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The state of a city damaged by an occurrence of SCP-2784-JP.

Item Name: SCP-2784-JP

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: After any occurrence of SCP-2784-JP, Mobile Task Force-17 ("Daring Gardeners") are to be dispatched for SCP-2784-JP-based damage control and cover-up.

Description: SCP-2784-JP is an anomalous gust of wind that occurs in Japan. SCP-2784-JP occurs instantaneously, momentarily, and without warning in altitudes approximately 10-50 meters above-ground. SCP-2784-JP's maximum speed is currently observed to be at 123.2 m/s. Due to its momentary nature, SCP-2784-JP will often cause extreme damage in a 40 meter radius from its occurrence point.

In addition, SCP-2784-JP occurrences also contain a large amount of unknown, highly-viscous types of liquid (herein referred to as SCP-2784-JP-A). When SCP-2784-JP occurs, large amounts of SCP-2784-JP-A are dispelled into the ground or the walls of a building. Where there are traces of SCP-2784-JP-A, large amounts of moss, algae, plants, and trees grow rapidly. There is no indicated pattern to the generated plant life, and over ██ unknown species of plants were discovered. These plants do not contain any anomalous materials, and have thus been classified as new species.

Interview Log: SCP-2784-JP-202█/█/██
The following is an interview with an individual related to the Order of Seiden, Narusame Takahiro.

Interviewer: Agent Rokuji

Subject: Narusame Takahiro 

<begin log>

Agent Rokuji: Alright. Let's begin.

Takahiro: Okay. May I ask… am I going to be detained here forever?

Agent Rokuji: No. Just answer my questions and you'll be free to go.

Takahiro: Oh, thank you. Okay, what questions do you have?

Agent Rokuji: I want to know more about the Order of Seiden and what you know of SCP-2784-JP.

Takahiro: O-Order of Seiden? I-I'm not a part of that cult anymore! I-I swear!

Agent Rokuji: Relax. We know that already. I'm not here to hurt you. Just answer my questions.

Takahiro: R-Really? Okay… okay… [Subject pauses for a few seconds]. Okay. I'll tell you what I know.

Agent Rokuji: Good. [Interviewer passes a document]. First, I want to know about SCP-2784-JP. What did the Order of Seiden think about this phenomenon?

Takahiro: Well, they consider it a Kamikaze, a "Divine Wind". As the name suggests, they believe God made this gust of wind divine.

Agent Rokuji: Can you tell me more?

Takahiro: It's uh… well, the cult worships it. They think that when God has received enough power through Kotodama, God will manifest His will in reality.

Agent Rokuji: Kotodama?

Takahiro: The Order of Seiden teaches us that humans connect through God using the Kotodama. Kotodama is simply the power contained within our words and prayer.

Agent Rokuji: So the Order of Seiden believes that SCP-2784-JP is caused by Kotodama?

Takahiro: Correct.

Agent Rokuji: And how are Kotodama causing SCP-2784-JP?

Takahiro: Well, uh, in the cult, we were taught that when the Kamikaze appears, the Kotodama powering it has accumulated intensely.

Agent Rokuji: What does that mean?

Takahiro: Uhh… how do I explain it. According to the cult, when you say the name of a person, the Kotodama related to that person increases, and words have power. Since words have power, so do sentences. So, since Kotodama tend to linger, the more you speak of a person, the more its power grows, and the more influence you can have on that person itself.

Agent Rokuji: Uh-huh…

Takahiro: And so what if you turn this around and speak about God? Kotodama don't disappear, so if enough people speak of God every single day, doesn't it make sense that they could influence God to manifest at some point? That's what the Order of Seiden believes. That's what they believe the Divine Wind really is.

Agent Rokuji: So do you believe the Order of Seiden wants to cause more occurrences of SCP-2784-JP?

Takahiro: Not while I was there, at that time they just saw it as a good omen. But now? I don't know. They're turning into a cult lately, I hear, being involved in criminal activities. I know the Divine Wind's been causing a lot of damage to people lately. If you think about it, it's kind of like a terrorist attack, no?

Agent Rokuji: So you're saying that this organization intends to use SCP-2784-JP as a weapon as well as a sign of God's manifestation?

Takahiro: Probably… that's why I felt like they're turning into more of a terrorist organization these days… but I think the whole thing's still under control right now, with the Divine Wind stuff.

Agent Rokuji: What do you mean?

Takahiro: Look at them. Even if they wanted to do that the only thing they could do is make speeches. They're not going to be very effective at increasing their ranks and beliefs, and I honestly don't think the Divine Wind is really a problem these days.

Agent Rokuji: I see.

Takahiro: It's not like I don't want the cops to come arrest them, but what do I tell them? If I talked to them about the Divine Wind and a manifestation of God, they'll think I'm crazy.

Agent Rokuji: Thank you for your time, Mr. Takahiro. You may leave now.

<end log>

After the interview, Narusame Takahiro was administered amnestics and promptly released.

Audio Log: SCP-2784-JP-20██/█/██
An Incident of SCP-2784-JP occurred at █ meters above the Sea of Japan. The following is an audio excerpt recorded by a passing patrol helicopter.

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