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Item Number: SCP-2601-JP

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2601-JP is stored in a standard containment locker. Due to the positive effects on the mental wellbeing of Akemi Kitano, SCP-2601-JP-1 through 4 are allowed interaction with Akemi Kitano for as long as they please. Due to ethical concerns, experiments conducted using SCP-2601-JP are prohibited indefinitely. Search teams selected by members of the staff will be dispatched in regular intervals to find further instances of SCP-2601-JP.


SCP-2601-JP-1 (left) and SCP-2601-JP-2 (right). Owned by Akemi Kitano. (Translated text: (left) "I wonder if Akemi's okay." (right) "Where is everyone?")

Description: SCP-2601-JP is an entity that inhabits a torn note from a standard-issue Kokuyo Campus notebook. SCP-2601-JP takes the form of a simple stick figure of a girl, with limited mobility, and possesses clear self-consciousness. SCP-2601-JP is able to communicate with individuals via writing on the note paper. Objects drawn within the paper that SCP-2601-JP exists in are able to be interacted with by SCP-2601-JP. Quality of the drawings does not seem to affect object recognition.

SCP-2601-JP displays anomalous behavior when the paper that it inhabits is torn apart in two1. Each SCP-2601-JP will then begin to reform itself on the individual paper pieces. The SCP-2601-JP existing in the largest amount of paper will inherit the original SCP-2601-JP's personality and memories. The smaller one will develop its own personality. All instances of SCP-2601-JP are generally based around young females around the ages of ten and under, and can be differentiated by how they express themselves.


Diagram of SCP-2601-JP's anomalous properties

SCP-2601-JP was first discovered by a local phenomenon through Twitter. Viewers dubbed it the 'moving doodle'. The original poster of the tweet was Mrs. Chihoko Kitano, mother of the then five-year old Akemi. It is presumed that Akemi Kitano was the original creator of SCP-2601-JP. Further reports of parental abuse caused the police to get involved, and Foundation personnel were able to interview both subjects after the incident.

Interview Log: 2601-JP-1

Interviewer: Researcher Kazuho
Interviewee: Chihoko Kitano

<Begin Recording>

[Questions irrelevant to the SCP have been omitted]

Chihoko: This is about Akemi, isn't it?

Kazuho: Yes. Specifically, about that tweet. We'd like to know more about that.

Chihoko: What, that drawing? She was the one who drew it. I had nothing to do with it.

Kazuho: But you were the one who tore apart the original drawing?

Chihoko: What are you going to take me in for? Property damage? She wouldn't shut up in the bus, so I ripped apart that drawing of hers. That's how you teach the kid a lesson. Ever since then she finally quieted down. What, does she still have another one?

Kazuho: We don't know.

Chihoko: Well when I looked at the paper I tore apart, I saw another drawing she made. She already made a new one. It looked disgustingly horrible, so I tore it up even more. I can't stand the sight of it. Disgusting. Horrifying.

Kazuho: …I see.

Chihoko: There's no point in her drawing shit like that, anyway. It belongs in the garbage. In fact, she might as well learn how to take out the trash.

[Further questions irrelevant and omitted]

<End recording>

Interview Log: 2601-JP-3

Interviewer: Researcher Kazuho
Interviewee: Akemi Kitano

<Begin recording>

Kazuho: Hello Akemi. May I call you Akemi?

[Akemi nods]

Kazuho: I'm going to ask you a few questions. If it gets too difficult or hard, you just let me know okay?

[Akemi nods]

Kazuho: Okay, Akemi. Can you tell me about the two girls in your drawing? Who are they? What are their names?

Akemi: U-Um… Yayoi and Miyuki.

Kazuho: Yayoi and Miyuki, hm? Okay. How long have you been speaking with Yayoi and Miyuki?

Akemi: U-Um… Uh…

[Akemi starts to cry and repeatedly apologize to her mother]

Kazuho: Hey hey, it's okay. I'm sorry, Akemi. I didn't mean to scare you. Why don't we take a break. Is that okay?

[At the discretion of head researcher Kazuho, she and the interviewee took a one-hour break]

[After the hour break, recording resumed]

Kazuho: Ready to tell me about Yayoi and Miyuki?

Akemi: Mhm.

Kazuho: Alright. What do you two talk about?

Akemi: Mika and Karin2. Kindergarten. Mama, sometimes.

Kazuho: I see. Okay. And how did you know their names? Did they tell you?

Akemi: Nuh-uh! I gave them myself. One of them I named Yayoi, the other Miyuki. If I named them both Yayoi, I wouldn't be able to tell the difference!

Kazuho: So that's why you gave them their own names!

Akemi: Yup! Mhm, mhm.

Kazuho: Thank you for telling me that, Akemi. That'll be all for today, okay? You'll be staying here for a while, so get some rest while you can, okay?

Akemi: Um… c-can I ask you something, miss?

Kazuho: What is it, Akemi?

Akemi: Mama… um…

Kazuho: Akemi, is everything okay?

Akemi: Y-Yes, I'm okay, but… Miyuki… Mama ripped her up into small pieces… s-so… I haven't been able to find all of her yet. Can you find her, please?

Kazuho: We'll find her, okay, Akemi? Then we'll send her to your room.

Akemi: Really!?

Kazuho: Really really. As long as you wait patiently with us, kay?

Akemi: Okay! Thank you! Thank you so much!

<End recording>

A search of the Kitano residence revealed multiple instances of SCP-2601-JP. Based on reconstruction of the paper parts, it is presumed that there are still undiscovered parts of SCP-2601-JP. Current search is still in-progress.

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