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Item #: SCP-2613-JP

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: No containment procedures have been established for SCP-2613-JP itself. Information on the Internet regarding SCP-2613-JP is to be compiled by Foundation web crawlers, and appropriate cover-up actions, including amnesticization, are to be taken.

Additional containment procedures have been recommended based on the results of the secondary investigation. See "Discovery History" for details.

Description: SCP-2613-JP is an anomalous entity that manifests under specific conditions in Japan during the summer season1. Although the conditions that trigger the manifestation of SCP-2613-JP are largely unclear, it is assumed that it requires a human being (hereinafter referred to as "the subject") to be in a non-awake state indoors. There have been no confirmed cases of the anomaly manifesting itself in the presence of awake humans in the vicinity. Secondary research has yielded more specific data on the conditions under which SCP-2613-JP may appear; see "Discovery History" for details. SCP-2613-JP is an entity that closely resembles a human head2, approximately one meter in height, with no visible anatomy below the neck.

SCP-2613-JP manifests itself in a manner that buries the back of its head in the wall of the room where the subject is present, and then proceeds to begin blowing its exhalations at the subject. This action continues until the subject awakens or an awake human approaches in the vicinity, at which point SCP-2613-JP instantly demanifests. It is known that most of the awakened subjects feel a cool sensation at this time.

Discovery History: While the first sighting of SCP-2613-JP is unknown, several supposed witnesses had surfaced on the Internet since the early 2000s3. These eyewitness accounts did not initially noted by the Foundation due to their uncertain nature in a semi-awake state and limited number. However, an increase of sightings in recent years, as well as video evidence from indoor security cameras on the Internet, brought SCP-2613-JP to the Foundation's attention.

Following the discovery, the Foundation immediately conducted the primary investigation. A series of experiments to reproduce the situation based on sightings confirmed the existence of the anomaly, which led to the development of containment procedures and the preparation of a corresponding report, along with the implementation of cover-up procedures. Due in part to the difficulty of direct observation, the primary investigation was limited to a rough understanding of its anomalous properties, and a secondary investigation was scheduled.

The secondary investigation was planned to be larger scale and longer term, and is still in progress. The vast amount of collected data has revealed the following tendencies.

  • It is prone to manifest itself when indoor temperatures and humidity are high.
  • It is prone to manifest itself in areas where there is little airflow blowing on the subject.
  • Most of the subjects are physically weak, such as the sick and the elderly.

In light of these findings, it has been suggested that additional containment procedures include calling for the use of air-conditioning devices during sleep through various organizations.

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