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Item #: SCP-2616-JP

Object Class: Safe


SCP-2616-JP(During summer)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2616-JP’s anomaly only appears in the winter season, and is harmless. As in many cases, SCP-2616-JP’s anomaly isn’t treated as such by the general public, no special containment procedures against the object are necessary. Due to safety reasons, the climbing route will be closed during the winter months, but SCP-2616-JP will be open to climbers for the rest of the year. If mountain climbers enter and take refuge in SCP-2616-JP during the winter season due to a disaster, MTF ら-14 (“Ski Patrol”) will be in charge of rescuing and protecting them. Rescued climbers must be interviewed and, if necessary, given class-A amnestics, then released.


Fireplace inside SCP-2616-JP(Picture taken during experiment)

Description: SCP-2616-JP is a mountain cabin used for shelter located 100m from the summit of Mt. Kogouchi, in the Akaishi Mountains (Southern alps of Japan), on the border of Nagano and Shizuoka prefectures. Externally, it’s a 2-storey wooden structure, but it doesn’t exist on governmental records, has no known construction date or manager. The cabin has no electricity, the interior is simplistic, with only wooden flooring and tables, with a large stone fireplace on the southern wall on the first floor. There is also a pile of firewood inside to act as the fireplace’s fuel, as well as a burner and a fire hook to help with ignition.

SCP-2616-JP’s anomaly manifests under the following conditions:

  • At least 2cm of snow accumulate on the grounds around the entrance of the cabin.
  • No one is watching the accumulated snow.
  • Arbitrarily putting fuel inside of the cabin’s fireplace, and igniting it.

If the aforementioned criteria are met, the following anomalies occur in and around the cabin:

  • Fuel added to the fireplace will burn up completely regardless of available oxygen, producing only carbon dioxide as combustion product. At this point, the internal temperature remains moderate for the entire cabin regardless of the exterior temperature.
  • Once the fuel depletes, a knock is immediately heard coming from the front door. The knocks continue at regular intervals until the door is opened.
  • At some point in between the start of the knocks and the opening of the door, the fuel used will appear next to the door in a new state.1 Also, footprints will appear on the snow leading to the front entrance.2 The footprints continue from the front entrance towards the ground not covered by snow, eventually disappearing. No entities able to leave the footprints have been observed thus far.

Due to the anomaly described above, SCp-2616-JP is thought to be an excellent refuge in case of emergency. Due to the difficulty of detecting the anomaly, and the lack of other shelters on the same climbing route, no special containment measures for SCp-2616-JP have been erected. No surveillance cameras exist inside and around the cabin, due to the unspecified number of people that use it, and because it would interfere with an exceedingly helpful anomaly. Distress signal transmitters have been installed by the Foundation inside of the cabin in order to rescue and protect victims.

Addendum: On February of 2014, MTF ら-14 (“Ski Patrol”) protected two people who stayed inside SCP-2616-JP. One of them was found in a panicked state, and was interviewed in order to ascertain the reason. Below is a transcript of the interview:

Interview Log-2616-JP-05

Date: 2014/02/17

Interviewer: Commander Takayama (Referred to as ‘Interviewer’)

Interviewee: Mr. Morikawa, Mr. Yamamura (Referred to as ‘Morikawa’ and ‘Yamamura’)

[Start Log]

Interviewer: Have you calmed down? Mr. Morikawa, Mr. Yamamura. Mind if I ask you a few questions?

Morikawa: (Face has turned pale)Ah… A-ah. I’m… I’m ok.

Yamamura: I’m ok as well.

Interviewer: Alright… So why did you come to this mountain at this time of the year? There’s been a warning about heavy snow for a few days now… Ah, of course, I’m not blaming you two for this. I just need to understand what happened.

Yamamura: I was invited by Mr. Morikawa… He is an expert mountain climber, so I thought he’d be alright during the snowfall.

Morikawa: A… A-ah. I’ve climbed mountains during winter many times. I brought him this time to train him, but I didn’t think there’d be trouble.

Interviewer: Sorry to interrupt, but what exactly is your relationship with each other?

Yamamura: Mr. Morikawa is my senior at my university’s mountain climbing club. Mr. Morikawa has always helped me… Now, If I hadn’t been so slow, nothing bad would have happened.

Morikawa: Ah, that’s enough. If we hadn’t found that cabin, we’d both be dead by now, no? I told you we need to train your body even more.

Yamamura: Y-yes! Sorry, senpai.

Interviewer: Morikawa, you look rather pale. Did something happen in that cabin?

Morikawa: Oh, that cabin! So weird. I’d be dead if it wasn’t for it, but that cabin was so goddamn weird.

Interviewer: What do you mean by ‘weird’?

Morikawa: There was a huge snowstorm outside at the time, so we used some of the firewood inside to lit up the fireplace. The fire burned unexpectedly well, and the room warmed up in an instant, but because of it the wood burned out immediately. Then someone knocked on the cabin’s door. Thinking it was someone else in trouble, I opened the door, but no one was there. Instead, a bundle of firewood was placed next to the door.

Interviewer: Maybe it was a kind neighbor?

Morikawa: That’s what I thought. But when I used up that bundle, another knock on the door occurred, and another bundle had been left next to it. It repeated time and time again. I got curious about the bundle, and noticed that the texture details on the wood were the same as the ones I’d burned up. That’s straight up insane, isn’t it?

Interviewer: I see… Quite strange. We will look into this matter as well. By the way… Mr. Yamamura, you haven’t said anything in a while, was there anything in your mind at the time?

Yamamura: Me? I fell asleep as soon as the room warmed up, and didn’t even hear the knocking sounds. But at some point, I suddenly grew cold, and so I woke up, and found myself lying next to the entrance door.

Morikawa: The fireplace had poor ventilation, and carbon monoxide was being released. I carried you outside. You should thank me, at the very least.

Yamamura: Ah, y-yes! You save my life! Thank you, senpai!

Interviewer: Anything else you noticed?

Morikawa: That’s all. I’m telling you though, there’s definitely something wrong with that cabin.

Yamamura: I was asleep most of the time, so I didn’t notice anything special.

Interviewer: That’s all my questions then. Thanks for your cooperation.

[End Log]

End Report: Following the interview, both subjects were given Class-A amnestics and released. Because of inconsistencies between the object’s anomaly and the statements given, the Foundation is investigating the situation and monitoring the movements of both subjects.

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