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SCPFS Atlas patrolling along the shores of SCP-291-FR.

Item #: SCP-291-FR

Threat Level: Red

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: A 5 nautical mile (9.3 km) Maritime and Aerial Exclusion Zone has been established around Point UBalt-291. Eleven (11) buoys equipped with active Scranton Reality Anchors must be present at all times in the exclusion zone in a manner such that their field of activity permanently covers its surface. In accordance with a cooperation agreement between the SCP Foundation and the Swedish Ministry of Theoretical Research, the Coastguard HMS Morten Petersen must patrol the Zone at least 72 hours per week, in order to dissuade potential civilian intrusions, as well as to intercept and/or destroy SCP-291-FR ships that attempt to pass through Point UBalt-291.

Armed Surveillance Site He-291 has been established at the surface of SCP-291-FR. Mobile Task Force Kappa-22 (Guardian Angels) is in charge of the protection of the site and must ensure the maintenance of cooperative behavior of SCP-291-01-FR instances. In the event that SCP-291-01-FR instances prove hostile towards the Foundation staff and MTF Kappa-22 become incapable of ensuring the security of Site He-291, staff are to immediately suspend the delivery of D-Class personnel the application of the N’Guyen Proposition, evacuate the island, and MTF Kappa-22 must initiate Protocol 66-5 “Party's Over”.

The rest of the Containment Procedures were defined amicably with SCP-291-FR's ruling instances in the Special Containment Charter of SCP-291-FR.


Object: SCP-291-FR
Date: 27/03/200█

  • Article I: The Foundation agrees to provide twenty-three (23) D-Class personnel per month for SCP-291-FR to do with as they wish. As of 01/12/201█, the N’Guyen Proposition must be applied monthly (cf. Addendum 291-b). In return, SCP-291-01-FR agrees not to undermine the safety of SCP Foundation staff or of the civilian populations placed under its protection.
  • Article II: The Foundation agrees to guarantee SCP-291-01-FR free access to SCP-291-02-FR. Furthermore, it promises to respect the rituals, customs, traditions, and religious practices of SCP-291-01-FR. In return, SCP-291-01-FR agrees to respect the blockade of Point UBalt-291 and to make no attempt to leave SCP-291-FR’s universe.
  • Article III: The Foundation agrees to ensure the protection of the population of SCP-291-01-FR and to provide for them within reasonable limits a continuous supply of food, seeds, livestock, manufactured tools, and fuel. In return, SCP-291-01-FR agrees to restrict the usage of its anomalous properties in the presence of the Foundation’s staff and to collaborate with its mission of scientific research.
  • Article IV: The Foundation agrees to recognize the administrative and legal authority of instances of Group A over instances of SCP-291-01-FR and to aid them to achieve their mission. In return, instances of Group A agree to pursue and sanction any instances of SCP-291-01-FR that are hostile to the Foundation’s interests and its mission of scientific research.

Dr Steven Oten - director of Site He-291
David Blumenstein - Ethics Committee Representative

Karcist Naarvëlsen
Võlutaar Shkreli Varveüm-Hvitserk

Description: SCP-291-FR is an 85 km2 island located in a pocket universe with its access point (designated Point UBalt-291) located in the Baltic Sea, 67.5 nautical miles (125 km) off the Swedish coast. The topography, climate, and ecosystem of SCP-291-FR are consistent with those found throughout the Baltic islands. The exact geography of the ocean surrounding SCP-291-FR and possible territories beyond are unknown at this time, all objects moving farther than 5 km away from SCP-291-FR being systematically transported to the location of Point UBalt-291. Information provided by SCP-291-01-FR in regard to this subject has proven imprecise and contradictory, and most often prove to be legends or fables.

Point UBalt-291 designates the point of contact between our universe and that of SCP-291-FR. It is a spherical spatial anomaly 37 meters in diameter. It is worth noting that roughly one quarter of the anomaly is submerged below sea level, which therefor allows relatively large boats to navigate between the two universes unimpeded.

The population of SCP-291-FR consists of approximately 31,000 anomalous individuals of humanoid appearance, collectively designated SCP-291-01-FR. Each of these instances possess an anomalous genetic makeup, characterized by the presence of three pairs of supplementary chromosomes, as well as an unknown blood type that is completely incompatible with the standard blood types1. Most instances of SCP-291-01-FR also possess the capacity for thaumaturgy and local reality manipulation at fairly significant levels2.

SCP-291-01-FR instances practice a religion belonging to a divergent practice of proto-Sarkic cults. The most notable feature of this religion is the cult of SCP-291-02-FR. Their way of life is primarily agricultural and is based on the rejection of all forms of technology, notably electricity, the use of various chemical products and non-natural fertilizers, motor vehicles, and industrial food. The usage of older models of cars or electric generators has been noted among the most progressive families and clans, some firearms have also been identified before being confiscated by Foundation personnel. Most instances also reject all contact with the outside world, with the exception of that which concerns operations to resupply on seeds, various rudimentary manufactured tools, and human sacrificial products.

Regarding its political aspect, the community of SCP-291-FR is divided into an archaic system of families and clans who number anywhere from a few dozen to many hundreds of individuals grouped around a patriarchal/matriarchal authority figure. These clans frequently quarrel amongst themselves over questions of honor, the sharing of resources, and the boundaries of fishing and farming territories. In addition, there exists a very violent religious dispute between the island’s most conservative families and its most progressive ones, who are open to the utilization of certain technologies and venturing to the exterior of SCP-291-FR. The community as a whole is administrated by a counsel of 23 individuals elected for life by the community and seated at the temple of Ion Asken in Hvitserkgard, the island’s largest settlement (population roughly 5-6,000 individuals).

The community of SCP-291-FR is divided into three categories:

  • Group A (386 individuals): this group comprises the political, legal, and religious leaders of the community, namely the members of the governing counsel of SCP-291-01-FR and the principal clan chiefs. It is a very influential caste whose members are chosen from among “the noblest and purest” [sic] instances of SCP-291-01-FR.
  • Group B (~28,500 individuals): this represents the majority of the population. They are for the most part fisherman and farmers. A small subgroup (roughly 300 individuals) acts as a police force and acts directly under the control of instances of the governing counsel. At this time, these instances assist the members of MTF Kappa-22 with managing the conflict which divides the population over the terms of the Special Containment Charter of SCP-291-FR. The Varveüm-Hvitserk clan and their allies are in favor of the Charter, conscious of the benefits the Foundation's involvement provides for the island’s inhabitants, whereas the members of the Ivengarsen clan, one of SCP-291-FR’s oldest and most conservative families, seem to regard the Foundation as an occupation force.
  • Group C (~2,000 individuals): these are the members of the population possessing no anomalous abilities. It is an extremely low-status caste of slaves and servants, comparable to the untouchables class in India3. It is important however to point out that these instances possess the same genetic peculiarities and the same blood type as the members of groups A and B, and thus have never been victims of the human sacrifices intended for SCP-291-02-FR.

Religious ceremony in proximity to SCP-291-02-FR

SCP-291-02-FR is an anomalous specimen of Fraxinus excelsior (European ash) situated in the geographic center of SCP-291-FR. The tree measures nearly 80 meters high and its trunk measures 5.5 meters in circumference, which although exceptional, is not anomalous for a tree of this nature. On the other hand, SCP-291-02-FR does not possess conventional roots and its trunk seems to be simply stuck into the ground to an undetermined depth. Finally, SCP-291-02-FR possesses a set of 23 prehensile fleshy appendages measuring between 2.8 and 4.3 meters long arranged in a circle around the base of the trunk. These appendages secrete a digestive enzyme which possesses a paralyzing effect on the nervous system which permits it to digest its prey by wrapping around them. Generally, to avoid the victim struggling during the process, SCP-291-01-FR offer them a drink or dish made from narcotic plants4. It has been noted that this tranquilizer also promotes the process of internally digesting the victim’s body. In some cases, the priests presiding over the ceremony have resorted to telepathic suggestion to relax the subject and keep them calm as SCP-291-02-FR seizes them.

SCP-291-02-FR is exclusively anthropophagic and only derives nourishment by digesting living, healthy human beings through use of the aforementioned appendages. To date, all attempts to feed SCP-291-02-FR through the use of alternative food compounds, various animals, human corpses, [REDACTED – LEVEL 4/291 CLEARANCE REQUIRED] (cf. Addendum 291-c), or instances of SCP-291-01-FR have proved unsuccessful5.

The time required to digest around twenty people is about one month. If it is neither regularly nor sufficiently fed, SCP-291-02-FR will wilt and wither away for a few days. By analyzing SCP-291-FR’s passed history, it has been discovered that SCP-291-01-FR once provided for SCP-291-02-FR’s needs by breeding normal humans who were forced to reproduce among themselves in order to guarantee maximal self-sufficiency in sacrificial products. In the 1980’s, these humans nearly all succumbed to an epidemic of a particularly virulent strain of influenza, which pushed SCP-291-01-FR to carry out its first resupply expeditions into our universe in more than a hundred years.

The community of SCP-291-1-FR worships SCP-291-02-FR, which it considers to be an incarnation of Grand Karcist Ion – an entity of quasi-divine status revered by most Sarkic cults – and thus venerate it as a living god. The population of SCP-291-01-FR also seem to share a symbiotic relationship with SCP-291-02-FR. Effectively, during the initial containment of SCP-291-FR, a general enervation of the population was observed, as well as the loss of their anomalous abilities when SCP-291-02-FR has been cut off from its source of food. After a few days, nearly [REDACTED] deaths had been noted within the population, which prompted the Ethics Committee to compel MTF Kappa-22 and research personnel assigned to SCP-291-FR to enter negotiations with the governing instances of SCP-291-01-FR (for more details, see Addendum 281-a, Document a1: Containment Report).

Addendum 291-a: History

Addendum 291-b: Special Containment Procedures Update

Addendum 291-c: ACCESS RESTRICTED – AUTHORIZATION LEVEL 4/291 necessary

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