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Item #: SCP-2840-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The house where SCP-2840-JP-A is located is to be acquired by the Foundation and maintained in a suitable condition. Foods and portable toilets are to be provided 3 times a day within SCP-2840-JP-A.

Description: SCP-2840-JP is an anomalous phenomenon that occurs in a room on the 2nd floor of a single-family home (designated SCP-2840-JP-A) in ██ city, Saitama Prefecture. SCP-2840-JP-A and the objects inside it have the ability to move autonomously with unknown power and is anomalously indestructible. The autonomous movement of the objects is presumed to have a certain purpose, usually to secure and block the closet within SCP-2840-JP-A from the outside, and to interfere with any attempted outside interference with the closet.

Currently, inside the closet within SCP-2840-JP-A, there is a 46 year old man, Shinya Umeki (designated as SCP-2840-JP-B), who has been living in this room since before its containment.

SCP-2840-JP was detected by the Foundation after its occurrence was confirmed by the parents who were living with SCP-2840-JP-B and contacted the police. Since SCP-2840-JP-B had not been located at the time of the discovery, it is assumed that SCP-2840-JP occurred after SCP-2840-JP-B entered the closet. The parents of SCP-2840-JP-B are temporarily in the custody of the Foundation until the investigation of SCP-2840-JP is completed.

Addendum 1: When the Foundation personnel tried to interfere with the closet during the initial containment, SCP-2840-JP wrote "Get out" using a ballpoint pen and a notebook within the room. This suggested that SCP-2840-JP was being controlled by some kind of will, and an interview was planned. After multiple suggestions by vocalization, SCP-2840-JP occurred after saying "I will not interfere with the closet if you take part in the interview", and responded with the same writing method as in the initial containment. The following is the interview log.

Interview Log SCP-2840-JP

Subject: SCP-2840-JP

Interviewer: Dr. Taneyama

Note: Since the identity of SCP-2840-JP is unknown, the subject is described as SCP-2840-JP for convenience. Also, since the response by SCP-2840-JP is written, it is copied as is.

<Begin Log, omitted to SCP-2840-JP's response>

SCP-2840-JP: What do u wanna ask me?

Dr. Taneyama: What is the reason you are interfering contact with the closet?

SCP-2840-JP: I know you're gonna drag me outta here. I'm not gonna get out no matter what

Dr. Taneyama: By "I", you mean you're Shinya Umeki, and you're in the closet?

SCP-2840-JP: That's right

Dr. Taneyama: Assuming that your true identity is Mr. Shinya, what is your reason for hiding in the closet?

SCP-2840-JP: That fucking parents were nagging me to work. The other day, they finally brought support contractors to the house. And then u came

Dr. Taneyama: As we promised, we will not interfere with you. We're just trying to protect you. Do you have any idea why you got this abillity?

SCP-2840-JP: IDK, man. Maybe my desperate pleading got through to God

Dr. Taneyama: I see. If you've been in the closet since this phenomenon was first observed, how have you been eating for the past 2 days?

SCP-2840-JP: I had some foods on hand before I went into hiding, but I'm almost gonna run out of those. I'm also in dire need of a toilet. If you're gonna protect me, then can u help me out?

Dr. Taneyama: We will consider it.

<End Log>

As a result of discussions and another interview with SCP-2840-JP, it was decided that foods and portable toilets would be provided within SCP-2840-JP-A 3 times a day. In addition, SCP-2840-JP requested that personnel, observation equipment, and other accommodations are to be withdrawn in order to prevent interference with SCP-2840-JP-B during the 3 minutes it takes to collect the supplies and was approved by SCP-2840-JP management team. Since the provision of supplies, SCP-2840-JP has been cooperating with the containment through writing.

Addendum 2: After investigating SCP-2840-JP-B's behavior prior to the occurrence of SCP-2840-JP, it was found that he had been voluntarily using the public employment security office for about 2 weeks prior to the occurrence of SCP-2840-JP, and the home visit of the personnel mentioned in the interview was conducted with the intention of SCP-2840-JP-B. In addition, SCP-2840-JP-B's parents stated that SCP-2840-JP-B expressed a strong desire for independence around the same time. In order to investigate points in doubt that arose from the discrepancy between these facts and the descriptions in the interviews, the inside of the closet and SCP-2840-JP-B were filmed by installing a small camera on the food container when foods and portable toilets were provided within SCP-2840-JP-A. The following is the video log.

Video Log SCP-2840-JP

Location: Within SCP-2840-JP-A

Date: 2020/11/8 12:12~12:15

<Begin Log>

The objects in front of the closet moves to the center of the room, and the closet door opens. SCP-2840-JP-B can be seen inside, but his hands and feet are tied and appears to be unconscious.

SCP-2840-JP-B's eyes open slightly, and seems to have regained consciousness. SCP-2840-JP-B groans indistinctly and crawls towards the open closet door part, but this action is prevented by the transferred pillow.

The supplied objects are transferred inside the closet. SCP-2840-JP-B's mouth is opened by the moving pen, and foods enter his mouth. SCP-2840-JP-B sobs several times.

All the foods enter SCP-2840-JP-B's mouth. The closet door closes and is blocked by several objects.

<End Log>

Currently, the Ethics Committee is discussing whether or not to collect SCP-2840-JP-B.

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