SCP-2880-JP (Unassigned Number)
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Due to the cessation of SCiP-NET service, this document is only shared within Site-81JX Shelter.

Item #: SCP-2880-JP

Object Class: Pending

Previous Special Containment Procedures: As physically leaving Site-81JX is currently extremely difficult due to the frozen earth XK-Class end-of-the-world scenario caused by SCP-2203-JP, observation of SCP-2880-JP is currently only being carried out by cameras se up on the ground outside the Site.

For the same reasons, inspection of SCP-2880-JP is considered impossible, and for reasons including the loss of communication with other sites and the inability to cross-reference other objects via SCiP-net, information about SCP-2880-JP is considered insufficient to decide an Object Class.

Description: SCP-2880-JP is a phenomenon in which 3 m tall snow sculptures appear near Site-81JX. Snow sculptures manifested by SCP-2880-JP are invariably of the type commonly referred to as snowmen, and consist of two large spheres of snow stacked on each other. Of note is that SCP-2880-JP will often vocalize encouragements1 towards humans within Site-81JX. Further information about these vocalizations has not been determined due to noise such as strong wind.

SCP-2880-JP occurs approximately 15 hours after a death has occurred within Site-81JX. As the number of samples is low, the specifics are unknown; however, as the number of SCP-2880-JP currently confirmed matches the number of deaths within Site-81JX, it is thought that the condition for the occurrence of SCP-2880-JP is a death occurring within Site-81JX. In addition, it has been discovered through video data that while SCP-2880-JP do not have special damage resistance and are susceptible to outside forces, SCP-2880-JP that have been severely damaged (e.g. by wind) do not cease the aforementioned vocalizations.

Addendum 1: As the number of SCP-2880-JP increases and the volume of the sound coming from SCP-2880-JP increases, it has become increasingly difficult for the sound recorders located outside the shelter to pick up any sounds other than those of SCP-2880-JP; as such, the sound recorders' ability to record sound from outside Site-81JX has practically been lost. Discussion is currently underway as to whether to disable the sound recorders to save electricity.

Addendum 2: As SCP-2880-JP does not have much direct negative impact on Site-81JX's interior and Site-81JX is particularly understaffed, SCP-2880-JP research has been deemed of low importance. As such, containment of SCP-2880-JP will be restricted to monitoring, and the SCP-2880-JP containment team will be dissolved and its members reassigned to more important positions.

Addendum 3: Since the expected number of new SCP-2880-JP is at most 4, and there are no personnel left who can deal with external threats, ground surveillance has been considered of low importance. In order to save electricity, the monitoring cameras will be shut off and further monitoring of SCP-2880-JP will cease.

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