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The exterior of the abandoned theater where SCP-272-JP was discovered.

Item #: SCP-272-JP

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedure: SCP-272-JP is contained in the Large Object Containment Area at Site-81██, after it was cut out from its original location. Admittance into the area for the purpose of testing or otherwise is to be normally performed via unmanned drone. Female personnel may enter the area with the permission of Level 3 or higher personnel, but such action is not recommended. Male personnel are strictly forbidden from entering the area.

Description: SCP-272-JP is a floor surface of now-defunct ██████ Theater's backstage waiting room, located in ██████████, Okayama prefecture, Japan. SCP-272-JP's anomalous effect manifests when a male who has reproductive potential (except for homosexual individuals) steps on its surface.

The affected individual claims that he can see a female in a luxurious dress lying on her back on the floor, and refers to the female in question as "Floora". Hereafter, the affected individual is designated SCP-272-JP-1, and "Floora" is designated SCP-272-JP-2. This female, visible only to SCP-272-JP-1, is identified as lying in the same posture by all accounts. These effects do not triggered by a remotely controlled drone, and merely opening the door is not enough to observe this anomaly. SCP-272-1 lies face-down on the floor while still perceiving SCP-272-JP as a real female. He then performs many of the actions that is believed to be suitable for a lover who has an intimate relation above a certain level, such as whispering the words of love to SCP-272-JP-2, declaring that he will protect SCP-272-JP, making a hug gesture, and [REDACTED] among others. These actions seem to take precedence over whatever instructions that are given to SCP-272-JP-1.

Once the action is completed, SCP-272-JP-1 is led by invisible SCP-272-JP-2 to the outside. At this point, it is hypothesized that SCP-272-JP-1 is acting in accordance with SCP-272-JP-2's instructions. Even after removed from SCP-272-JP, SCP-272-JP-1 continues to perceive that the floor surfaces of all structures eventually lead to SCP-272-JP-2. During interviews, all instances of SCP-272-1-JP claimed "She is there, even when I can't see", despite the fact that they cannot perceive SCP-272-JP-2 on the floor of other structures. On this phase, SCP-272-JP-1 can impart anomalous properties identical to SCP-272-JP to other floor surfaces1 by lying down on the space that is considered as the floor of a structure; following this, SCP-272-JP-1 takes actions similar to those he performs on SCP-272-JP. Test results has shown that the interval of these actions is approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Amnestic treatments can erase the memory of "Floora" from SCP-272-JP-1. However, SCP-272-JP-1 still claims to feel like someone is waiting for him after the treatments, actively attempting to lie down on the floor. Even at this point, SCP-272-JP's effect is believed to spread once SCP-272-JP-1 lies on the other floor surfaces. However, it does not seem to occur or spread to anything that humans do not recognize as a floor2.

It has been found that human affected by SCP-272-JP eventually ceases to have sexual desires for anyone, save for SCP-272-JP-2. Men who are married or in a relationship with other females are no exception. An attempt to prevent recidivism of sexual offenders by utilizing this effect is being planned. It was discovered that the affected individuals completely lack standard ethics and self-control, and immediately start [REDACTED] if directed to do so by SCP-272-JP-2 under any circumstances. Male personnel are fully prohibited to expose themselves to SCP-272-JP.

The following is an interview log with a male D-class personnel, who was lying on the floor after the exposure to SCP-272-JP, via a drone.

Shortly after the transfer, the aforementioned D-Class (hereafter SCP-272-JP-1) attempted to escape to outside; he was apprehended and interviewed anew.

Addendum: Shortly after the discovery of SCP-272-JP, 5 worn-out booklets, believed to be play scripts, were found in the same room. While 4 of these scripts had deteriorated to the point where they were almost unreadable, the last one, titled as "The Predilection", was partially decipherable. It has been confirmed that none of these scripts are known to other theaters and theatrical groups. Furthermore, an underlined sentence was found in "The Predilection" script. The sentence in question is as follows.

[Illegible] in such a place [Illegible] is……[Illegible] was. So, please.
Flora: “…Ah, Sir [Illegible]…! More! I never care about, even in right here, right now…!”
[Illegible] too, I can't hold [Illegible]ymore.

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