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Item #: SCP-2788-JP

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The area surrounding SCP-2788-JP is to be cordoned off under the cover story "Massive Land Subsidence" to prevent the public access. Neighboring residents are to be amnesticized as necessary to maintain the containment. Experiments require the approval of at least two Level 3 or higher personnel.

Description: SCP-2788-JP is a manhole on a road in ████████, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. The cover of SCP-2788-JP is engraved with a pattern that has a faint antimemetic effect, which is believed to be the factor that prevented the discovery of SCP-2788-JP in the past. The inside of SCP-2788-JP is not connected to the nearby sewage pipes and is filled with a large amount of sewage, mainly consisting of decomposed human tissue and water. This sewage is supplied and drained through an unknown mechanism, and no manipulation affects the amount or concentration of sewage inside the anomaly.

At random times, mostly between 4:00-10:00 AM Japan Standard Time, SCP-2788-JP generates an exact duplicate of an elderly individual, who actually exists in Japan, in the sewage (this duplicate is designated as SCP-2788-JP-1). The frequency of the duplication event varies from day to day, and may not occur on some days. SCP-2788-JP-1 is alive immediately after its generation, but eventually drowns. To date, the Foundation has not succeeded in preventing SCP-2788-JP-1's death. Following its death, SCP-2788-JP-1 decomposes rapidly and assimilates into sewage over the course of approximately one week.

In most cases, an individual is duplicated only once; however, on rare occasions, the duplication event for the same individual may be repeated after an interval ranging from a few days to several years. At this point, the most frequently affected person is ████████ ████████, who has been duplicated thirty-eight times so far.

SCP-2788-JP was discovered on 2014/08/22 when the neighboring residents reported to the police about dead bodies of elderly people stuck in a manhole. At the time of discovery, the cover of SCP-2788-JP was dislodged due to an unexpected earthquake. Following the amnesticization of the neighbors and police officers, an investigation was conducted with the Sewerage Bureau that is responsible for the area; despite this, no record was found to indicate that SCP-2788-JP had ever been installed. It is still unknown how long SCP-2788-JP has existed.

Addendum: A comprehensive study on the original individuals of SCP-2788-JP-1 instances has revealed that approximately 32.1% of their grandchildren have frequent and abrupt absences from their jobs. A more detailed investigation into the causal relationship between this fact and the duplication event is currently underway.

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