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SCP-2790-JP, photographed in 1998.

Item #: SCP-2790-JP

Object class: Cernunnos1

Special Containment Procedures: As long as some of the Site-2229 personnel continue to contain according to the principles of the Foundation, no special measures will be applied. In the event that any activity is observed at said site that is deemed an act of desertion or other form of sedition, immediate elimination measures will be taken against personnel belonging to Site-2229 under the anomaly of SCP-2790-JP. Likewise, personnel affected by the anomaly of SCP-2790-JP will have priority to be transferred to Site-2229.

In addition, the Director of Site-2229 and the personnel tasked with guarding it are to hire individuals who are not under the SCP-2790-JP anomaly and are not to enter the object.

Description: SCP-2790-JP is a communal cemetery created to bury the corpses of anomalous beings at Autonomous Object Containment Site-2229. From the start of its installation until 08/15/1998, the following anomalies were not confirmed and it was used for normal purposes. There is a nameplate hanging from the iron fence at the entrance to the cemetery that clearly says "SCP Foundation Department of Retention." However, there is no record that the Foundation has ever had a department with the same name, including those that existed in the past.

One week after burying a corpse in SCP-2790-JP, an intelligent life form with the same characteristics as the buried corpse will appear on the tombstone. It has been confirmed that the life form that appears at that time shows a perfect match in DNA and components with the buried intelligent life form, and also expresses the anomalies that it possessed before death. Based on these facts, it is inferred that the exact anomaly of SCP-2790-JP is resuscitation behavior, including transfer to gravestone, or reversal of time.

Additionally, persons entering SCP-2790-JP will have a notion of compulsive "object containment", in keeping with the Foundation's philosophy. At this time, 58% of the personnel at Site-2229 are under the influence of this object, and as a result, from what can be verified in the Foundation's database, 12 autonomous anomalies have been relocated to the site in the same containment regime as the original anomalies, despite having died for some registered reason. The imposition of this concept cannot be eliminated by amnestics, and it works without exception for Class-Ds who do not participate in the containment process.

To date, various attempts to harbor and prohibit the use of SCP-2790-JP have been proposed, many of which have been rejected by the Ethics Committee due to preventing loss of life associated with acts of sedition or resistance. by personnel under the influence of this object remaining at Site-2229. The following is an interview with an employee of Site-2229 that took place at the time of the proposal.

Interviewed: Researcher Flannel

Interviewer: Researcher Misery

Introduction: Researcher Flannel has been working at Site-2229 for four years and is under the mental influence of SCP-2790-JP. Therefore, the interview was conducted with two security guards in the same room.

<Begin log>

[Superfluous data omitted]

Misery: What do you do, Flannel?

Flannel: My job is to recontain the anomaly that exists at Site-2229.

Misery: Negative. You weren't part of the containment unit. Your records show that you were in charge of the investigation.

Flannel: I have been reassigned.

Misery: We do not accept these types of requests. Do you know why they changed your position?

Flannel: Because research is no longer necessary. Because all the anomalies that were contained in this site had been studied for years. We tried to figure out how to keep it this way.

Misery: And even if it did, you would need an investigator when a new anomaly appears, right?

Flannel: Negative. Site-2229 has already reached its maximum capacity with the anomalies that we have recontained to date. We will not be able to accept more.

Misery: We believe that this cemetery should not be used to release that capacity. Anomalies that have a useful life will eventually die. When they die, if no further anomalies are identified, they will be recorded in the database as neutralized. This is how we have been building a repository to accept new anomalies. If we don't, we will eventually run out of strength.

Flannel: So what do you have to prove that this is not an unexploded bomb that could explode at any moment?

Misery: That is [10 seconds of silence] also our job and our responsibility as managers of Site-2229.

Flannel: No. That method of disposal posed a clear problem. And with no progress, the Foundation told us to use that cemetery, and we discovered the anomaly in that cemetery. We put it in the balance. What would you choose, a bomb with an unidentified fuse or a bomb controlled by a lot of information, Misery?

[End log]

Postscript: In accordance with the Council's decision, the active containment operation of Site-2229 has been suspended. As a result, the decision was made that Site-2229 should not be restricted in the use of SCP-2790-JP, but only in strengthening surveillance, as it is faithfully implementing the Foundation's philosophy on containment of objects, and the current special containment protocols were established.

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