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Item #: SCP-260-DE Level 4/260-DE
Object Class: Keter Top Secret

Threat Level: Orange

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-260-DE is to be housed in a psychiatric padded cell. Care and research personell may only enter the containment cell of SCP-260-DE when its illumination level is reduced to 2 mcd or less. The entire containment site should not be equipped with windows, roof lights or other sources of natural illumination and has to feature a fail safe shut-off system for all interior illumination.

No sources of concentrated copper, silver or gold may be available at the containment site; therefore, all copper wiring is to be replaced with carbon fibres and personell with dentures must receive all-ceramic replacements.

Unless under direct supervision, SCP-260-DE is to be dressed in a bolstered suit to prevent it from scratching itself bloody or wilfully harming itself by other ways. The suit is to be strapped with a buckle at its back and may only be taken off for personal hygiene, under supervision of at least two guards.

In case of a containment breach, SCP-260-DE is to be subdued with knock-out gas, electric shocks, sonic weapons or other means that cannot cause bleeding.

Description: SCP-260-DE is a middle-aged women of southern european descent, 165 cm body height and lean figure. SCP-260-DE has a limp right leg.

In not properly identified cases, the consequences of decisions by SCP-260-DE happen approximately 10 years ahead of their cause. In all cases, focal point of the acausal repercussion is SCP-260-DE itself, whereas others are only affected tangentially. SCP-260-DE appears to have no control over this property.

It is assumed that only major decisions of SCP-260-DE are subject to its acausality, but since proof of more subtle acausal consequences is difficult, this has not been sufficiently verified.

Interviewer: Researcher Dr. Heinzel

Begin Log

Heinzel: Please state your name for the protocol.

SCP-260-DE: F████ L█████.

Heinzel: When did you first notice your anomalous properties?

SCP-260-DE: After the thing happening with my leg.

Heinzel: Please elaborate.

SCP-260-DE: (sighs) One night during my honeymoon, I awoke with hellish pains in my leg. The doctors said that I've broken pretty much every bone in it at least twice. (dabs on right leg) Many years later, I manage to get my leg under one of the machines during an excavation. The thing rolls over me. But my leg's unharmed. Well, except for what was already broken. That's when I got suspicious that there must be more behind this.

Heinzel: Have you experienced your anomaly in other ways?

SCP-260-DE: Yes. Kinda obvious in hindsight. Why couldn't I have this epiphany…how much earlier?

Heinzel: (consults documents) 3579 days and about 6 hours. Almost ten years.

SCP-260-DE: Shit. (snorts) Anyway. This keeps haunting me since my birth. (falls silent)

Heinzel: Continue.

SCP-260-DE: Well, it started with me being rather corpulent as infant. Not just a little bit chubby from leftover puppy fat, but real obesity. My mother tried everything to keep me fit, feed me healthy, but no matter what she did, I just couldn't lose weight till I was about eleven. After that nothing strange happened…till the pregnancy.

Heinzel: Go on.

SCP-260-DE: With about late fourteen, early fifteen, I got pregnant. It was a massive scandal in our town, of course, because nobody, not even me, could explain where the child came from. Media somehow picked up on this and then everyone just blamed each other with child abuse.

Heinzel: What happened to the child?

SCP-260-DE: Died at birth. Girls just shouldn't give birth this young.

Heinzel: Very well. Continue.

SCP-260-DE: Apparently this made some journalist research me and he discovered that the registry office kept me listed as married to a boy, T████ L█████.

Heinzel: T████ L█████? Your husband?

SCP-260-DE: Yes. Of course the registry office immediately offered its apologies about the mistake and corrected the entry. That's how I met T████ in the first place. We became friends, later on we went to the same college to study palaeontology, and eventually, he proposed to me. Anyway, that whole time, the media sensation around me really stressed me and I started guzzling down sweets to calm me down. (falls silent)

Heinzel: Is this all?

SCP-260-DE: No, there's so much more. But I don't know which of them are actually noteworthy…when I got eighteen, I went to the bank to take on the account my parents set up for me. It was quite full, although I somewhat misjudged that back then. Just after the thing with my leg I got curious and inspected it closer, and apparently that's where my current wage got paid to since I was sixteen. (thinks) That's about it, I think.

End Log

Addendum 2020-01-22: By order of the O5-Council, SCP-260-DE (formerly Euclid of Threat Level Green) was reclassified to Keter of Threat Level Orange and the current Special Containment Procedures were enacted. No reasons for this are known yet.

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