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Image of the interior

Item #: SCP-2851-JP

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2851-JP is to be padlocked and monitored by the surveillance system at all times. One security personnel is to be stationed at a nearby facility to prevent intrusion. All documentation regarding SCP-2851-JP is to be precautionarily highlighted in red. This procedure may be revised depending on the progress of SCP-2851-JP internal exploration or investigation into its anomalous properties.

Description: SCP-2851-JP is a lodge located in Mt. Brocken, Germany. While there are nine lodges with the same appearance around, only SCP-2851-JP has a small metal placard attached right above the doorknob, which reads "Department of Abnormalities".

All walls in SCP-2851-JP are colored in red. The coloring is done by a non-anomalous paint, and bloodstain detection testing based on the luminol reaction has shown negative results.

Several items were discovered inside SCP-2851-JP. The following is a list of them.

・ Utility knives
・ Red writing instruments
・ Documents (see below)
・ Fairy tale picture books
・ Headphones
・ Bones of domestic pigs (Sus scrofa domesticus)
・ A small altar for religious ceremonies. Luminol testing result is negative.

In the documents discovered inside SCP-2851-JP, most of the descriptions related to SCP-2851-JP are written in red ink, and writing in red color is recommended. Currently, a long-term experiment is being conducted to determine if any anomalous phenomena occur when describing SCP-2851-JP in non-red colors. Once it is confirmed that it does not induce any anomalies, this entry will be revised to black color. Access to the discovered documents requires the authorization of one personnel with Security Clearance Level 5 or higher.

SCP-2851-JP has one blocked-off room, separated from the other sections by a door which should originally open inward. The door is made of heavy, rust-covered metal, and a single black sliding panel covers a small glass viewport; the interior is only obscurely visible, as the viewport is made of frosted glass. The keyhole has been welded in, rendering the door impossible to open. A request for internal exploration through partial destruction of the door structure is currently pending. A metal placard is attached right below the sliding panel, inscribed with the phrase "Make A Sacrifice".

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