them wear white coat-like clothes that cover their entire bodies. Their intelligence is comparable to that of a normal human adult, and they are able to speak Welsh. Notably, SCP-2580-JP-1 are identical in every respect including facial features, height, shape, and outward age range. SCP-2580-JP-1 do not move from the point where they are located, and do not spontaneously take any action except for occasional emotional outbursts while always standing upright. Because of this characteristic, the Foundation has surveyed SCP-2580-JP-1 population and identified 78,324 individuals, but interviews with SCP-2580-JP-1 have estimated the total number to be over 20 million.

Some of SCP-2580-JP-1 are always experiencing human emotions such as grief and sorrow. In this state, SCP-2580-JP-1 are always weeping and wailing, and its hands are clasped in front of their faces in a Western-style prayer gesture.

The following is an excerpt from an interview conducted to SCP-2580-JP-1 individuals.

Interviewer: Agent Simon

Subject: SCP-2580-JP-1 individual (hereinafter called SCP-2580-JP-1-a)

<Begin Log>

Agent Simon: Now let's start the interview.

SCP-2580-JP-1-a: What are you going to ask?

Agent Simon: SCP-2580-JP-1, I'm asking about you all.

[Omitted the chat part]

SCP-2580-JP-1-a: We grieve for others.

Agent Simon: What do you mean by grieve?

SCP-2580-JP-1-a: Grieving the death of others.

Agent Simon: Does that relate to you all's emotional outbursts?

SCP-2580-JP-1-a: That's right. No matter who they are, we shed tears and grieve. For 1,000 years, we watched over people. As long as man's work to make the stars shine continues, grieving will never cease.

Agent Simon: Does that mean that you all's state of outbursts is exactly the same as the current death rate of the baseline world?

SCP-2580-JP-1-a: That's not the case.

Agent Simon: How is it not the case?

SCP-2580-JP-1-a: There is no one who is not grieved. But sometimes we shed many tears over great deaths. Therefore, the number of deaths we grieve does not always equal the number of deaths.

Agent Simon: What do you mean by great deaths?

SCP-2580-JP-1-a: Those who have made the stars shine brighter accompany the reasonable grieving. At the time of great deaths, we lead many in tears.

Agent Simon: Are you saying that some people are worthy of many tears?

SCP-2580-JP-1-a: That's right.

Agent Simon: What kind of human deaths has it ever been done for?

SCP-2580-JP-1-a: Those who make the stars shine and lead them to better ends will achieve great accomplishment. It's a battle, it's a ritual, it's all of these things. We have grieved many people. We have grieved many, starting with the druidic wise men, warriors who had shed their blood to fight for their people. Clowns who gave people pleasure. Painters who drew the shape of a star. We shed tears for such people.

Agent Simon: [A moment of silence] For example, what happens when a famous person, scientist, or artist who is alive today dies?

SCP-2580-JP-1-a: We don't know. Only after a death do we know how a person lived. But.

Agent Simon: But?

SCP-2580-JP-1-a: No matter who they are, we grieve them equally.

<End Log>

From the above interview, it was found that SCP-2580-JP-1 get in a state of emotional outbursts called "grieving" for human deaths, and that multiple SCP-2580-JP-1 get in a state of outbursts in response to the deaths of people who have been involved in human development, such as military service in conflicts, scientific discoveries, and cultural development efforts.

In addition, long-term interaction revealed that SCP-2580-JP-1 have the ability to perceive and fully understand the detailed records of a deceased person when emotional outbursts occurs.

Addendum: On December 21, 20██, Agent Simon who visited SCP-2580-JP for a routine survey observed that SCP-2580-JP-1-a had disappeared from the location where it had been located. As a result of asking other SCP-2580-JP-1 individuals about this, it was found that SCP-2580-JP-1-a had reached the end of its life and disappeared.

The following are the newly discovered facts:

  1. SCP-2580-JP-1 have the concept of life span, which is about 1 year
  2. After the disappearance of an individual, a replacement individual appears randomly in the space.
  3. The life of SCP-2580-JP-1 has been shortening over the past 200 years1

The following is an excerpt from the transcript of the interview between Agent Simon and the SCP-2580-JP-1 individual (hereinafter called SCP-2580-JP-1-b) who reported the above facts.

Interviewer: Agent Simon

Subject: SCP-2580-JP-1-b

<Begin Log>

[Omitted the part of the conversation regarding the above facts]

Agent Simon: SCP-2580-JP-1-b. Why do you all grieve humans?

SCP-2580-JP-1-b: We have already answered that question. We grieve in gratitude and condolence when a human activity that makes the stars shine and leads to a good end dies.

Agent Simon: Yes, that's what I asked before. But it's not appropriate. I'm talking about the meaning of you all's existence.

SCP-2580-JP-1-b: Meaning of our existence.

Agent Simon: You all will use all of your short lives, about 1 year, to grieve humanity. Why have you all been doing this for over 1,000 years for nothing?

[Brief silence]

SCP-2580-JP-1-b: All of man's activities lead the stars to brilliance. You need someone to honor and appreciate this great achievements, and to weep when you die.

SCP-2580-JP-1-b: For 1,000 years, we have seen every kinds of human activities. There were soldiers who were cruelly defeated in battle and died in regret. Some of them died alone from the time they were born until the end. Some were shamed and humiliated by those around them, and took their own lives.

SCP-2580-JP-1-b: A person shouldn't be allowed to die without being grieved or known by anyone. No matter how great the sin, no matter how lonely, it's the work of a person that should be loved.

SCP-2580-JP-1-b: This is our wish, people. We grieve because we can prove that there is meaning in the deaths of all people.

Agent Simon: [A moment of silence] Thank you very much for your time. I have one more question. How is the disappearance of the SCP-2580-JP-1-a individual defined for you all?

SCP-2580-JP-1-b: We don't understand the intent of the question.

Agent Simon: I'd like to ask you about the feelings you all have towards the death of the SCP-2580-JP-1-a individual.

SCP-2580-JP-1-b: I don't have any feelings.

Agent Simon: Doesn't it evoke feelings of sadness?

SCP-2580-JP-1-b: Our tears are shed for the sake of people. And even if we disappear, our knowledge and memories will be passed on to the new us.

Agent Simon: So SCP-2580-JP-1-b, what is your thoughts?

[A moment of silence]

SCP-2580-JP-1-b: Not us, but me?

Agent Simon: Yes indeed. What do you think about the death of SCP-2580-JP-1-a?

SCP-2580-JP-1-b: I'm not particularly receptive to anything. [Silence] No, that's not right. No. Slightly different. I'm feeling a slight sense of loss.

[A moment of silence]

Agent Simon: You all do have personal consciousness, do you all not?

SCP-2580-JP-1-b: We have never disappeared this fast before. We just haven't adapted to the change. That's all there is to it.

Agent Simon: No, no, but. If that's the case, then even more so, you all.

[Brief silence]

SCP-2580-JP-1-b: Are you grieving our disappearance?

Agent Simon: That, [Noise for about 20 seconds]. Excuse me, audio is back up. I will resume the interview.

SCP-2580-JP-1-b: I see. We are. I see.

Agent Simon: This concludes the interview. Thank you very much for your time.

SCP-2580-JP-1-b: Excuse me. I just want to make sure.

Agent Simon: Yes, what is it?

SCP-2580-JP-1-b: The other day, we grieved the death of you all's comrade. Many grieved his death as he died to protect others. Perhaps that are you all's missions too?

[Brief silence]

Agent Simon: Yes, that's right.

SCP-2580-JP-1-b: We'd like to say thank you.

SCP-2580-JP-1-b: Thank you for protecting people.

[Silence for 10 seconds]

Agent Simon: This concludes the interview.

<End Log>

After this interview, Agent Simon was transported to the Foundation's front psychiatric hospital due to mental stress and is currently undergoing treatment. Agent Simon's proposal to restrict the employment of Class-D personnel and their use in experiments which he had suggested in the interest of protecting SCP-2580-JP-1 was rejected by the Foundation leadership.

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