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This report is constantly updated by an information sharing system with Foundation external sites that exist on multiple timelines, but some unupdated information may be temporarily stored. To access the latest information, please apply directly to the RAISA Information Director.

Stand up with that strong will. Until then, drive a stake into the heart of Tindalos.

Keep our hopes and be determined even if they die.

Item#: 2891-JP
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:



SCP-2891-JP model identified from its mathematical properties based on Salumpet's law

Special Containment Procedures: Since SCP-2891-JP is located at a singular point where it cannot interfere in principle, physical containment is impossible. Containment of SCP-2891-JP is carried out under the protocol "Megalo Strike Back". See Attachment 2891-JP-σ091 for more information on the protocol "Megalo Strike Back".

Brief description of protocol "Megalo Strike Back": In order to maintain the containment of SCP-2891-JP, personnel in charge should continuously check the condition of the Einstein-Rosen Causal Isolation Bridge located at Site-Sigma 01 and report it to the Director. If information is leaked, B-class amnestics will be performed on all parties involved. In an emergency, an evacuation order will be issued to all personnel except Site-Sigma 01, along with the issuance of the Level VI Reverse Causal Modification Protocol.

Description: SCP-2891-JP does not exist on the time axis in which we exist (hereinafter referred to as the standard human history process H-001). SCP-2891-JP is a high-dimensional, metaphysical intangible that existed in a vacuum-state space in mainstream science 13.8 billion years ago and is now a parent universe indirectly connected to all multiverses. , Housed inside the Human History Process H-000. The anomaly expressed by the object is a phenomenon based on specific laws and principles that deviate greatly from classical mechanics.

Since SCP-2891-JP is an insubstantial entity located in a high-level multiverse based on the multiverse theory, it is possible to interfere with all the multiverses it contains. This also applies to the standard human history process H-001. The active state of SCP-2891-JP has properties similar to its ability to modify reality, and its unexplained anomalous properties cause significant spatiotemporal damage. After that, it finally completely collapses the space-time in which it exists, and after the end of a series of processes, it shifts to the inactive state. The inactive state records a maximum of 64 days on the observation data, but the intervals are irregular. These series of processes are the PK class "Universe-Predation" scenario1.

Chapter-01: History of discovery

It has been confirmed that a large bending phenomenon actually occurs due to the repeated occurrence of K-class scenarios. Please note that there may be inconsistencies within the report.


Time axis number: H-012

Protection priority: None

Status: Collapse

Special agreement protocol: Since the human history process H-012 has been destroyed since its discovery, it is not necessary to establish a protocol.

The essential purpose of the time axis is to confirm the existence of a normality maintenance organization in the multiverse, to collect some sample data on the multiverse, and to investigate unexplained theories and phenomena. All data is transferred to the standard human history process H-001 using a transfer device.

explanation: As mentioned above, the original purpose of this project was to collect data in the multiverse. Has been studied since that timeDark energy2The wormhole technology using the wormhole is a remarkable matter, and a large-scale spatiotemporal movement plan using this was devised and implemented. The project was implemented in 1954, when the experiment was conducted at Site-Sigma 01, a key researcher at the Foundation.Albert Einstein There was also the appearance of.

Addendum: Experiment Record 2891-JP- 1954/09/16

The ultimate goal of this experiment was to create a wormhole and to develop a means of free movement into the multiverse, which was led by Senior Researcher Einstein, who was a Foundation employee at the time. As a result, the experiment was successful, Using the dark energy that was successfully extracted by applying the Casimir effect, we succeeded in generating a class-A "transportation" wormhole. However, at the same time as the wormhole occurred, a local CK-class reconstruction scenario including Site-Sigma 01 occurred, and Site-Sigma 01 and its surroundings were severely damaged. The incident was recorded as Incident 2891-JP-α, and it is unknown why the incident occurred suddenly. As a result, Researcher Einstein, who was staying at Site-Sigma 01 at that time, was also exposed to the effects of reality modification by the scenario, and the previously recorded "Activity record as a Foundation employee" and "Public as a historical theoretical physicist" were recorded. The result is that the two "actual activity records" are mixed inside the reality.

"Broken Fictional "Scenario3Occurred 24 hours after the incident. Known as anomalous science within the Foundation at the time「Bose-Einstein Condensation Phenomenon」or「Einstein-Rosen Bridge4」The Foundation has captured that such concepts are open to the public. Disclosure of these concepts to the general public is expected to lead to the outflow of confidential research courses and large-scale disturbances to the public, and in fact these theories have attracted public attention. It turned out that.

From the information recorded in the database, it is presumed that these theories were published.Nathan Rosen, again Satiendra Nath was interviewed, but both did not understand this phenomenon, and it was found that severe turbidity occurred in their memories before the scenario occurred.

First of all, I don't know the situation.

There are two specific memories before the outbreak of Incident Alpha, one that was working under your "SCP Foundation" and the other that was being researched as an Israeli physicist. Exists. I don't understand which one really happened, and I don't know how I should work from now on. The only thing I can say is the fact that the incident at Site-Sigma 01 definitely had a huge impact on reality. However, there must be directivity in reality modification, and it seems unlikely that these events occurred naturally.

Perhaps there was an entity beyond the Class-A "Transportation" wormhole that caused some sort of reality change? Otherwise it shouldn't be like this event. But first of all, the convergence of the situation will be the first decision.

—Secure, contain, protect. —But what should I do from now on? Should I live as a mere physicist or become a shield that protects humanity from anomalies?

   Nathan Rosen

"Since the outbreak of the "broken fictional" scenario, the Foundation's veil has been locally collapsing. Researchers such as General Relativity in Modified Reality are likely already aware of the Foundation's existence. Recently, there have been cases where people unrelated to the concealed research site visit the staff by calling themselves. Currently, the impact of the collapse of the veil is minimized by large-scale concealment measures based on a special agreement with the normality maintenance organization. Although we have succeeded in limiting it to the limit, it is highly likely that the veil will completely collapse due to the spread of information beyond the capacity of the normality maintenance organization in the future as the impact of the incident expands. I am.

The Foundation tentatively defines an undiscovered entity that is likely to have caused Incident 2891-JP-α as SCP-2891-JP, significantly changing the purpose of research on the Multiverse and conducting further investigations. Was decided.

Chapter-02: First observation record

Please note that the following documents are survey data from Foundation external sites dispatched to the Multiverse and may contain some inaccurate information.


Time axis number: H-029

Protection priority: None

Status: Collapse

Special Agreement Protocol-ARC: Human History Process H-029 Normalization Agency5 equivalent of the "███ Coalition Anomaly Investigation Department" We have succeeded in concluding a permit and an agreement for the construction of foundation facilities. Please insist that all activities on the time axis are minimized from the risk of disturbance and are superficially aimed at "protecting H-029".

The purpose of this time axis is to observe SCP-2891-JP and to further study SCP-2891-JP in agreement with the normality maintenance organization existing in H-029.

explanation: The human history process H-029 is one of the parallel timelines that was successfully connected by the large-scale spatiotemporal movement plan that was re-executed at the restored site-Sigma 01, and the internal structure is generally the standard human history process H- Matches 001.

Addendum: PK class "Universe-Predation" scenario occurrence

In November 1954 AD on the standard human history process H-001, the signal was lost at the same time as the data on the observation result was transferred from the external site-Sigma 81, which was constructed on H-029, and everything with H-029. Communication was suddenly cut off. The following is an excerpt of the report sent by Site-Sigma 81.

Report - Site-σ81 / Last Revision


PK Class "Universe-Predation" Scenario Human History Process H-029 Taken on Inner Planet

Item #: SCP-2891-JP

Object class: Apollyon

Special Containment Procedures: Containment of SCP-2891-JP on Human History Process H-029 is not possible.

Description: SCP-2891-JP is a high-dimensional, metaphysical insubstantial entity that currently exists on the human history process H-029. Evidence of a dimensional pocket on the collapsed H-029 reveals that SCP-2891-JP was located at an initial spatiotemporal singularity, that is, outside the spatiotemporal space, in a quantum-mechanical "vacuum state." did.

This is the view of the normality maintenance agency of Site-Sigma 81 and H-029.

Given that SCP-2891-JP emerged from the quantum vacuum space, the origin of SCP-2891-JP is the initial singularity, that is, in the vacuum space Quantum fluctuation6It is presumed that it occurred after the accidental generation process by. This generation process can be explained by the inflation theory of modern science and the Gödel class incomplete causality theory, which is a unique formula of the Foundation Science Department that can prove four-dimensionally. If these theories are correct, it is impossible in principle to physically contain SCP-2891-JP, and at the same time, it shows that all the multiverses are in a critical situation.

We advise that the containment means of SCP-2891-JP should be established in cooperation with all normality maintenance organizations existing in all multiverses or the parent universe of origin for the convergence of this event. increase.
Apollyon Class Emergency Notice: A PK class "Universe-Predation" scenario is currently occurring. All research data will be transferred to the standard human history process H-001.

This concludes the report on the human history process H-029.

Chapter-03: Containment plan

Keep in mind that the following documents contain information about some human history processes, some of which may contain inconsistent statements due to the effects of reality alterations. please.


Time axis number: H-000

Protection priority: Top priority

Status: normal

Special agreement protocol: The protocol "Megalo Strike Back" is carried out under a special agreement with the normality maintenance agency existing in the human history process H-000. The H-000 must maintain continuous self-containment, and all personnel inside will be subject to a loss verdict.

explanation: Human history process H-000 Inflation7It is the parent universe located at the top of all the multiverse and hierarchical universes generated by. Since the parent universe is connected to all the child universes in the lower layer by the Einstein-Rosen bridge, it is possible to interfere with all the multiverse by using means that ignore the causal relationship. Normally, the Einstein-Rosen Bridge completely isolates the causality, so it is not subject to any interference and is impossible to observe in modern science. However, SCP-2891-JP is not affected by these isolations, and it is presumed that they can interfere with each other.

Addendum: Incident 2891-JP-β

On January 19, 1955, an anomaly derived from external entropy suddenly occurred on all observable timelines, causing large-scale disturbance. From the detection results of the coordinates and angles of the dimensional pocket, it is currently confirmed that the source of these anomalies is a dimensionless singularity, that is, a vacuum space outside the time axis.

The following is an excerpt of an anomaly that has been confirmed to occur.

Item #: OBJ-016

Object class: Paradox-Apollyon8

place of occurrence: Human history process H-026

explanation: OBJ-016 is a blood-infectious pathogen that has been shown to be intelligent by an unexplained quantum process. At present, the target of OBJ-016 infection is limited to Homo sapiens (Homo sapiens), and no mutations have been confirmed for all species of infected target. The incubation period of OBJ-016 is recorded up to 24 hours, and as soon as this incubation period ends, OBJ-016 shifts to the active state. OBJ-016, which has entered the active state, mutates the host bacterial flora into a DNA retrovirus, causing phenomena such as mutations in the host's DNA structure and accelerated cell division. When this process is complete, in almost all cases the host human will mutate into an anomaly with anomalous properties. These anomalies are defined as the OBJ-016-Δ group, but their populations have determined that complete containment is not possible.

Currently, H-026 is experiencing a large-scale pandemic caused by OBJ-016, and there is an urgent need to rescue non-abnormally exposed individuals. And what I would like to say is the consensus of the Guardian Council.

Complete the containment of OBJ-016 by detonating nuclear warheads in a chain reaction on the third planet of the solar system of H-026 and terminating the OBJ-016-Δ group. This is a last resort to prevent further infection to other dimensions, and the object class is currently being tentatively changed to Paradox-Apollyon to invoke the protocol.

Further interference with H-026 is meaningless. I state that all observational experiments should be stopped.

It is presumed that these situations were caused by significant spatiotemporal damage caused by SCP-2891-JP at present, and a large-scale meeting inviting the main researchers of the Foundation to consider countermeasures and interviews with each researcher Was done.

Interview record— 1955/04/15


Albert Einstein Senior Researcher

Subject: Albert Einstein Senior Researcher

Interviewer: Researcher Hayes

Addendum: In conducting this interview, in order to minimize the possibility of veil collapse, the cover story "Admission to Princeton Hospital due to enlargement of abdominal aortic aneurysm" was publicly disseminated, and on the 18th of this month, the cover story "Death" The situation is to be concealed by the dissemination of. Senior Researcher Albert Einstein now believes that he needs to focus on his activities as a Foundation employee, and the Foundation agrees.

<Start recording, 1955/04/15>

Researcher Hayes: It's been a long time, Researcher Einstein. However, I should call him Albert Einstein, a world-famous physicist.

Senior Researcher Einstein: No, it doesn't have to be. I plan to continue my research here, and I'm probably more free to be "death" publicly.

Researcher Hayes: Immediately, I have some questions. You are the only one who has been exposed to what happened at Site-Sigma 01 and is still active. On top of that, please let us know what happened at that time, as you can guess.

Senior Researcher Einstein: Well, I haven't talked to you guys yet. I'm sorry, but when I'm putting things together at my desk, the story goes first. … It's a complete speculation, but in a nutshell, it's just "the reality of the other side has flowed in."

Researcher Hayes: However, if it is a parallel time axis, the reality should be stable?

Senior Researcher Einstein: That's usually the case. But what if Tindalos made a hole in the midst of devouring reality?

Researcher Hayes: Was SCP-2891-JP in that place? I think it's too coincidental.

Senior Researcher Einstein: It's not a coincidence. In pursuing the theory, we should consider what is considered even 1% as a possibility. Suppose that SCP-2891-JP was in that location, and that a PK class scenario was occurring. We set up a wormhole there. It's as if a balloon was pierced with a needle that was inflated to the point of bursting.

Senior Researcher Einstein: Naturally, a phase transition occurred, in which the real flow flowed into our world, just as air leaked from the opened hole. Like normal world, I was probably a "physicist" on that parallel timeline. And the reality became cloudy and the veil collapsed.

Researcher Hayes: I understand the matter. Next, what kind of properties do you think SCP-2891-JP has?

Senior Researcher Einstein: That is … outside my specialty. However, given this situation, I have no choice but to agree with this theory. In quantum theory, "vacuum space" is the initial singularity, that is, the space before the birth of the universe. There, the generation and pair annihilation of particle-antiparticle pairs are constantly repeated, causing quantum "fluctuations", or what the Foundation calls reality alterations.

Senior Researcher Einstein: That was born long ago by quantum fluctuation — — reality modification. No, it may be now or it may be the future, the only thing I can say is that it is outside of space-time. You can't think four-dimensionally. That is … a hound. It's also bloodthirsty, extremely big, and a monster.

Researcher Hayes: I have the most questions to ask. Your wise knowledge is indispensable for this, and I would like to ask for your help. … Simply put, how can it be "contained"?

Senior Researcher Einstein: Do you know the legend of Japan, "Yamata no Orochi"? It's a story about killing a drunken snake with eight necks that eats people by drinking alcohol.

Researcher Hayes: No way. I know you're thinking extraordinarily, but you're not crazy, right?

Senior Researcher Einstein: I feel that way. Use another universe as a decoy.

Researcher Hayes: … I don't know what a genius thinks. You're crazy at the highest level.

The protocol "Megalo Strike Back" was planned under the leadership of Senior Researcher Einstein, based on a verdict at a later emergency meeting.

Protocol "Megalo Strike Back"


Due to the fact that multiple parallel time axes have collapsed due to repeated SCP-2891-JP occurrence events and secondary entropy-derived anomaly occurrence events, the containment of SCP-2891-JP should be postponed. Is no longer acceptable. Our ultimate goal and end point is to contain SCP-2891-JP in collaboration with all existing civilizations in the Multiverse.

No one knows if it's hell or paradise waiting for us. However, it is our philosophy to avoid the threats that we can understand now and pursue a better future.

Secure, contain, protect. Make your determination, for the glory of mankind.


3D model of the hierarchical universe

Plan summary

The standard human history process H-001 in which we exist is one of the child universes that have expanded and divided due to space inflation, and at the root of this is the human history process H-000, which is the parent universe. This is modern science It is a matter proved by Multiverse, and in fact we have succeeded in observing and interfering with the parallel time axis.

—The first goal is to interfere with the human history process H-000 and to conclude an agreement with an internal civilization. —As of 1955, we have successfully concluded an agreement with the H-000 civilization. Please refer to Attachment 2891-JP-σ192 ("Multiverse Coalition Special Agreement Article-H-000") for detailed treaties.

The second goal is to "attract" SCP-2891-JP into the H-000. Shank-Scranton Causal Disturber11 is used to artificially generate causal disturbance inside the H-000, and transition it to a state that is susceptible to interference from the outside dimension. In carrying out this procedure, it is required to transfer the civilization that exists inside the H-000 to the standard human history process H-001.

The Guardian Council voted on this and, as a result, passed a policy of large-scale civilization relocation on the premise of the collapse of the veil. Along with this, plans are underway to reconstruct the SCP Foundation as a public health maintenance agency.

The third goal is to complete the self-contained state of H-000. This will be achieved by introducing and activating the large-scale reality bending mechanism "Einstein-Rosen Causal Isolation Bridge" jointly developed by Foundation staff Albert Einstein and Nathan Rosen.


3D model of Einstein-Rosen causal isolation bridge

The main function of the Einstein-Rosen Causal Isolation Bridge is the complete closure of the wormhole that connects the human history process H-000 with other parallel timelines. As a result, all beings that exist in the H-000, whose causal relationship is isolated from the outside, cannot interfere with other dimensions and reach a "self-contained state" in which they cannot escape. In order to maintain this mechanism, it is necessary to install Einstein-Rosen causal isolation bridges on all parallel time axes and supply dark energy to block wormholes on each time axis. Dark energy can be generated by using a generator with the Casimir effect, and all mechanisms are located at Site-Sigma 01 in each dimension.

We are not defeated. Our philosophy is to secure and contain abnormalities.
Now is the time for us to unite and confront.


That concludes the description of the protocol "Megalo Strike Back".

Everyone Deserves a Second Chance.

Say GoodBye Now.


Chapter-04: Execute

The protocol "Megalo Strike Back" is running. All personnel should follow the designated procedures and act accurately and promptly.


Time axis number: H-000

Protection priority: Top priority

Status: Self-contained state

Special agreement protocol: N/A

explanation: The Human History Process H-000 is in complete self-containment. In addition, SCP-2891-JP is housed inside, and all wormholes are blocked by the Einstein-Rosen Causal Isolation Bridge. The relocation of the H-000 civilization is currently underway. It also created a "broken fictional" scenario, but the Foundation is working to temporarily resolve the situation by issuing a statement as a public health maintenance agency. In addition, all means of sharing information are hampered and information is regulated. With the cooperation of the governments of each country, the situation is urgently settled.

The following is an excerpt from a public statement issued by the SCP Foundation. Detailed announcements can be found in the orientation materials at a later date, as well as in the attachment 2891-JP-σ283 of this report.

Announcing a public statement from the SCP Foundation, a normality maintenance agency

First of all, I would like to apologize for causing confusion and anxiety in society.
We will announce all matters directly from us.

We are the SCP Foundation. Its existence has been kept secret from the beginning, and it is an organization formed to deal with abnormal phenomena that occur all over the world.

However, due to this anomalous entity occurrence event, it is no longer possible for us to conceal the anomalous existence. He decided to maintain normality by rejecting the fiction to contain the anomaly. Our original idea is to conceal its existence and protect the world from anomalies, and we apologize for the development of this situation.

I promise to give you a sincere explanation of the circumstances of this situation. And we apologize for the delay in responding. Finally, I would like to make our findings.

Mankind must not go back to a time when it was hiding from fear。

Now is the time for us to unite and face this threat.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


Secure, Contain, Protect.



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