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Photograph of a juvenile instance.

Item # : SCP-280-FR

Threat Level : Orange

Object Class : Euclid

Special Containment Procedures : SCP-280-FR must remain sealed off under all circumstances. The building facing it is the property of the Foundation, and the five agents serving as the sole occupants of this building are responsible for surveilling the comings and goings of those passing through, as well as for reporting all suspicious activity to their superiors. All intervention is left to the sole discretion of these agents. Any attempt to open SCP-280-FR must be stopped as soon as possible, and any attempts at forced entry shall result in the immediate neutralization of the involved civilian, or their execution in the most extreme of cases.

Description : SCP-280-FR is a wooden oak door positioned backwards, measuring 1.9 meters in height by 0.9 meters in height, situated in the path of ██████ in Dublin, Ireland. Graffiti drawn on its surface displays a primate positioned in the form of the Vitruvian Man1, alongside the message:

This world right-side-up has gone out of fashion
Hidden from view, a new world is beginning

Upon discovery, SCP-280-FR was slightly ajar, with its key within its lock. The testimony of a civilian, ███████ █'██████, since interned in a psychiatric hospital, caught the attention of the Foundation with the aberrant statements he presented to authorities regarding what he saw upon passing through SCP-280-FR.

Passing through SCP-280-FR allows one to enter into a plane of existence very close to the known world, aside from radically different organizations and civilians. Types and species of minerals, animals, and vegetation are identical to those present upon our Earth, including those lost during the extinction of the Holocene2. The geographic expanse of this alternate reality— heretofore referred to as SCP-280-FR-1, remains unknown.


Three instances surprised by the FoI during their second excursion into SCP-280-FR-1.

Within SCP-280-FR-1, all species of animals play the role of the dominant species, aside from Mankind, which is the sole oppressed species. The former express an anthropomorphic appearance, using their hind limbs to walk upright and their front limbs to carry out the majority of tasks of everyday life, such as eating, reading, working, and driving. Humans, on the other hand, remain quadrupedal, incapable of using their front limbs for anything more than eating and climbing.

Instances of these animals— known hereafter as SCP-280-FR-2— have been gifted with the capacity for speech and reason. They have been heard speaking amongst themselves in perfect English, as well as studying such varied fields of study as mathematics, chemistry, metallurgy, and agriculture. These entities perform professions matching their physical and cognitive capacities. For example, certain primates perform tasks requiring dexterity, while canines perform those requiring endurance. The current technologies developed and maintained by the entities of SCP-280-FR-2 resemble those of the 19th century in the known world. Contrary to SCP-280-FR-2, human beings are incapable of making any noise besides grunts and whines, with their intelligence seeming to remain in a primitive state. It is worth noting that while the other entities are dressed, these human beings are always nude.

First and foremost, SCP-280-FR-2 uses humans as livestock. These instances seem to prefer an omnivorous diet, which always includes some quantity of meat, no matter what sort of animal an entity is. Cows, pigs, and lions alike have been observed consuming human flesh, but never that of their fellow animals. Humans, who are also used as currency in bartering, are raised by SCP-280-FR-2, generally on factory farms, who force them to reproduce between the ages of 16 and 20, removing the [DATA REDACTED] from the female while breastfeeding. When a child reaches the age of 8 months, they are separated from their parents, who are then sent to the slaughterhouse, where their flesh is prepared and distributed. Their skin, bones, and other organs are also used for the production of clothing, furniture, instruments, and diverse accessories.

Humans are also used by SCP-280-FR-2 as companion animals. In general, the majority of these instances of humans receive the best care that the animals are capable of. However, certain cases have been observed in which humans are found in a state of malnutrition or undernutrition, and a concerning state of hygiene. A minority of individual humans have been found bearing injuries inflicted by their caretakers, occasionally dying in these cases, despite the fact that local laws usually condemn such actions. Others are exhibited in circuses, or shown in zoos if they exhibit atypical physical or mental characteristics. SCP-280-FR-2 also frequently use them as mounts. In the end, the bodies of deceased humans are occasionally stuffed for presentation in the homes of their owners, or in a natural history museum.


An instance photographed near an operating room during a personnel rescue mission.

An initial excursion into SCP-280-FR revealed the existence of an organization strangely similar to the SCP Foundation, of which the members, all of them animals, conducted an assault against those agents deployed. This group consisted primarily of bears, gorillas, and lions, all of which were granted with a far greater strength and endurance than these agents. Despite a fierce defense and heavy fire, these agents were given no choice but to retreat. Tragically, three agents and six Class-D were lost. Following investigation discovered that they have been incarcerated by SCP-280-FR-2 in installations identified as detention centers and certainly equipped laboratories. The most recent expedition has found that they have been submitted to meticulous study of their biology through archaic techniques, such as dissection without prior anesthesia.

The Foundation has attempted numerous times to aid the humans originating from or trapped within SCP-280-FR-1, but the manifest will of these entities, and their sheer number, has resulted in all involved members of personnel being captured. This, alongside the entities utterly refusing to converse or negotiate, led to the situation ending in a bloodbath. Only two Class-D and one agent were able to be rescued in time, alongside two human instances, although interviews with them have yet to yield conclusions. SCP-280-FR-2 has not attempted to leave SCP-280-FR-1 through SCP-280-FR at the time of writing.

A message is graffitied on the opposite side of SCP-280-FR, so that it can only be seen from within SCP-280-FR-1:

We’ve reversed the roles.

Are We Cool Yet?3

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