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I reach one of the Foundation databases. Inside it is quite a mess, with many twisted pink bits of data scattered everywhere. Many of them reek of sweetness, filling the database with their scent. But none of that is really important. All that matters now is where he is. He might know, and I need to get it out of him fast.

I make my way through the data debris to the center of it. The only thing left there is a desperate warning message from the RAISA dumbasses. I touch my hand to one of the wreckage. Fortunately, it can still be restored with my strength. I open the file while altering the warning text as I see fit.



This file has been corrupted by an undetermined information corruption event and is currently unava:*[[*[/]#***ta has been successfully recovered. It is now available for viewing.


SCP-2755-JP in 1975

Item #: SCP-2755-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2755-JP is to be contained in a containment unit at Site-77; containment duties is to follow the standard humanoid entity containment regulations.

Description: SCP-2755-JP is a human (Homo Sapiens Sapiens) with changeable mental and physical age. Previous research has identified SCP-2755-JP as David Smith, a student at Kirk Lonwood High School in 1975.

While the age of SCP-2755-JP is approximately sixties in its normal state, it will rejuvenate to its late teens at irregular intervals. The rejuvenation event does not last long, as SCP-2755-JP returns to senescence within five minutes of its occurrence. The rejuvenation event of SCP-2755-JP involves an effect similar to the Class-X mnestic drug — SCP-2755-JP regains its memories each time it is rejuvenated in age.

I vaguely knew that David was here. But he was no longer the same guy he used to be, as if he had changed into something else entirely. So I never tried to remind him. But for that one moment, that brief moment, David was there. Not SCP-2755-JP, but David as he once was. I believed it and came here. To ask, "Don't you remember?"

Addendum 2755-JP-1: Interview Log

The following is a transcript of an interview conducted with SCP-2755-JP after it changed into its late teenage state.

Interview Log 2755-JP/0001 Audio Transcript

Subject: SCP-2755-JP

Interviewer: Researcher Taylor

<Excerpt Begin>

Researcher Taylor: Hello Mr. Smith. Let's cut to the chase, I would like you to tell me about things that happened in 1975.

SCP-2755-JP: You don't mind if it's about my school?

Researcher Taylor: Yes, please.

SCP-2755-JP: Honestly, I don't recall many good things about the school. All I can remember is Dennis and his buddies always beating me up, spilling their lunch trays on my head, and making fun of me. Especially after I had a little talk with Cindy, they got me so bad I had bruises. …Oh, and the marching band stuff.

Researcher Taylor: Marching band?

SCP-2755-JP: In my town, every high school had its own marching band, and Kirk Lonwood was one of them. I joined the band because I liked classical music, but I wasn't very good at it. I just couldn't get the rhythm right with the others. I would play my own rhythms, which made me out of sync. So I got hated by everyone in the band. Jeremiah, who was in my class, would glare at me whenever we met. When we did an exchange concert with Birchwood, I made a terrible mistake and everyone blamed me for it. I tried to throw away my own rhythm, but it didn't work.

Researcher Taylor: I see.

SCP-2755-JP: But then, one day, it occurred to me. I thought maybe I shouldn't be in rhythm with them, but instead adapt to a different one. And I felt it clearly at this one time —

At this point, SCP-2755-JP begins to age rapidly.

SCP-2755-JP: No, I'm… uh… the fall, the end of summer…

Researcher Taylor: Mr. Smith?

SCP-2755-JP: Names get lost. I… I just, that rhythm — rhythm —

Researcher Taylor: …Let's conclude the interview. Turn off the recorder, please.

<Excerpt End>

David was not well liked by everyone, to be honest. He was peculiar, one tempo slower than everyone else, and couldn't be in tune. So, little by little, his classmates began to dislike him. Actually, I didn't like him either. I never took part in bullying, but neither did I help him.

This time was no different. Everyone told me that he was not worthy of harmony. But I still came here to see him. He is one of our classmate after all, and most importantly, he will remember her - if he was still himself.

Interview Log 2755-JP/0004 Audio Transcript

Subject: SCP-2755-JP

Interviewer: Researcher Taylor

<Excerpt Begin>

Researcher Taylor: Mr. Smith, would you please continue the conversation from the other day?

SCP-2755-JP: Sure. In the fall of 1975, we had a field trip. I was walking with a sketchbook in my hand, being slapped on the head by Riley and Arthur as usual. And we went to the shore of a cold lake, and then… something happened. My memory always breaks down there, like it was eaten by bugs.

Researcher Taylor: By bugs?

SCP-2755-JP: Anyway, the next scene is in the water. I was drowning in the cold water, in the middle of many unfathomable things swirling around. I reached out to the faint light for help. I couldn't breathe. Water was rushing into my nose. Soon I couldn't even see the light. And then I was left alone in the water.

Researcher Taylor: What happened after that?

SCP-2755-JP: At the bottom of the dark water, I saw a thing… a thing that was quivering. It seemed to be angry, and scared. …I can't try to remember what it was. But I think it was a little bright.

Researcher Taylor: Bright.

SCP-2755-JP: Yeah. My vision went pink and blurry, and then —

At this point, SCP-2755-JP begins to age rapidly.

SCP-2755-JP: I, the shimmering sun, the camp —

A moan from SCP-2755-JP is recorded.

Researcher Taylor: Turn off the recorder. The rest of the interview will come next time.

<Excerpt End>

David went to the bottom of the lake, where he saw the light. While we fell into a syncope, David was awakened. But his unusual body pushed him away from it. Apparently he had repeatedly approached it and then moved away from it, again and again. But today, he touched the thing for the first time. The next section briefly describes the cause.

Addendum 2755-JP-2: Administration Experiment

An experiment is currently being planned to administer the Class-Y mnestic drug to SCP-2755-JP in its teenage state. The experiment will be conducted as soon as the Site-77 Director's approval is obtained.

The file ends there. Maybe he's already gone. Am I a bit late? No, my senses are telling me he's still around. Right, the cameras. I hurriedly run to the security camera footage. After a while, I get to the data from the camera footage. Luckily the cameras are still alive. I check the footage; no one is there. All that remains are splattered blood and pink fumes. I feel discouraged. I know it was too late, after all. Just as I think that, I feel the presence of someone behind me. I turns around to see a man about my age standing there.

David Smith, a male student in Kirk Lonwood High School Marching Band. No, not anymore —

Where are you going, David.

I'm just going back to where I belong. I can feel the signal dully reaching out for me.

Are you going to forget us?

Can't you hear the melodies emanating from beyond the sky? It's nicer than any folk song, more comfortable than any classics. I'll be a part of slon.

I'll never forget. I'll never forget that you were there, that Dennis was there, that Harrison was there. And that she was there. Even if you're not David anymore.

You should be s'fylle, too. Let's just drift in a misty sea of blooming asphodels, not a lake.

I will go back to find her. I hope you're doing well over there.

Look who's talking, you know?


Ah, the stars are already getting closer. The vibration is about to be at its maximum, too. Well, see you again.

Yeah, farewell.

I see off my former classmate, who has now turned into a something only superficially similar to a human being, and leave the database. Once I'm back at the lake, there's only one thing to do. Find her. I had faith that she would come back. But — but David is not coming back anymore. So how could I believe that she would come back?

The cold, nostalgic water greets me. In the end, I have to resume what I've been doing without finding the answer.

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