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Item #: SCP-2642-JP

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2642-JP has been recorded in the 2642-JP slot on SCiPNet and is made public.

Each SCP-2642-JP-A is to be designated separately and contained in accordance with protocol for inactive inorganic objects after standard experimentation and recording.

SCP-2642-JP-B is to be monitored and placed under the management of Site-120.

Description: SCP-2642-JP-A are box-like objects equipped with a system that stabilizes Hume levels in its interior1. Cases where these objects also possess Kant counters or similar Hume-measuring devices have been seen.2 In all cases, the interior of the box has been confirmed to be empty; however, there is no mechanism to open or close the box, implying that these objects were not produced in order to contain objects. As a result of the aforementioned properties, SCP-CN-2642-A is sealed with regards to Hume levels and thus is isolated from external reality.

SCP-2642-JP-A-a is an experimental tool created by the Foundation in response to the discovery of SCP-2642-JP-B in 2000. The Foundation's Reality Research Team developed SCP-2642-JP-a (common name "Scranton Reality Blackbox/SRBB") with the intention of placing it in SCP-2642-JP-B or any other easy-to-access space where reality is thin in order to experimentally determine the true nature and behavior of "the particles that determine reality"3, a concept similar to imaginary numbers or dark matter. While initially it was planned to place the object equipped with a Kant counter, initial testing showed that putting the interior space in an observable state with a Kant counter created a path between the exterior reality and interior reality, allowing the contents of the box to "leak out", leading to the addition of an on/off switch.

SCP-2642-JP-B is a space where reality is "thin", discovered by the Foundation's Reality Research Team in 2000. SCP-2642-JP-B is a non-dimensional space, isolated from all surrounding realities and thus in a reality half-vacuum, creating a space mostly independent and disconnected from surrounding spaces of denser reality. This reality neutrality drew the attention of the Foundation, which planned the abovementioned experiment and other research. Of note is that after the incident, SCP-2642-JP-B appears to be accessible from other realities.

Multiple samples of SCP-2642-JP-A have been retrieved through various patterns, and have been separately designated. The first confirmed instance, with the exception of SCP-2642-JP-A-a (created by the Foundation), is SCP-2642-JP-A-b, which was retrieved from SCP-2642-JP-B and is considered to have been developed by a parallel Foundation based on comparison with SCP-2642-JP-A-a. At first, it was classified as an Anomalous Item; however, after the order to begin Project Arca and the associated political interference, the Saiga Factions4 provided multiple similar objects. As such, these objects were given standard designations.

Tests using SCP-2642-JP-A-a-3 have determined that the behavior of SCP-2642-JP-A-a and the initial behavior of SCP-2642-JP-A-b were different, and as such various comparative tests on SCP-2642-JP-A have been carried out. The following tests have been carried out:

Reference Log 2642-JP-A
Experiment Description: Following placement in SCP-2642-JP-B, the devices maintaining reality within the interior are purged. Observe the changes in reality caused by the difference in reality concentration between the interior and exterior in order to determine the behavior of pragmons.
Subject Notes Result
SCP-2642-JP-A-a-3 Created by the baseline Foundation Destroyed after 64 seconds
SCP-2642-JP-A-b Behavior at first manifestation within SCP-2642-JP-B. Behavior of SRA is unstable Box warped and was destroyed

Experiment Log 2642-JP-A
Experiment Description: As in the Reference Log, the behavior of pragmons from other universes is different from those in the baseline universe. As various SCP-2642-JP-A have been retrieved from the Saiga Factions, the same procedure will be used to conduct a comparative experiment.

Addendum: The Serpent's Hand has provided support and created or retrieved SCP-2642-JP-A in various other parallel dimensions. These objects are also used in this experiment.
Subject Notes Result
SCP-2642-JP-A-c Obtained from Saiga Factions Began rotating
SCP-2642-JP-A-d Obtained from Saiga Factions Began playing a sound similar to Grande valse brillante in E-flat major
SCP-2642-JP-A-f Created by Serpent's Hand Gained minor restorative powers
SCP-2642-JP-A-k Retrieved by Serpent's Hand Gained antigravity and began floating upward

The above experiment drew the attention of the Foundation's Pataphysics Department, the help of which progressed the understanding of the behavior of pragmons, leading to a team led by O5-12 proposing a pataphysical theory based on the theory published by Dr. Tan.

The pataphysical theory proposed by Dr. Tan, the "Canon Hypothesis", can be summed up as "narratives tend to bind together, becoming a singular path, and become more fixed as more authors work on them"; even though higher narrative entities' activities possess a certain degree of freedom5, they also possess a common directionality and similarity. The theory thus discusses the recurrence and fluidity of such narratives. This hypothesis is "imaginary", and thus lacks demonstration and leaves questions about the investment required to prove it, and as such has been dismissed by the Pataphysics Department. This theory was mostly abandoned for the above reasons up until its rediscovery.

The causality examination team formed for Project Arca, composed of specialists from fields such as spacetime anomalies, anomalous religion and pragmonic/thaumaturgical science confirmed the arrival of the COUNTOVER as initially prophesied. At the same time, in view of the results of Experiment 2642-JP-A, it was proposed that as pragmons from parallel worlds behave differently, there may also be causal differences between them. With this result, the Pataphysics Department, led by O5-12, joined members of the abovementioned causality examination team and, with the help of scholars in anomalous religion, anartists and literature scholars, developed Dr. Tan's theory into the Canon Theory.

In pataphysics, the "reality" composing our world is affected by higher narrative entities' interference. The Canon Hypothesis claims that these entities' behaviors are similarly directed, and, through repetition, narrow the scope of reality, changing direction occasionally depending on the situation. The Canon Theory claims that these entities "determine" reality, and through various "determinations" split the world into different realities. The difference in pragmon behavior is caused by the differences in how these realities are "determined", and the "path" chosen by the relation between the higher narrative entities and the lower narrative levels in turn "splits" while containing realities with different properties. The adoption of this theory proves that different lower narrative layers can possess mutual contradictions, but exist in parallel with each other.

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