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One of the houses in SCP-266-JP, in a remarkably good state of preservation.

Item #: SCP-266-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-266-JP is under the control of Site-109. No ongoing anomalies have been identified at SCP-266-JP aside from the unusual circumstances surrounding its discovery, and the current focus is on the preservation of SCP-266-JP and the investigation of its origins. Detailed information on the residences and facilities that comprise SCP-266-JP is available upon request to Site-109.

Description: SCP-266-JP is a town located in [REDACTED], ██████████, United States of America. It is listed on the map as "████████" and has been officially designated as a residential area by the state since 19██. The area is approximately ██ square kilometers, with ██ modern houses clustered around the central street. However, SCP-266-JP has no residents and there is no record of any occupancy; no individuals have been confirmed to be originally from SCP-266-JP.

Gas, water, and electricity were supplied to SCP-266-JP without any problems, and the companies responsible did not have any doubt about providing them to SCP-266-JP. The building companies of the residential houses were also contacted, and likewise they stated that they had no concerns during the construction work in SCP-266-JP. It has been confirmed that the payments to these companies were made through proper procedures, but the payers remain unknown.

SCP-266-JP has various facilities including an elementary school, a hospital, a church, a supermarket, a pharmacy, and several fast-food restaurants; there is no record of employees working in any of these facilities, and the evidence obtained indicates that the delivery and consumption of products had continued despite the supposed business failure, and that the equipment kept operating until the time the object was discovered. No parties outside SCP-266-JP were aware of these facts, which were only discovered through the interviews by the Foundation.

SCP-266-JP was discovered on 2015/3/2 by an electricity power company employee who noticed that all residences in the area were behind in paying their electricity bills. After the Foundation surveillance network intercepted the case through the employee's social network postings, the cover story "Trolling" was applied, followed by interviews and amnestic treatment of the individuals involved.

Addendum 1: Excerpt from Interview Log 266-JP

Interviewee: Billy Oldham (55 years old, [REDACTED] Inc. employee)

Interviewer: Agent Long

Note: [REDACTED] Inc., which the interviewee works for, was responsible for the construction of 40% of the housing in SCP-266-JP. Mr. Oldham was involved in the design of the buildings.

<Begin Log, [2015/3/15]>

Agent Long: So you're not familiar with the furniture in the houses?

Interviewee: (While looking at the pictures attached to the document) We do design and build, we don't deal with furniture, let alone TVs and kitchen supplies. This couch is from Ikea, isn't it?

Agent Long: Isn't there an Ikea near here?

Interviewee: Online shopping is the only way to get one, I don't know who ordered it… I'm going crazy. That town was —

Agent Long: You visited there many times as a designer, correct?

Interviewee: Yes. It was before the Lehman Brothers collapse, so we had a policy of just building as many as we could — well, that's not the point. I went there a lot, wasn't that long of a drive.

Agent Long: Do you recall interacting with any of the residents?

Interviewee: …No. I thought it was possible back then - I'd like to believe I did - but now that I look back, I don't even remember seeing anyone. It was awfully quiet, probably.

Agent Long: What do you mean, "probably"?

Interviewee: …I don't know. I don't know what happened in that town. I… (Silence)

Agent Long: Mister?

Interviewee: I bought some bandages at the drugstore one day, when one of my men got injured, so… I took out a dollar bill at an empty register and put the change in my wallet.

Interviewee: We went to McDonald's at lunchtime… many times. There was no staff, but I ordered a cheeseburger and a Coke almost every day… Where did that cheeseburger come from?

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Based on interviews and discovered traces, the leading hypothesis is that SCP-266-JP anomaly is antimemetic in nature, or that the records and information of the town residents were erased due to history alterations. However, the cause is still unknown, therefore its Object Class is retained as Euclid unless there are new discoveries or further developments in the investigation. — Dr. Rand


The Catholic church in SCP-266-JP, with no record of a priest being assigned to it.

Addendum 2: Selected list of particularly noteworthy items discovered in SCP-266-JP
Various furniture (desk, chair, sofa, kitchenware, TV, etc) Common to all residences. There are signs of having been used until shortly before the discovery of SCP-266-JP.
Toys for children Owners unknown. Some of them have signs of having been chewed by children, though no matching teeth marks have been identified.
Newspapers Up to 2015/2/26. Dates after that have not been found.
Photographs All photos showing humans were taken outside SCP-266-JP; the rest depict the landscape of SCP-266-JP or the interior of houses. Photographers unknown.
Digital cameras No data has been found that was taken after 2015/2/26. There is no data capturing humans, nor is there any video.
A cassette tape Discovered in a residence. The content is silent, but there are signs that it was played repeatedly.
Non-human animals Common species as pets, including domestic cats (Felis silvestris catus) and dogs (Canis lupus familiaris), with no anomalous properties. They showed signs of having once been kept in captivity and were in good health, but had been malnourished for several days.
Dead larvae of silk moth (Bombyx mori) ███ of them were discovered at the elementary school. Origin unknown.
Pocketbooks About ██ pocketbooks were found in a residence; almost all of the pages were damaged. While the pages appear to be bitten off by a wild animal, no traces of any kind of wildlife were found in the location of discovery.
Train timetables, state edition At least 3 copies existed in each residence. Available for sale to the public and non-anomalous. It should be noted that the nearest train station is over 10km away from SCP-266-JP.
Spray graffiti Painted on the walls of several residences. The personnel who discovered them expressed their personal opinion that they resembled caterpillars, earthworms, or distorted railroad tracks. Text-like shapes are also present, but illegible.
Crayon drawings Discovered in several residences. A monster, which looks like a deformed steam locomotive, is depicted. [DATA EXPUNGED] on the drawing papers.
An oil painting Artist unknown, discovered in the church. The painting depicts a steam locomotive with smiling people in its carriages, although the overall color scheme is extremely dark. Notably, the interior of the carriages is painted in dark shades of red, and the blood of an unknown organism was detected in the paint used in this section.
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