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An instance of SCP-2650-JP. Unknown substance inside is reacting with oxygen, emitting red smoke.

Item #: SCP-2650-JP

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Containment of SCP-2650-JP is practically meaningless. If the manifestation of SCP-2650-JP is reported, the object is to be secured and related information is to be suppressed. In case SCP-2650-JP is successfully secured, its contents are to be confirmed by using a D-class personnel, and SCP-2650-JP itself is to be temporarily contained at a Foundation facility closest to the discovery location.

Description: SCP-2650-JP is a traveling bag that appears in an unspecified number of locations. There is no specific pattern to its appearance, and it has been observed to appear at the seafloor and on extraterrestrial planets. Since a small-scale spatial anomaly is observed when it appears, it is difficult to confirm the details of this phenomenon. The exact total number of SCP-2650-JP instances is unknown, as several instances are sometimes discovered at the same time.

The contents of SCP-2650-JP are the remains or body parts of a creature corresponding to the Primates, as well as miscellaneous items of no known pattern. Genetic evaluations of the bones and remains were conducted, and none of them matched any species acknowledged by the Foundation. In addition, several materials adhered to the exterior and the contents contain unknown substances that are not recognized by the Foundation. In conjunction with the results of the aforementioned genetic evaluation, SCP-2650-JP is presumed to have originated from parallel timelines, other dimensions and/or alternative universes distinct from this baseline world.

SCP-2650-JP disappears at random intervals; the method to prevent this disappearance has not been developed. At the time of disappearance, a small-scale spatial anomaly is observed in the same way as when it appears, and the materials in the surrounding 2m radius also disappear along with SCP-2650-JP. Notably, if the content of SCP-2650-JP includes precious metals, any person who attempts to take SCP-2650-JP away disappears along with it.

Addendum: D-5662, which was used for securing SCP-2650-JP, disappeared along with SCP-2650-JP. Initially, this disappearance was treated as a personnel loss caused by an anomaly. About four years after, however, another instance of SCP-2650-JP appeared, and the genetic information obtained from the remains of its contents was consistent with that of D-5662. The remains were only an arm, and unidentified bite wounds were observed, indicating that D-5662 had an unknown infectious disease, presumably from the bite wounds. All of these injuries are believed to have been sustained after the disappearance, not on Earth.

After the remains of D-5662 were discovered in SCP-2650-JP, it was pointed out that SCP-2650-JP might be traveling between this world and several other ones, such as parallel timelines, other dimensions and/or alternative universes. Subsequently, experiments involving SCP-2650-JP were proposed and approved by the Board of Directors. The experiments were conducted by sending D-Class personnel in possession of arbitrary items to interact with SCP-2650-JP.

Test Log 2650-12 - Date ████/██/██


The painting found inside SCP-2650-JP.

Method: D-6136 was provided with photographic equipment and life support supplements enough for eight years, and disappeared along with SCP-2650-JP. The purpose of this experiment is to obtain information materials that could be available when D-6136 returns in some form.

Result: After approximately two years, SCP-2650-JP containing a leg of D-6136 was recovered. No photographic equipment was found inside, instead an unknown painting and a knife with rusted blade were retrieved. Fingerprints and bodily fluids consistent with those of D-6136 were detected on the knife.

Analysis: A previously undiscovered substance was found adhered to the contents, suggesting that SCP-2650-JP had traveled to a previously unexplored world. This substance is hazardous to the human body and can damage lung tissue if inhaled.

Upon evaluation, it was concluded that the painting was created by D-6136. The painting was assessed to depict a scenery, which is expected to be a world with a completely different environment from Earth.

Examination of D-6136's leg has revealed that they died at the age of 52. Since D-6136 was 25 years old at the time of their disappearance, this suggests that the world to which D-6136 was transferred may have differed from Earth in the flow of time.

Test Log 2650-33 - Date ████/██/██

Method: D-7685 was implanted with recording devices throughout their body, and disappeared along with SCP-2650-JP. The purpose of this experiment is to obtain information materials that could be available when D-7685 returns in some form.

Result: After approximately six months, SCP-2650-JP containing D-7685's head and eyeglasses was recovered. The retrieved footage showed a location presumed to be outer space following the disappearance. D-7685 struggled violently for approximately 15 seconds, causing the footage to be greatly disrupted. The footage continued to record outer space; approximately five hours later, an enormous flying object that distorted the surrounding space while moving rapidly approached, causing the footage to stop. The retrieved eyeglasses were consistent with those used by D-7685.

Analysis: As the flying object that approached D-7685 had an accretion disk and exposed its Schwarzschild radius, it can be concluded to be of the same nature as a black hole. It is unclear why the camera embedded in D-7685's head remained intact, likewise what process was applied to store D-7685's remains and belongings into SCP-2650-JP.

Test Log 2650-54 - Date ████/██/██


A successfully restored image file


The recovered drawing

Method: D-8522 was implanted with recording devices throughout their body, and disappeared along with SCP-2650-JP. The contents of SCP-2650-JP were removed, and replaced with various tools that could be used in the construction of the base of operations. D-8522 was instructed to stay at the destination as long as possible to gather more information. The purpose of this experiment is to obtain information materials that could be available when D-8522 returns in some form.

Result: After approximately three years, a large instance of SCP-2650-JP was recovered, which contained the full body remains of D-8522 adorned with precious metals, as well as flowers, paper pieces believed to be banknotes, a sword, an unknown drawing (see attached image) and several other items. Despite the fact that D-8522 was 21 years old at the time of their disappearance, the results of the evaluation have shown that D-8522 died at the age of 86. There was evidence that the majority of the recording devices implanted in D-8522 had been removed by sophisticated surgical procedures. While a recording device was still present in their neck, much of the data has been lost due to age-related degradation.

The drawing recovered from SCP-2650-JP this time is a noteworthy content. It can be interpreted as a warning message or war declaration to the Foundation, which suggests the possibility that we are being considered hostile by a civilization in possession of unknown technologies.

Analysis: It has been determined that SCP-2650-JP is most likely an artificially manufactured object. Future actions against SCP-2650-JP are currently under discussion.


Insignia of ElMA

The insignia on the drawing recovered from Test Log 2650-54 corresponds in design to the one used by "Eden leap Mutual Aid (ElMA)", a religious organization that has been listed as a minor group of interest. Although this group operates for the purpose of transferring to different worlds, they have not had any significant cases of anomalous activities, and the group itself was not attract much alarm due to its small scale. The experiments described above indicate that ElMA maintains a solid base of operations in alternate universes outside the baseline world, and that their scale is much greater than the Foundation had expected. The Board of Directors has made the decision to designate Earth-based ElMA as GoI-101 and consider it a subject of alert.

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