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Item #: SCP-281-DE

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The small area around SCP-281-DE-1 has been closed off, disguised as a nature reserve, and a small outpost has been created in the vicinity. Entry is solely allowed to personnel possessing security clearance 3, but they have to be accompanied by guards who are aware of SCP-281-DE's nature, to mitigate loses to SCP-281-DE. Under no circumstances should SCP-281-DE be met with lethal force. Calls to SCP-281-DE-3 are only to be executed by personnel with security clearance 2 or higher, and must be completely transcribed every time. All newspapers in the neighborhood of the hotel are to be scanned for promotions of SCP-281-DE, before they are allowed to be published. If promotions are present in the newspaper, the source has to be located and the advertisement deleted, before the newspaper is published.

Addition: Following the loss of Dr. Linden, no free offers are to be accepted.

Description: SCP-281-DE-1 is the designation given to a hotel located in █████████, North Rhine-Westphalia, which, if seen from the outside, shows no signs of damage or degradation. It is situated in the ██████forest that is adjacent to the city ████-█████. The building is separated into four parts. In the entrance hall, a reception is present. Another part is the administrative complex, another part is the restaurant, with the last part being the hotel rooms. SCP-281-DE-1 is inhabited by numerous entities that are designated as SCP-281-DE-2 through -3.

On the exterior of SCP-281-DE, a large advertising board is present that contains the following:

• The house's rules that consist usually of behavioral regulations.
• A blacklist
• The price (to be paid once at check-in)
• The administrative complex's number

The board itself consists of black oak wood, and shows no signs of weathering. In addition to this, a Latin phrase is written at the top. It reads "Quo mens Dicit vale" which, when translated, means "Where the ghost vanishes".

SCP-281-DE-3 makes up the group of employees working the hotel which consists of receptionists (SCP-281-DE-3-A), chefs (SCP-281-DE-3-B), pageboys (SCP-281-DE-3-C), waiters (SCP-281-DE-3-D), maids (SCP-281-DE-3-E), and security personnel (SCP-281-DE-3-F). In case of the rules being broken, a member of security staff will appear, grab the subject, and move it to the cellar, where it [REDACTED]. Furthermore, it is to be noted that instances of SCP-281-DE-3 that make up the group of chefs (Designated SCP-281-DE-3-B) were never observed preparing a meal. In fact, it seems the meals are manifesting by themselves. Instances of SCP-281-DE-3 show no features that would discern them from normal humans, with the exception being a glassy look. The hotel's manager is known under the name Herr Beck. Whether he is in himself anomalous, is under investigation. He manages the hotel and seems to be always informed about all incidents.

When persons enter SCP-281-DE-1 and sign in on the reception, they will be lead to their room by SCP-281-DE-3-C where they then settle in. Approximately 2 hours after arriving, the subjects will lose all motivation to leave SCP-281-DE-1 again, and, at this point, will be designated as SCP-281-DE-2. If attempts are made to remove the subject from the hotel via lethal force, an instance of SCP-281-DE-3-F will appear and prevent this using violence. Another aspect is that instances of SCP-281-DE-2 do not seem to age which also applies to the hotel's staff. Through this, the age of SCP-281-DE-1 could be estimated to be above [REDACTED] years, as even subjects from the █. Century are inside. The more guests are coming, the larger the inside of SCP-281-DE-1 becomes to house all these guests. The external appearance of SCP-281-DE doesn't change, though, which means that the hotel is a kind of expanded room. A permanent increase in the number of personnel has also been recorded, however, despite the observation of the increase in the number of personnel, the exact determination of the number is only possible to a limited extent, due to the identical appearance of those entities.

Addendum 1: Call to SCP-281-DE, performed by Dr. Linden, on the █.5.202█, shortly after the telephone number was discovered in a newspaper article. The goal was to gather more information about SCP-281-DE.


SCP-281-DE-A: Good day, you've reached the ████-Hotel. How can I help you?

Dr. Linden: Hello? To whom am I speaking?

SCP-281-DE-A: This is Maria ███████. How can I help you? You like to book a room?

Dr. Linden: No, I would like to know what is going on in your hotel!

SCP-281-DE-A: I do not fully understand what you want from me. Do you like to speak the manager?

Dr. Linden: No I don't want t— Wait a moment. Yes, this sounds pretty good. Can I please speak to the manager?

SCP-281-DE-A: Alright, wait a minute.

Dr. Linden: Of course.

SCP-281-DE-A: I'm sorry, but he is very busy at the moment. I can organize a meeting between you two, though. How about Wednesday at 5 pm?

Dr. Linden: Yes, this is possible. Thank you!

SCP-281-DE-A: Goodbye.


Addendum 2: On the ██.5.202█, Dr. Linden entered the hotel, while being accompanied by the agents ██████ and Munat, and went to the reception with them. There, they met the secretary, who said that the manager would be ready any moment. Until then, she offered Dr. Linden and the two agents to relax themselves during a pedicure. Dr. Linden agreed, but Agent ██████ and Agent Munat stayed in the lobby.

Half an hour later, Dr. Linden returned, and the secretary led them into the administrative complex. The following is an audio recording, which was secretly recorded by Agent ██████.


Dr. Linden: Hello. And you are?

Mister Beck: Call me Mister Beck. You wish?

Dr. Linden: We would like to know what is going here.

Mister Beck: I really don't understand what you mean…

Dr. Linden: Your hotel.

Agent Munat: You keep the people here imprisoned, dammit.

Dr. Linden: Agent. Please come down.

Agent ██████: Everything alright, Justin. Let Linden proceed.

Dr. Linden: Now. How do you manage to prevent your customers from leaving?

Mister Beck: We are just a very good hotel. Admit it, the pedicure was nice, wasn't it?

Dr. Linden: I must confess that it actually was unbelievably relaxing, but this doesn't change the fact that you the customers do not age. How do you explain that?

Mister Beck: You think? I currently doesn't get and—

The secretary of Mister Beck enters the room.

Secretary: Mister Beck, the manager of the café arrived, because of the meeting.

Mister Beck: Thank you Angela. Well, good men. I'm sorry, but this is very important and I have to go. You may follow my secretary to make another appointment. We will continue speaking during our next meeting.

Agent Munat: But-

Dr. Linden: Agent. It's alright. Let the man do his job.

Mister Beck: Very well then. Goodbye.


Both Dr. Linden and the agents followed the secretary to the reception, where they set another appointment. Meanwhile, an employee from the hotel approached, and offered them a pedicure, which Dr. Linden denied with thanks, though.

Note: Agent ██████ reported that the otherwise always a bit angry Dr. Linden behaved considerably calm and objective threw the whole conversation. On inquiry, he stated that "This pedicure they made me was truly wonderful! Afterwards, you feel really relaxed! I recommend mandating that staff members should now and then do this pedicure, as it is pretty motivating!"

Note: After a short examination, it was concluded that Dr. Linden suffers no memetic contamination. This "pedicure" will be investigated. -Dr. ███████████

Request approved by O4-█ on the ██.5.202█.

Request denied by O4-12 on the ██.5.202█.

-It may be have felt really good in the beginning, but following the loss of Dr. Linden, staff members should better avoid it. Just use the newly build wellness center for motivation. -O5-12

Addition: Herr Beck ending our talk, in order to speak with the manager of a café brings up questions. Are there more public buildings similar to SCP-281-DE-1? -Dr. Linden

Addendum 3: Second conversation with Mister Beck.

On the ██.5.202█, 4 days since the last interview, Dr. Linden, Agent Munat, and Agent ██████ entered the hotel again for a new meeting with Mister Beck. They had to wait again, until Mister Beck could receive them, and Dr. Linden was once again offered a pedicure. In this moment, though, Mister Beck came and Dr. Linden postponed the pedicure.

Incident report: 281-DE-A

After the talk, Dr. Linden went to the pedicure once more, while Agent Munat and Agent ██████ took a break and fish in a lake near the hotel. When they returned into the hotel after the arranged half minute to return to the outpost with Dr. Linden, he was nowhere to be seen. They went into the spa, in order to search for him. There, an instance of SCP-281-DE-3 explained to them that Dr. Linden went into the restaurant.

Both went in the hotel's restaurant, where they found Dr. Linden who was eating his favorite meal.1 Agent Munat indicated that it is time to retreat to the outpost, whereupon Dr. Linden responded that he wanted to stay a little longer and swim in the pool. Agent ██████ demanded Dr. Linden multiple times to leave. But the latter insisted to stay. Agent Munat attempts to forcefully take Dr. Linden with him. Dr. Linden calls for help, as Agent Munat tries to remove Dr. Linden from his chair, after which an instance of SCP-281-DE-3-F appeared, grabed Agent Munat, and dragged him behind himself. Another instance manifested and rapidly walked in Agent ██████'s direction. He ran out of the hotel and escaped the guarder. Since then, Dr. Linden and Agent Munat are declared missing.

Note: It's simply frightening. The worst is that it took 45 minutes for Dr. Linden to be possessed. This needs to be investigated further. -Dr. ███████████

Addendum 4:

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