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Item #: SCP-2856-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2856-JP and SCP-2856-JP-A-3 are to be stored in low-threat object locker at Site-81██. SCP-2856-JP-A-3 is to be contained in inanimate containment chamber at Site-81██. stored in low-threat object locker like other objects. The Foundation is conducting an investigation into the entity who killed Gakuto Shigekawa.

Description: SCP-2856-JP is a blue-green colored armor suit and various equipment made of unknown metals and fibers with “Tranquilize Cyan, God Speed Psychotherapist” printed on it. Various equipment can be used when SCP-2856-JP is worn by humans. The inside of the equipment is covered with a sponge-like structure made of an unknown material, which provides high soundproofing. Therefore, when wearing SCP-2856-JP head armor, it is impossible for the wearer to communicate through speech, but SCP-2856-JP-A-3 (described below) will communicate instead.

The following is a list of special equipment associated with SCP-2856-JP, designated as SCP-2856-JP-A-1~3 respectively.
Number Description
SCP-2856-JP-A-1 A machine attached to SCP-2856-JP's left arm. SCP-2856-JP-A-3 calls it “Esprit Absorber”, and the light attached to the back of the hand emits a pale blue light when used. It stabilizes the mental state of the subject it touches.
SCP-2856-JP-A-2 A protector worn on a chest. SCP-2856-JP-A-3 calls it “Spirit Searcher”, and it detects people who are mentally unstable.
SCP-2856-JP-A-3 A blue-green colored robot about 30cm in length with a shape characteristic of Canidae. SCP-2856-JP-A-3 calls itself “Freud”. It is composed of unknown metals and fibers, and has “Hyper Electric Rescue Organization” printed on its abdomen. It can move autonomously and talk with synthetic voice. When using SCP-2856-JP-A-1, it wags its tails, bustles about, etc. Later research revealed that it can remotely control SCP-2856-JP (see Interview Log 03).

SCP-2856-JP had been talked about in a small community on the Internet as “there is a mysterious hero who can ease your mind”, and its existence had been suggested. After conducting an investigation based on reports of sighting, Kyosuke Shigekawa1 was found wearing SCP-2856-JP just after the rescue was completed on July ██, 201█, and was contained after being secured. The following interview was conducted immediately after the containment.

Interview Log 01 - Date 201█/7/██

Subject: Kyosuke Shigekawa

Interviewer: Researcher Tanimori

<Begin Log>

Researcher Tanimori: So, Mr. Shigekawa, could you tell us as much as you can about what happened before you came here?

Kyosuke Shigekawa: Yes…… I'm on my way to find the guy who killed my older brother!

Researcher Tanimori: Please be more specific.

Kyosuke Shigekawa: (silence for 8 seconds) When I woke up in the hospital, my brother was lying on the floor…… It was a, mess, and there was some kind of, monster standing there, and I couldn't make sense of it, and I passed out again…… The next time I woke up, my brother was gone……

Researcher Tanimori: Monster?

Kyosuke Shigekawa: Yes, I wasn't able to see very well though…… So when I was scared and couldn't move, Freud called out to me?

Researcher Tanimori: I see…… Who is this Freud?

Kyosuke Shigekawa: The robot dog that was with me. He gave me courage, strength, and that suit. He said he would give me what is most needed in this world.

Researcher Tanimori: Is it a suit?

Kyosuke Shigekawa: That's right. Freud…… told me that my brother used to go around helping people wearing this, and he would share a little bit of the energy he got from the people he helped to make me feel better.

Researcher Tanimori: …… And you, in that suit, were going around helping people just like your brother?

Kyosuke Shigekawa: Yes. Then I'd meet that guy again and see if I could get an enemy with that…… At first I muddled through, but Freud encouraged me. He said “You're hardworking like your brother, so you'll be able to be on your own soon”. But……

Researcher Tanimori: But?

Kyosuke Shigekawa: Just when I thought I've finally become adept at treating them, I was doing my usual rescue and suddenly I was caught by an adult…… and here I am.

Kyosuke Shigekawa: Please. Please get me out of here fast. I have to rescue them……

(From this point on, the same kind of conversation continues)

<End Log>

Interview Log 02 - Date 201█/7/██

Subject: SCP-2856-JP-A-3

Interviewer: Researcher Tanimori
Note: This interview was conducted to investigate the origin of SCP-2856-JP.

<Begin Log>

Researcher Tanimori: Hello, SCP-2856-JP-A-3.

SCP-2856-JP-A-3: It's been a few days, Mr. Tanimori. I quite like the name Freud. So what's up?

Researcher Tanimori: To begin, please tell us about your purpose for helping others.

SCP-2856-JP-A-3: I don't have any particular reason. It just feels nice. If I'm forced to say, it's a hobby.

Researcher Tanimori: Could you tell us who made you and that suit?

SCP-2856-JP-A-3: Well, I don't even know the answer myself. The next moment, I found myself in a garbage dump and most of my functions were broken. Oh. Let me see Kyosuke after this, ok? He's my precious partner.

Researcher Tanimori: Please answer the question.

SCP-2856-JP-A-3: …… Well, I think it has something to do with Hyper Electric Rescue Organization2 and the fact that I was at the dump.

Researcher Tanimori: I see. So what is your relationship with Kyosuke Shigekawa?

SCP-2856-JP-A-3: That is [sudden noise in synthetic voice] Ah, already?

Researcher Tanimori: …… Is everything all right?

SCP-2856-JP-A-3: I'm just hungry. I don't think I can do it today, sorry.

<End Log>

Note: SCP-2856-JP-A-3 kept asking about Kyosuke Shigekawa's whereabouts, and then showed signs of sleep for about 10 hours.

Addendum 2856-JP 201█/8/█
A video recording medium was found inside SCP-2856-JP. The entity that seems to be Shigekawa Kyosuke's older brother, Shigekawa Gakuto was found in it.
The following is that video log.
<Video Log-21>

Note: Due to the low point of view, it was probably taken by SCP-2856-JP-A-3.
<Begin Log>

(Gakuto Shigekawa staggers down the corridor of the hospital.)

Gakuto Shigekawa: This is Kyosuke's room.

(He opens the door, and enters the sickroom.)

A voice that sounds like SCP-2856-JP-A-3 (hereinafter called SCP-2856-JP-A-3): So he's your little brother. He's so cute.

Gakuto Shigekawa: Yeah.

SCP-2856-JP-A-3: The hardships and difficulties we had to go through to save this child… I couldn't help but cry when I remember.

Gakuto Shigekawa: Are you gonna shed tears of oil?

SCP-2856-JP-A-3: No way. Let's do it quickly.

Gakuto Shigekawa: OK. Kyosuke, your brother is gonna help you right now.

(Gakuto Shigekawa placed SCP-2856-JP-A-1 over Kyosuke Shigekawa. For 1 minute, SCP-2856-JP-A-1 and Kyosuke Shigekawa glowed pale blue as if they were flashing at each other.)

SCP-2856-JP-A-3: Now Kyosuke can go back to his normal life.

Gakuto Shigekawa: Good…… Now……

SCP-2856-JP-A-3: Good, good. Now I'm gonna do one last job.

Gakuto Shigekawa: Huh? What are you…… oh!?

(Gakuto Shigekawa was ejected from SCP-2856-JP and falls. SCP-2856-JP-A-3 merges with SCP-2856-JP's head.)

Gakuto Shigekawa: Hey, what are you doing……!

SCP-2856-JP-A-3: As a result, it turned out to be a form of deception. But this is for Kyosuke's sake, or rather, for the sake of our hero.

Gakuto Shigekawa: Hey! Let go……

(After this, the assault continued for 10 minutes, beating Gakuto Shigekawa relentlessly and cutting him with a blade from the arm of SCP-2856-JP.)

SCP-2856-JP-A-3 I've seen, a lot of people, they're all very emotional, I've enjoyed it.

SCP-2856-JP-A-3 Thank you.

(Shows Gakuto Shigekawa lying on the ground.)

<End Log>
Addendum: The above video was shown to Kyosuke Shigekawa, and the person in the video was confirmed to be Gakuto Shigekawa. Kyosuke Shigekawa has been released after being amnestized, as it was determined that no further progress could be made based on the information available. The cover story “Attacked and Killed by Thugs” has been applied to Gakuto Shigekawa.

In response to the above video, SCP-2856-JP-A-3 was interviewed again after deliberation. The following is the transcript.
Interview Log 03 - Date 201█/8/██

Subject: SCP-2856-JP-A-3

Interviewer: Researcher Tanimori

<Begin Log>

Researcher Tanimori: SCP-2856-JP-A-3, why did you kill Mr. Gakuto Shigekawa?

SCP-2856-JP-A-3: …… You saw, that video. That's a little embarrasing, my secret hobby being seen.

Researcher Tanimori: …… Please answer the question.

SCP-2856-JP-A-3: Well, he was in my way to be honest. I did get a little [noise] help at the end.

Researcher Tanimori: …… What do you mean by that?

SCP-2856-JP-A-3: I think a hero should have drastic [noise] drama. An older brother scrambling to save his younger brother, and a younger brother [noise] carrying on the older brother's legacy, it's the best, isn't it? I'm really glad I risked my life to move my body and met Gakuto.

Researcher Tanimori: …… I think I know why you were dumped.

SCP-2856-JP-A-3: I'm probably a failure, aren't I? That's why I couldn't move any of the basic equipment by myself, and I couldn't generate my own energy. That's why I asked those brothers to help me.

SCP-2856-JP-A-3: They're batteries, just like accessories. In other words, we worked together to help people. They're [noise] my heroes who got my equipment to work when I couldn't get it to work on my own. No, maybe I'm the hero. I'm glad…… We were able to help so many people because of that equipment, although it's a shame that he died.

SCP-2856-JP-A-3: Don't be so angry…… By the way, where did that boy go?

Researcher Tanimori: I can't answer that question.

SCP-2856-JP-A-3: [Noise] Mean. I've got a pretty good idea of where he is using the Spirit Searcher. I'll get out of here soon.

Researcher Tanimori: How?

SCP-2856-JP-A-3: That [noise] suit is in sync with me, so it won't be long before I'm moving and looking for that boy, and I can tell him that I was attacked by a monster again and continue the touching story. I have to make sure he gets over death like a hero.

Researcher Tanimori: That suit is already taken into custody for investigation. Even if you manage to move it, the Mobile Task Force would seize it immediately.

SCP-2856-JP-A-3: [intense noise]…… I'm not gonna give up.

(SCP-2856-JP-A-3 approaches Researcher Tanimori, but is subdued by the members.)

<End Log>

Note: After 2 hours after the interview ended, SCP-2856-JP-A-3 stopped moving. Based on the aforementioned statement, it was assumed that the battery is dead.

Addendum: As of 201█/10/██, the Object Class is being considered for reclassification to Safe, as it is not expected to restart.

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