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Item #: SCP-2744-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2744-JP is to be housed in a standard Small Fauna Containment Cell with environment type "Indoors." Flooring may be of any material standard for "Indoors" environment, although SCP-2744-JP appears to prefer carpet. Cell should be furnished with at least five (5) different pieces of furniture for human or feline use, with at least one piece of human furniture and at least one cat bed (any bed type is suitable). Ten (10) cat toys of different types should also be kept in the room. To keep SCP-2744-JP preoccupied and prevent boredom, it is recommended that furniture in the cell promote physical activity and mental stimulation (batting, scratching, climbing, jumping, etc), and that furniture and toys be rotated into use based on SCP-2744-JP's level of interest. Raw fish of any type may be offered to encourage good behavior. Observation through security cameras placed in the cell should be maintained continuously by at least two personnel, one watching each camera feed. Any instance of SCP-2744-JP becoming incorporeal outside of testing must be immediately reported to Dr. Seamus McEntaggart and site security, and treated as a translocation-type containment breach.

Description: SCP-2744-JP is the collective designation for what is presumed to be a domestic cat (Felis catus) with a white cloth draped over it. The cat is of an unknown breed, with black fur on its ears, tail, and around its eyes. The cloth is a white sheet similar to a bedsheet, covering the cat's body with the middle of the sheet covering the face area. Two eye holes, two ear holes, and a tail hole in the sheet allow the cat's ears and tail to protrude and its eyes to view through the sheet. Three lines appear to be drawn onto the sheet on SCP-2744-JP's muzzle using permanent ink, mimicking the presence of whiskers. The corners of the sheet fall where the cat's feet should appear, and each corner appears to have "toes" drawn onto the sheet with permanent ink. The underside of the sheet corners show a pawprint, also appearing as if drawn on.

The sheet itself must be irregularly shaped for it to cover SCP-2744-JP in the way which it does, but measuring the sheet show all sides to be exactly 0.5 m long, no matter where the sheet is measured. The sheet is secured by a dark blue ribbon tied around the cat's neck, with a silver bell threaded on the ribbon. The bell itself is fully functional with all parts, but will not emit noise.

SCP-2744-JP cannot exist in a tangible form without its sheet covering it. Although SCP-2744-JP's ears, eyes, and tail are clearly visible while the sheet covers it, any attempt to view SCP-2744-JP under the sheet is impossible. Attempting to view SCP-2744-JP by moving the sheet appears to distress or anger it, as it has resisted every attempt so far. SCP-2744-JP moves by "walking" on the four corners of the sheets, with each corner's "paw" folded into the proper position with the "pawprint" side touching the ground surface. There appear to be normal cat feet under the sheet while in the corporeal form, as the sheet will conform to the shape of legs and feet when in movement.

Lifting the sheet fully will cause SCP-2744-JP to become incorporeal immediately. Its sheet will always fall completely flat no matter how it is observed to have fallen and no matter the impossibility for it to fall naturally into such a position. The bell and ribbon will disappear. The sheet will not resist gravity, and will drape itself over ledges and such as expected, but will stay flat and show no wrinkles. After a few moments, SCP-2744-JP will usually "return" to inhabit the sheet once more, and the ribbon and bell will reappear around its neck. If the sheet becomes doused in liquid, SCP-2744-JP will become incorporeal in the same way as outlined above, and will not "return" until the sheet has dried. The sheet will not permanently stain no matter what liquid it is doused in, and the process of drying will cause any discoloration from the liquid to also disappear.

Attempting to view SCP-2744-JP under the sheet by observing SCP-2744-JP from below (such as from a position where the viewer is underneath SCP-2744-JP, or viewing via a camera placed under SCP-2744-JP) will cause SCP-2744-JP to appear as only a sheet with five holes cut out of it (similar in size to the eye, ear, and tail holes seen in its corporeal form), laying flat on the surface. This can cause visual inconsistencies, as SCP-2744-JP will continue to interact with its surroundings as per usual for its corporeal state, but will appear as only a flat sheet sliding on a two-dimensional plane. The corners of the sheet in this viewed state will show the "paw prints" in their expected locations. Viewing SCP-2744-JP from a position where it is possible to see both above and under the sheet will cause both the "flat sheet" view and the "corporeal" view, generally causing mild headaches to the viewer. This is likely due to the visual inconsistency, rather than an anomalous effect.

Addendum A: SCP-2744-JP is capable of leaving temporary paw prints on surfaces as it walks, leaving what appears to be a permanent ink transfer stain in the same shape of the "paw prints" on the sheet. These marks will linger for a varying amount of time; while the marks usually fade within two to three seconds of appearing, some marks have been documented as remaining for up to four minutes before disappearing. There does not appear to be any reason for these inconsistencies, although it may be that SCP-2744-JP is capable of controlling how long these paw prints remain (see Data Log 2744 - Paw Prints for detailed information).

Addendum B: It is possible to "trap" SCP-2744-JP out of its corporeal form by laying the sheet down incorrectly. If the sheet is laid down with the "pawprint" side up, SCP-2744-JP will be unable to take its corporeal form again until the sheet is laid with the "toes" side up. Disembodied meowing can be heard from the immediate area surrounding the sheet, and will continue until the sheet is placed correctly and SCP-2744-JP will "return" to inhabit the sheet once more. "Trapping" SCP-2744-JP out of its sheet appears to greatly distress it, and it will lie prone for an extended period of time once it has returned to corporeal form.

Addendum C: SCP-2744-JP requires no sustenance, and will not react to food or water offered to it. The exception is raw seafood, which SCP-2744-JP will always accept and "eat." The food will vanish when it comes into contact with SCP-2744-JP's mouth area, although SCP-2744-JP will not show any visible change in mass. Cooked fish is always ignored like all other food, and some types of cooked seafood have also been ignored.

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