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SCP-277-JP in a feigned death form, photo taken during an investigation prior to recovery.

Item #: SCP-277-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-277-JP is to be contained in a containment chamber consisting of a protective wall tilted 45° similar to sloped armor, a horizontal floor and a horizontal ceiling. Protective walls should be constructed from a composite material or multi-layered structure, mainly iron, with a thickness of 100 mm or more, in preparation for attempted breach of containment by SCP-277-JP.

The ceiling and floor are to be protected by armor possessing a thickness of 60 mm or more in case of ricochet caused by the bombardment of SCP-277-JP. The containment chamber is to be constantly monitored by three cameras. All lighting in the containment chamber are to be standardized at 450lx or less.

In preparation for SCP-277-JP's containment breach, assigned security personnel are to be equipped with two replica anti-materiel rifles and flare firearms of 500 lx or higher. Recontainment should be performed by transferring SCP-277-JP back in the containment chamber during its feigned death form caused by the use of these equipment.

If SCP-277-JP is damaged outside of its feigned death form, it is to be repaired by a Japanese technician. Regular maintenance of SCP-277-JP should also be performed by the same staff as much as possible.

Description: SCP-277-JP is a Type 97 Chi-Ha medium tank capable of autonomous behavior, which seems to have animal-like behavioral principles and intelligence. According to records, SCP-277-JP was operational in ████ during 19██, after which it was recovered from the abandoned area and returned to Japanese territory. It was enshrined at ████.

Following this, the anomaly was discovered when the Foundation investigated rumors about "the tank of █████ moving in a repaired state every night", and it was replaced with a model of SCP-277-JP's feigned death form.

SCP-277-JP becomes active in a space with a light intensity of 490 lx or less. Mostly, it either wonders around with its treads that operate independently without an engine, or remains stationary. Other actions include turning the turret, generating engine drive noise, and moving the barrel up and down; it has been concluded that these actions have no clear meaning.

SCP-277-JP is capable of manifesting and firing artillery shells, which are identical to those categorized as Type 92 armor-piercing ammunition, inside the barrel. No anomalous properties are observed in these shells, except the fact that they can be fired indefinitely. SCP-277-JP's behavioral tendency indicates that it is most likely to open fire when directly exposed to harm or immediately after being released from a prolonged feigned death form.

SCP-277-JP is believed to have a field of view of approximately 80° in front of the turret, and has the same perceptual ability as humans. The subject is susceptible to visual perception; it is interested in moving objects, particularly living organisms, and actively pursues and observes them. However, SCP-277-JP will be wary of any human it deems to be "non-Japanese looking," and will actively try to keep a distance.

SCP-277-JP shifts into its feigned death form when exposed to light of 500lx or higher, or when it perceives that it is being aimed at by a large firearm.

When in its feigned death form, within approximately 0.3 seconds, SCP-277-JP will change to a state of corrosion and damage similar to that depicted in the attached image, and will stop all operations. Inspections have confirmed that these are actual corrosions and damages, and do not induce any visual abnormalities.

SCP-277-JP cancels its feigned death form when the amount of light becomes less than 500 lx or when it perceives that it is no longer aimed at by a large firearm. During this process, the corrosion and damage of SCP-277-JP will be restored within 0.1 seconds. This remains the same even if a part of SCP-277-JP is separated during its feigned death form; even in a completely disassembled state, the parts will undergo an instantaneous spatial transfer and be restored on the basis of the position of the barrel.1

SCP-277-JP fully restores any damage sustained during the feigned death form upon its cancellation. However, damages sustained during the normal form require repair. If not repaired, SCP-277-JP will consider itself to be exposed to extreme violence and will attempt to breach the containment by bombardment.

The feigned death form lasts for up to 29 hours, but if the form is reverted after 20 hours or more, SCP-277-JP will immediately make an indiscriminate attack on the surrounding area. In addition, SCP-277-JP's intelligence is expected to be affected by stress, and the transition to an intermittent feigned death form that does not take more than 1 hour will also induce future indiscriminate attacks on the surrounding area.

The following is a list of unique situations that triggered the SCP-277-JP's bombardment attack.

  • A 17-hour continuation of the feigned death form using a replica of heavy artillery weapon. The subject suddenly cancelled the feigned death form and fired only one shot at the replica. After that, it did not shift to the feigned death form for replicas of the same type. When a warning shooting was performed using a real heavy weapon of the same type, it immediately shifted into the feigned death form, following this to the subject once again switched to the feigned death form when exposed to replicas.
  • A 29-hour continuation of the feigned death form using 600lx lighting system. The subject cancelled the feigned death form even though the situation had not changed, and shot indiscriminately until the lighting was destroyed while its entire structure was moving violently. After the lighting was destroyed, it remained stationary for 2 hours despite in the normal state.
  • During a maneuverability experiment, the subject accidentally crashed into the interior wall of the containment chamber while tracking an autonomous vehicle and immediately fired. The right track was damaged by a ricochet and was repaired.
  • During containment, the subject suddenly began to climb the slope of the containment wall and fell. A shot was fired at the same time as it fell. No damage was reported, but since then SCP-277-JP has not made any active contact with the containment wall.
  • During containment, the subject suddenly fired a shot at the containment wall. Immediately after that, it approached the point where the shell hit directly but returned to the center of the containment chamber soon after as if it had lost interest. Since then, similar behavior has not been seen.
  • During a communication experiment between a D-class personnel and SCP-277-JP, one shot was fired in the direction pointed at by the D-class personnel. No damage was made due to the cushioning material prepared in advance for the experiment.
  • 1 hour after regular maintenance, one shot was fired after frequent turns of the turret and body. The following investigation revealed that the screws remaining in the tank body accidentally moved to the engine part during the regular maintenance work.
  • The subject suddenly opened fire without warning after 6 hours of continuous stationary. Immediately afterwards, the subject began to run around the containment chamber while disorderly rotating its turret in an extremely panicked manner, and eventually settled in a corner of the containment chamber. Since no significant damage or impact was observed, it was deemed that the Special Containment Procedure did not need to be revised.

The list will be updated whenever a previously unidentified example is observed.

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