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Item #: SCP-2795-JP

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The underground facility in which SCP-2795 is located has been acquired by the Foundation. A metal fence has been set up around it and guards have been posted to prevent civilian entry. SCP-2795-JP is to be turned off except for weekly interviews with SCP-2795-JP-2.

Description: SCP-2795-JP is the collective designation for a personal computer and a set of larger computers located in an underground facility in the ████████ islands of ███████ Prefecture. While no anomalies have been detected in the personal computer, the four larger devices located around it are capable of functioning through an unknown mechanism, and SCP-2795-JP's anomalous properties are thought to be caused by SCP-2795-JP-1.

When SCP-2795-JP is turned on, its screen will display a white room (SCP-2795-JP-1) and a male human (SCP-2795-JP-2). Based on SCP-2795-JP-2's description, SCP-2795-JP-1 is understood to be a virtual environment. SCP-2795-JP-1 cannot be altered from the exterior, and SCP-2795-JP-2 claims to be able to produce any non-living object within SCP-2795-JP-1.

SCP-2795-JP-2 is a male human by the name of Kobayashi █████, claiming to be the president of a corporation known as ███████; no corporation by this name has been found.

Addendum 1: The following are transcripts of interviews conducted with SCP-2795-JP-2.

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