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This document has been approved by order of
Skywell Solutions


Tactical Response - Trustee Orders

By order as of 01/15/2018 in the Tactical Response section, edits to this file have been locked. Following the ongoing or potential EK-Class: euphoric growth scenario that is in progress at this time, an investigation is ongoing to remedy this serious situation. Subsequent orders from the Tactical Response Section must be obeyed and violators will be punished.

The Trustees are considering potential fraud following an internal audit of Skywell Solutions. If there is appropriate cooperation and response to this investigation, parties will be paid a substantial reward.

Item Information

Item#: {$item-number}
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:
Item#: 2833-JP

Accommodation Protocol | Temporary

SCP-2833-JP is a potential component of human civilization and will therefore only be accommodated by the complete destruction of the veil of secrecy. TIAMAT Class anomaly poses an immediate threat to humanity, but can be "accommodated" through public combat or other methods that break the veil. .

A global EK-Class: euphoric growth scenario is currently underway. During this emergency, any and all requests issued from Area-17's Tactical Response Section (TRS) will be mandatory directives with the authority of its governing board; until SCP-2833-JP is fully contained or temporarily subdued, no non-TRS personnel will be authorized to make any attempt to accommodate SCP-2833-JP related will not be authorized to attempt accommodations related to SCP-2833-JP.


SCP-2833-JP is a group of undiscovered psychiatric disorders that severely affect the mental activity of all living organisms. All organisms exposed to this phenomenon dramatically ameliorate their prior aggressive feelings and lose their violent tendencies without fatal effects. As the condition progresses, the exposed individual will then completely break free of the tendency toward mental illness — or lose such feelings altogether— and cease to have normal pessimistic reactions. This phenomenon is not diffuse throughout the species — particularly in humans, who have had mood disorders due to physical illness from the beginning, etc. — and is fragmented.

Currently, the psychology of the majority (>56%) of humans is either highly altered or severely perverted by SCP-2833-JP. This state of well-being may have had at least the following effects on the exposed individuals:

  • Discovery of creative value: Discovery and activation of human capacities that are defined by the consensus of the entire human race and that are considered good in common sense. The main effect is to increase the social amicability of all mankind.
  • Promotion of experiential values: the generation of the above abilities (i.e., virtues) and the ability to enjoy goodness and beauty.
  • The generation of a desire to perpetuate SCP-2833-JP through every process.

Due to the aforementioned nature of SCP-2833-JP, its early stages are difficult to detect. In particular, unrecognized individuals with mental illnesses are impossible to treat properly due to the delay in response and the potential to worsen the prognosis of the illness; the many insane behaviors and views of SCP-2833-JP exposures are so attention-grabbing that their cumulative effect is degrading the entire world//veil of secrecy at an alarming rate. // is deteriorating at an alarming rate.

SCP-2833-JP is the final result of the Skywell Solution# led by Area-17. The Skywell Solution was an operation overseen by Bedrock EndersBedrock Enders, who was head of the Parapsychology Section in 2009. The objective is supposedly to "promote the development of the psyche through the mental dependence of biological species on [SCP-2833-JP-A]." The Skywell Solution was initiated in April 2010 and operated continuously until the universally observed signs of mental illness that would become SCP-2833-JP on 04/19/2017, followed by the occurrence of the EK-Class: Happiness Theory Growth scenario. Since then, every psychoanalytic result suggests that the exposed person's psyche has been heavily eroded by SCP-2833-JP-A.

SCP-2833-JP-A is an entity, concept, information, or other item that came into universal existence following the successful achievement of the Skywell Solution, details unknown. All extant documents mentioning SCP-2833-JP-A have been deleted from the Area-17 database by vandalism or intercepted by high-level personnel clearances. Investigations are ongoing.

Addendum 2833-JP/I | Project Recommendations

After the formation of the SCP Foundation in the nineteenth century, the accommodation trials of anomalies that had previously been conducted in various countries came under the jurisdiction of the SCP Foundation. Accumulated data from subsequent and ongoing accommodation trials showed that despite the maintenance of social consensus, veil protection responses, and a reduction of secular interest in the paranormal, there was an increase in its social or internal distrust.

Incarceration Violations - Case Excerpts

item: Standard accommodation procedures for Safe class anomalies housed in Area-17. Despite the mandatory two-way verification process by workers, a failure to verify occurred. The result was the death of a worker in Area-17 - Housing Unit 7. The worker's body has never been recovered. The technicians involved in this incident confessed to the tendency of many employees, including themselves, to suffer from mental disorders, and testified that they had never been relieved of their duties.

After deliberation by the Ethics Committee, no penalty was imposed for this incident. No action has been taken to date on the protests of several individuals, including the parties involved.

item: There is a lack of minimal support, especially medical welfare, for the human anomalies housed in Area-17. The anomalies are severely debilitated, and the anomalies' defiance of their inherently more violent tendencies has been confirmed. Following Anomaly's excessive violent behavior, which is not expected of the standard housing process, a housing violation incident occurred in Area-17 - Housing Block 3. Eighty-three staff members were seriously injured in this incident, and 13 staff members were determined to be presumed dead.

In response to the situation, the Accommodations Committee directed Area-17 to provide minimal assistance. On the other hand, the underlying problem was not resolved, and no action was taken to address the anomaly, especially its violent nature. Incidents of accommodation violations have continued to occur intermittently since then.

[24 records omitted]

As a result of improper internal

  • The extraordinary promotion of secular knowledge, required to maintain social consensus, and
  • Limited diffusion of paranormal technology in general society, and
  • Rising distrust of society as a whole, the
  • The viability of human civilization is greatly diminished.

Currently, a fundamental lack of control is being exposed, particularly in Area-17. Due to the overall underfunding of the Foundation, these ethical issues have gone largely unresolved, followed by multiple incidents that have resulted in losses. Under these circumstances, the trustees of Area-17 created their own study team to address the ethical issues, especially those directly related to overall internal morale. Today, this team has undergone many modifications and has been reconstituted as Skywell Solutions.

The first meeting of Skywell Solutions was convened on 04/17/2010.

Audio-video transcription SKY-E8S1-00 (restored)

Date: 2010/04/17


  • Bedrock Enders, Superintendent (Head of Parapsychology Section),.
  • Reuben Harris, Administrative Assistant (Assistant Solutions Supervisor),.
  • Lloyd K. Wolgast, Chief of Staff (Accommodation Specialist),.
  • Administrator Lewis Lowell (Area-17, Chief of Conceptual Physics Division),.
  • Thomas Graham, Administrator (Area-17, Co-Administrator).

<Transcription start>

Superintendent Graham: I don't see anything very meaningful in this meeting. It is simply an attempt by upper management to keep us barren.

Superintendent Lowell: Have you forgotten that you are just as powerful as they are? If you feel that way, why don't you take your case to the higher ups?

Superintendent Graham: ……Okay, okay, I can't help it if O5 is optimistic. Those transhumanists think that conversionism like theirs is the whole thing, and they're even more// better off than they should be.

Superintendent Lowell: It's not funny for a Queen of France metaphor. We're actually scratching our heads about how much money we should be putting into physical enhancement.

Harris Administrative Assistant: He said something about talking about that alternative. What are we chatting about?

Chief of Staff Wolfgang Urgast: May I, uh, gentlemen? Please ask your questions later. So, shall I start by introducing myself? — I am Chief of Staff Urgast, parapsychologist and theologian at the same time in Area-17, or now Chief of Staff of Solutions, yep. You know, Area-17, Site-19, Area-150, Site-120 …… Well, even those any facilities have highlighted a serious lack of financial resources, and now the management of the foundation has completely collapsed.


Superintendent Enders.

Superintendent Enders: The simple fact is that this organization is completely corrupt. The //powers-that-be/ of the foundation are so desperate to accumulate private funds that they have no intention of responding to any K-class scenario. //Right? //And it's no secret that this is truly unsustainable as it is. Even if it wasn't, you can't imply that "all is well" with casualties occurring every day.

Harris Administrative Assistant: There are personal grudges mixed in.

Superintendent Lowell: Let's see — this project is public, right?

Superintendent Enders: Legally. Except that the incarceration committee almost completely ignores the activity, which is the complete jurisdiction of Area-17. It is left unchecked.

Chief of Staff Wolfgang Urgast: So we enlisted the help of people from Area-17's Tactical Theology Section, the Counter-Concepts Section, and the Conceptual Physics Section. With them and a cross-departmental team from the Parapsychology Section, we drafted an identical project.

Superintendent Graham: Isn't that quite a leap of faith? You know — this is an alternative to resolving social distrust, improving the internal sector, and so on, isn't it? What makes you think there's any place for a department that believes in gods, or that deals with concepts or physical manifestations? No, really, why?

Chief of Staff Wolfgang Urgast: Our speculation is that this is the correct way to do it. Annuity procedures, memory processing, etc. …… With the proper means, it would undoubtedly be better, yes. But only if it is a procedure that can also be successfully accomplished with the Foundation's limited assets. As a matter of fact, Area-17 does not have the authority to implement the ennui procedure, nor can it provide the assets to increase production of memory processing agents. We needed to come up with a more efficient project.


Administrator Lowell: Is this — is what's in this document the essence of the project?

Chief of Staff Wolfgang Urgast: Yes.

Superintendent Lowell: It's not a "yes." Too bizarre by any stretch of the imagination? That …… What is this "construct the spiritual dependence of every living species and manifest a divine entity that conforms to it." //Are you kidding me? //?

Superintendent Enders: It's not wrong. It's a means of completely overcoming the organism's pessimistic reactions and the mood disorders that accompany them. We believe that mental state is the cornerstone of our work. For example, even if there is an indispensable being exercising all kinds of authority, without that mental support, it will eventually be doomed. Even if not, a being in such a predicament would choose to be ruined without the thoughts to assist him.

Chief of Staff Wolfgang Urgast: The majority of recorded incidents are due to carelessness, Sir.

Superintendent Lowell: Is there any difference between it and psychotropic drugs or antidepressants? — No, I'm asking if there is anything noteworthy about the effect itself, not to mention the difference that it is //god.

Chief of Staff Wolfgang Urgast: It is in the possibility of accommodating realization. We certainly lack the financial resources, but more than that, we possess the appropriate technology. If only we could compensate for its accuracy, we could certainly use God and control the whole world// with only the lowest cost protocols.

Superintendent Enders: The greatest concern of the Supervisory Councils is the possibility of an almost complete collapse of the veil of secrecy. Even the slightest rupture, and the Foundation does not now have enough control to quell it. It would be foolish, indeed, but the possibility has existed until now. It is merely our good fortune that no harm has come to it. When a 13-meter giant appeared in New Zealand, we had to kill some 60 New Zealanders. When two geese bred en masse in Cambodia, we had to kill the geese and their owners together.

Harris Administrative Assistant: It is excessive.

Superintendent Enders: Yes. Now the foundation can only use use excessive means//. Worst of all, sometimes human life is cheaper than the Y-909 compound. In this respect, this project is an attempt to spread belief in God around the world and eliminate all doubts and fears. The implication of this is—

Harris Administrative Assistant: — Perhaps trying to manifest God as a presence that eases the tension that consists of fear and anxiety.

Superintendent Enders: — Yes, it is. If one thinks that God is always close by, or so imprinted, one can forget one's anxiety. More efficiently and completely than anything else.

Superintendent Lowell: If we let people believe that God is real, the veil will collapse instantly, won't it?

Chief of Staff Wolfgang Urgast: To prevent this from happening, we reduce the existence of God to a religious meme. In short, we make it into a meme that reassures us even though we know it cannot exist, that there is a part of us that subconsciously existsbelieves, and we gradually make it permeate civilized society.

Superintendent Lowell: It is full of deception. And what about atheists? They surely do not believe in God.

Chief of Staff Wolfgang Urgast: Because there is a community that is willing to support atheism, atheists will identify with it. Once memes are believed by the majority of the world, atheists will have no need to resist and will succumb. Any other questions?


Superintendent Graham: I will notify the lower council members. I am sure you will get a good response.

Superintendent Lowell: Graham? You — you seriously think this is going to work—

Superintendent Graham: It's a process of elimination, Lowell. Sadly, I can't think of any better ideas. Even if I wanted to, the Foundation has no desire to invest in our project. Ruthless!

Harris Administrative Assistant: Well, let's hope this works.

<Transcription end>

afterword: The vote, which included the lower council, was 38-9-2# and was passed. The proposal at this meeting was based on an initial draft recommendation by Chief of Staff Lloyd K. Wolgast, which was later established as a study plan (Project Red#).

Area-17 / Skywell Solutions Director



Lloyd K. Wolgast Chief of Staff
Skywell Solutions

Purpose: It constructs the spiritual dependence of all living species and manifests the divine entity that conforms to it.

summary: Next to the severe shortage of financial resources for the Foundation as a whole, there is an exponential trend toward diminishing sustainability of the veil of secrecy. Although no concrete veil collapse has occurred, the incidence of incidents that cannot be concealed by the total assets of the foundation is assumed to be extremely high under the current management system. Under these circumstances, what the Foundation needs to do is not to improve its financial condition, but to minimize the social impact of incidents in the event that they do occur. Fortunately, the Foundation's technical challenges have been fully met, and it has been determined that preventive measures can be put in place.

Details: Currently, the Foundation does not possess a reliable means of preventing the anticipated breach of accommodation incident. The cause lies in the possibility that if paranormal information is somehow disseminated, the information may become known to a scale that cannot be concealed by the total assets of the Foundation. The traditional ennui procedure has already been discontinued due to financial problems, and it is hoped that the final deliverable of Project Red will be a viable alternative.

The underlying cause of such a veil collapse is due to the expected behavior of the masses at the time of its supernatural exposure.

  • Spreading information easily through social networking services
  • Repetitive spreading and expansion of information through hearsay
  • The spread of information through media not under the control of the Foundation, the
  • Sharing positive opinions believing those rumors.

Behind these actions is an agitation that consists of anxiety and concern or fear of unknown information. Although it is possible to suppress the distrust of the masses through information control, there was originally a concern that this means would be a mental obstacle for the masses. In order to solve these problems in totality, it was determined that it was essential that all mankind meet the following conditions :

  • A state in which the person has acquired an accurate perception of the paranormal and has eliminated (unfavorable) perceptions that include extended interpretations. This is due to the surfacing of a fear/anxiety that cannot be verbalized for the person, followed by mental assistance/sympathy by the surrounding people, who potentially share the information.
  • Adaptation to the paranormal. That is, a state of not interpreting the paranormal as some unique situation that is an inexpressible terror to oneself.

For all mankind to fulfill this condition — to eliminate inconvenient cognition — it is necessary to maintain a more accurate cognitive construction, i.e., a cognitive state of the appropriate (transcendent) meme-constitutive concept. The cognition of meme-constitutive concepts that transcend universal supernatural phenomena will no longer generate anxiety about less exhaustive supernatural phenomena. For example, recognition and worship of the Absolute Godhead makes it difficult to react to other (deviant) paranormal stimuli, and as a result, mental stability can be achieved.

Report 04/19/2017: After the following appropriate transcendental meme constructs were discovered, selectively human-safe elements were found and disseminated to the general public as meme constructs by all non-destructive vectors.


Rendered in advanced meme iconography, SCP-2833-JP-A.

  • Eschatological entity-01 ("Tiamat"), or personification of a selective element.

The entity is tentatively SCP-2833-JP-A //Editor's flag: reflects 23rd edition numbering change. //. Following the myths surrounding this entity, and the propagation and dissemination of the religious perspective, the meme construct concept gradually permeated civilization; as of 04/03/2017, following the collapse of the last community that had dictated atheism, nearly all humans lost the significance of resisting its beliefs and succumbed to the concept. Many people needed no spiritual assistance and lost their fear and pessimistic reactions to this subentity supernatural phenomenon. As a result, it became easier to maintain the veil of secrecy on a permanent basis, and there was diminishing concern about future incidents of accommodation violations.

This phenomenon, which was spread throughout the organism, was tentatively classified as SCP-2833-JP.

Addendum 2833-JP/II | Records

On 12/24/2017, Administrator Bedrock Enders was contacted by REISNO Canon by the future Administrator Enders himself and informed of a hidden faction of humanity that opposes SCP-2833-JP-A The faction, according to the reference, is the one that is against SCP-2833-JP-A. According to the reference, that faction is expected to reign as a threat to society as a whole in the future, subsequently generating an EK-Class: Happiness Theory Growth Scenario. Subsequent research concluded the existence of the following speculated (latent) factions.

GoI-2833 (”Resurrection of the oracle”)

summary: GoI-2833 is a human group that exploits the deviant behavior of theistic beings that is active throughout the planet and whose influence may extend to metaphysical concepts. The goal of this group is stated by the group itself to be to redeem the fundamental fears of the entire human race through apocalyptic disasters brought about by its adherents.

Notably, the individual members who make up this group are primarily technicians and anomalies who have been with the SCP Foundation for some time. The reasons for the followers' behavior remain unclear, but reports from the future explain that all attempts to persuade members have been unsuccessful.

As of 2017, no such faction has been created. On the other hand, we have been informed that the project is not progressing as envisioned by Skywell Solutions and that certain paranormal phenomena exist in secret.

paranormal records

disturbance class: AMIDA (5/5)

summary: Project Red was successfully completed, with all of mankind worshipping SCP-2833-JP-A. On the other hand, after the concentration of humanity's directed worship, a number of divine entities (-343, -3740, -6996) became agitated and began activities that were a threat to humanity. Many of them were attempting to reactivate the violent tendencies that had been lost by SCP-2833-JP-A by re-stimulating humans with the transcendence meme construct concept.

This has resulted in a tremendous erosion of the transcendence meme construct concept, which cannot be suppressed by SCP-2833-JP-A, and the lack of human understanding of the phenomenon has led to further confusion. Often people with recurrent anxiety disorders recognize individuals still under the influence of SCP-2833-JP and seek to spread the anomalous phenomenon throughout the world.

Audio-video transcription SKY-F1C6-00 (restored)

Date: 2018/01/13


  • Bedrock Enders, Superintendent
  • Ruben Harris, administrative assistant
  • Lloyd K. Wolgast, Chief of Staff
  • Lewis Lowell, Superintendent
  • Thomas Graham, Superintendent

<Transcription start>

Lowell Superintendent: You knew this would happen. You didn't know any better.

Superintendent Enders: This was //completely //unexpected! The divine concept that would become [SCP-2833-JP]-A was the embodiment of an extremely divine being, many times better than anything we had planned! Every team failed to cover it up, so the information got out to entities like -343 and -3740.

Superintendent Graham: We can't afford to hold them accountable. How can we beat these Titans?

Chief of Staff Wolfgang Urgast: Well — that in itself isn't a problem, really. We circulate a very general cover story. For example, we can convince people that a paranormal organization like ours has pierced the veil and is controlling the general public, and is continuing to sabotage everything that is happening now in order to control it. Then, when all humanity has been informed of this, we can say, "That organization has been overthrown by a righteous hero" as a new cover story.

Harris Administrative Assistant: You mean to put the responsibility on a fictitious organization. Of course it would be possible, but what would be the point?

Chief of Staff Wolfgang Urgast: After declaring that the current sabotage is by that organization, we will smash the gods with all our might. The disguised SCP Foundation will then make a statement and declare that the gods have been overthrown. In this way, we can say that the situation has been put down by an organization that never existed, without exposing the true nature of the foundation.

Superintendent Graham: Off topic. Is the assumption that the veil will collapse?

Superintendent Enders: The essence of the veil is to keep paranormal organizations from being fully exposed, am I right? More than any paranormal sighting, if LOCAL58 jacked the TV, you would consider it the end of the world. Rather than that, mere paranormal activity should be destroyed by a mysterious ally to ensure that we are safe.

Superintendent Lowell: Yeah …… That's true, one thing I'm wondering, can the transcendence meme construct concept be completely eliminated by that?

Superintendent Enders: It should be.

Superintendent Lowell: No, we are what about? The essence of the meme construct concept is human psychology. No matter how many divinities have been overthrown, it is not the same for those who know the truth. They cannot completely shake off their anxiety, believing that it must be a cover-up inside the foundation. They will believe that it will happen "again.

Superintendent Enders: It memory processing.

Superintendent Graham: Unfortunately, the Y-909 compound has bottomed out.


Superintendent Enders: Damn, why don't you tell me first!?

Superintendent Graham: If you'd told me more of your plans ahead of time, I would have been prepared! It's too late, it's all too late. The human race will be scared again, you can't do anything about it, what do you want us to do, damn it!


Superintendent Enders: ……No, I have an idea.

Chief of Staff Wolfgang Urgast: What is it?

Superintendent Enders: ……I can't tell you, I'm sorry. But I'm sure it's an idea that will work. I'm sorry I can't tell you about it, because it's a very difficult problem. Please stop recording — we don't need any more of this.

<Transcription end>

afterword: Subsequently, any hearing with Administrator Enders was ignored. The Tactical Response Section took interim action (Red Injection Protocol) for this accommodation violation incident.

Addendum 2833-JP/III | Attempt

The following document is an excerpt from the Red Injection Protocol report.



Vice Proposal No. 4731.

Tactical Response Section
Skywell Solutions

Purpose: Eradication of divine entities that are a threat to the human species.

item: SCP-6659 to combat potential super-nowosphere threats belonging to the human knowosphere. As a result, three corresponding threats were contacted and such threats were completely eliminated from the knowosphere. Progress.

item: SCP-3797 paradox, and following the supreme decision to ensure the development of SCP-3797 in the time anomaly sector in the future, SCP-3797 itself emerged. Subsequently, we completely eliminated the 12 superlative pluripotent entities that threatened to invade reality. Progress.

[43 entries omitted]

Addendum 2833-JP/IV | Support

On 02/24/2018, Bedrock Enders, Superintendent of Skywell Solutions — in the opinion of the Board of Supervisors — committed treason against the Foundation. After accessing the confidential database for Area-17, Superintendent Enders destroyed all preliminary documents pertaining to SCP-2833-JP-A and altered the information so that it was completely unreadable.


The image of the "restoration of the oracle" was circulated.

Within two weeks, Superintendent Enders escaped Area-17 and joined a previously undiscovered organization ("Restoration of the Oracle"). Within the next hour, the television media was seized by 13 members, led by Superintendent Enders, to declare war on the entire human race by the organization and to launch its full-scale attack. In fact, most of the attacks were completely defensible by the Foundation's assets and caused no damage to the Foundation or other normality-sustaining organizations.

Audio-video transcription SKY-G6V4-00 (restored)

date: 2018/02/24

Personnel recorded:

  • Bedrock Enders,
  • Lloyd K. Wolgast, Chief of Staff.

preamble: This recording is an audio video reconstruction of the invasion of Area-17 by members of GoI-2833 ("Restoration of the Oracle"). Presumably, information about Area-17 was leaked in advance by Bedrock Enders.

<Transcription start>

<The alarm has been activated and is sounding a shrill alarm. Chief of Staff Wolgast is on his way down the fire escape in Area-17 when he spots an exhausted Enders near the stairs. He has injured his leg and takes no further action.>


Surveillance camera footage from a few minutes ago.

Chief of Staff Wolfgang Urgast: Hey, hey! Son of a bitch — you alive? Son of a bitch.

<Coughing sounds.>

enders: Oh shit, he's alive, just like that.

Chief of Staff Wolfgang Urgast: How did you become a part of this organization? And how did you know about them?

enders: — Yes, maybe there was some misinformation about the REISNO Canon, GoI-2833 was real, but I may not have mentioned it, did I mention the incidence of the EK-class scenario? Zero.

Chief of Staff Wolfgang Urgast: You're fucking — you're fucking! You, you turn the whole organization against me— you really—

enders: What's the matter, you won't shoot? // Mr. Mystery Ally// declares the enemy vanquished at the end, don't you?

<Silence. Occasionally a man's cry is heard.>

Chief of Staff Wolfgang Urgast: If I kill you here, surely I will be recorded as a hero who vanquished the bad guys. If not, after the collapse of GoI-2833, and overwhelmingly within the Foundation — the threat will be considered over, I'm sure.

enders: Great idea, right?

Chief of Staff Wolfgang Urgast: // You idiot!// You — you had to take the role! Why don't you just let the real villains take that role? And yet…

enders: I didn't want to let anyone in on the secret.

Chief of Staff Wolfgang Urgast: — Nope! There must be something more. Let's make a fake ID for you! We can fake a class D and make it look like the leader is dead. We'll make it look like the leader is dead, and we'll be far away. —

<Superintendent Enders punches the floor. The steel frame echoes.>

enders: Get it over with. I don't want any more lies.

Chief of Staff Wolfgang Urgast: Any more?

enders: Project Red was always going to fail. Yet it was carried out because of a foolish desire to control the human race. I thought I could accommodate anomalies more effectively. I was — I was a liar.


Chief of Staff Wolfgang Urgast: It is not a reason to kill people.

enders: Enough said. I did what I had to do. It's not complete without you.

Chief of Staff Wolfgang Urgast: however……

enders: Please, Lloyd. You have been my colleague, my team, my companion, my beloved friend. So please, will you do me a favor? It's my last request. I promise you won't regret it.


Chief of Staff Wolfgang Urgast: You said you wouldn't make me regret it?

enders: Oh.

Chief of Staff Wolfgang Urgast: Let that be the last of the lies. I will surely regret it.


Chief of Staff Wolfgang Urgast: Still — I'll do it, asshole.

enders: That's the spirit, my friend.

<Sound of gunfire.>

<End of transcription>

afterword: Within an hour of the recording of this audio recording, Chief of Staff Wolgast returned to the safe house in Area-17, where GoI-2833 was cleared by the stationed task force and the entire incident was suppressed with no casualties.

A post-mortem investigation revealed former Superintendent Enders inside Area-17, shot to death.

Addendum 2833-JP/IV | Analysis

As predicted by Skywell Solutions, following the collapse of GoI-2833 and the disguised SCP Foundation statement, concerns in the general community following the veil collapse have been greatly alleviated. The SCP Foundation issued its own disguised statement about the E/BK-Class: Collapse of the Veil scenario that occurred. After this, any apocalyptic disasters that occurred after the scenario were explained as having been ruled out, and the public was induced to avoid inadvertent disbelief. Secular interest in the paranormal continued to be diminished by the SCP Foundation over the years. The result was that once again the entire human race was brought under the influence of SCP-2833-JP, while at the same time it became clear that interest in such paranormal phenomena was dramatically decreasing.

The SCP Foundation's management system is trending toward improvement, and the incidence of housing violation incidents at all facilities has dramatically decreased. Society's general distrust has become more controlled over the years, and the Foundation now has the resources to intervene more proactively with the victims of such occurrences. According to rumors, there is no or very little interest in any kind of apocalyptic disaster at this time.

The Red Injection Protocol was subsequently incorporated into all AIC programs in Area-17 and consolidated as part of the SCP-2833-JP automated accommodation protocol. Since operations were successfully accomplished at the last (last) housing violation incident, it was determined that there was no problem with this protocol. The last time this information was acknowledged, Skywell Solutions researchers trained 25 latent .aic agents on these aggregated automated accommodation protocols, which were then completely forgotten by subsequent administration of memory processing agents.

By agreement of the remaining trustees, SCP-2833-JP is IGNOSI Class IGNOSI Class Discovery of the item, even by the Foundation, must be prevented. Reclassified to

Item Information

Item#: {$item-number}
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:
Item#: 2833-JP


SCP-2833-JP is a group of undiscovered mental disorders that severely affect the mental activity of all living organisms. This phenomenon is more specific — it eliminates people's underlying fears and dramatically improves their anxiety-induced agitation. It is forbidden to investigate this.

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