Item #: SCP-262-IE

Threat Level: White ○

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-262-IE is located in a Foundation office in Shuiximen Subdistrict, Jianye District, Nanjing City, contained in accordance with "Management Methods for Low-Risk High-Value Objects". A Foundation-made removable telekill emblem has been inserted into the front of the object in order to identify it, as well for reasons relating to the object's nature. A member of MTF Mu-13 has been stationed in Nanjing, and has full authority over the object's containment and protection. The object is not under any circumstances allowed to be removed from Shuiximen Subdistrict to prevent influence from uncontrollable external factors.



Description: SCP-262-IE is a three-centimeter thick quarter folio sheepskin and hardwood book. Its contents consist of a series of story-oriented graphic novels printed in flash ink. The contents of the graphic novels possess a degree of instability, causing them to visibly reform themselves into a new configuration with new images and story within a few seconds. This occurs at irregular intervals.

The following is an incomplete list of all graphic novels that have appeared in SCP-262-IE:

1. Anglo-Saxon philosophical jokes

2. How to Cook a Stew of French Bread Mixed with Pasta

3. Aesop's Fables (original)

4. How to Stay Healthy and Cure Illnesses

5. The Loving Life of a Pair of Stickmen

6. The Fun-Filled University Life of the Stickman and His Words for You

7. Exercise and military training-related popular science manhua

8. A Message of Ardent Love to the Motherland

9. The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

10. Princess Dairy-Goat's Beautiful Advice on Life

11. The Romantic Stories of the Leaves

12. The Loving Life of a Pair of Stickmen

13. A stylization of a family photo

14. The Communist Manifesto, Interlingue version

15. Das Kapital, Interlingue version

16. State and Revolution, Interlingue version

17. The Stickmen's Mid-Autumn Festival and Words of Fortune for You

18. An illustration of several plates of dried persimmons, mooncakes and pomelos and various hungry faces

19. An action manhua depicting a child shaking osmanthus seeds from a tree.

Adhered to the object's cover is a greeting card made of birch wood, with the following written on it:

Jiankang Road Postal Service Branch Mid-Autumn Commemorative Release

Happy birthday. May every day of your life since your birth be happy ᐛ


The object was found on 1945/4/22 in the Sachsenhausen concentration camp.

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