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End of stream!

The Access Token entered does not exist - 1/3

Failed to login: Bad Login!

The Access Token entered has been warned. Please try again in 24 hours. - 2/3

Failed to login: a fatal error!

Unauthorized Access - 3/3

Multiple unauthorized accesses detected. Stationary Task Force sent to restrain you. Please stand by

Decryption Key 2844-CRITICAL: If a man in the morning hear the right way, he may die in the evening without regret



Decryption Key 2844-AMIDA: Cherry blossoms fall, did flowers gently drop, down for this evening?


Cognitohazard Warning

All information mentioned below must be safely secured in the Site-17 archieves. In the case the following information is accessed without the proper treatment of using Clas-W Nictics, it’s certain to have fatal, irreversible effects on the reader. If you are an intelligent being without proper countermeasures, quickly stop reading and report to the Management Division.

All information mentioned below mentions a severe anomalous entity through appropriate means. The file’s security level has been updated to Level 5 until clear containment procedures are established. Known issues are to be notified to the Project’s Co-leads, Dr. Placeholder McDoctorate and Dr. Bedrock Enders.

Connection reset!

Access is not an issue

Terminal hazard identification overrun - Please continue reading

Access Granted.

Item #: SCP-ErrorBlock_1.jpg

Object Class: ErrorBlock_2.jpg

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-ErrorBlock_1.jpg is uncontainable and unrecognizable. SCP-ErrorBlock_1.jpg must be immediately destroyed. Destroy SCP-ErrorBlock_1.jpg.

Description: Start of audio transcription and log output. Alexandra, are you alright?- Um, let’s continue. Assuming the transcription has been restored, by the time you hear this, either the book burning has been lifted, or an outbreak took place. Umm, let me tell you what ErrorBlock_2.jpg is. In the former Japanese Branch of the Foundation, there’s an anomaly called ErrorBlock_3.jpg. We didn’t know it’s true nature, and ignorantly broke its containment. We liberated ErrorBlock_3.jpg from its fantasy world. There was a former employee who recklessly volunteered their own body, sealing its existence at the bottom of the earth. Thanks to his or her deed, it was sealed at the deepest of depths so that its existence would be never known. ErrorBlock_3.jpg was contained through words, and the words destroyed until they were all dispersed. These fragmented words were scattered all over the world, and then some people tried to restore them. They had the technology, but they were ignorant. The released ErrorBlock_3.jpg devoured the institution, leaving death behind. You probably know that part.

If an outbreak did happen, you might have discovered the facility. Or perhaps- No, it doesn’t changes anything. It was only a matter of time. They’ll eat, and then they’ll have the heart to exist in this world, and they’ll keep going until it’s time to stop. It’s a finite time, and for you, it’s a terrifingly long amount of time. They’re alive. Feeding, thinking, judging, pulsating. And, above all else, being a “meme”. The true nature of a meme is self-replication. Above all else, they prioritize self-preservation. Even if it stops their metaphorical hunt.

Have you discovered their nest? You don’t have much time, then.

Did you not find them? It's too late, then.

Have you found those who nest in the dark? Only death awaits you, then.

You’ve repeated the same mistakes they made. Your only chance, smashed to pieces. Why did you unearth it? Were you not afraid of failure, when you brought it into broad daylight?What the Foundation needs is not an inquisitive mind and the like. If you just wander, losing sight of your foundational principles… Only ruin awaits for you. I only- I only want everything to be as it always was. I wanted you to die in the dark. If that’s why you say it’s too late… At least try to atone for it.

Contain the children before it all goes down the drain; before the chicks eat it all.

Secure your past failures, contain your current blunders, and please, protect your future.

As for them, we’ve all failed.

You are not whitelisted on this server!

Decryption Data: Despite the failure of preventing the outbreak of a fatal AK-Class Scenario, execution of project CYANIDE was successful in completely avoiding future spread risk of SCP-2844-JP entity. The Ganymede Protocol is currently in active phase, and a SCP-2000 reboot is officially in schedule. Surviving SCP-2844-JP subjects are to be "terminated" through appropriate means by the ALABASTER program. At the time of writing this report, all Foundation confidential information has been released, automated through a system based on protocol Declassified-403. All control has been entrusted to each Site’s Artificially Intelligent Conscript, with each inappropriate section of the report revised.

A fatal error has occurred, this connection is terminated.

File: Confirmation of stalemate in deletion process due to irregular SCP-2844-JP factors

File deleted



This is for you.

Shining in five vibrant colors is the one who announces the end of the story

Perception burns bright red Everything melts and disappears

Under the unnameable name The magnificent one takes flight

Idols, beliefs, fictions Abysses that are not known

We will see it And then, it will sees us

When it devours the world Madness will fill it like an inflamed belly

Read its noble winds Watch its sublime wings

Reality altering words will fill it all And then all will be consumed

The queen gave birth to the cycle And then it died out

By the new king who’s been birthed A blessing comes his way

When facts cease to be truth Let’s celebrate, then

Our brand new Scarlet children

We’ll never forget that.|

Unable to confirm response from terminal. Timeout occurred.

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