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Item #: SCP-293-DE

Object Class: Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: The wreck as well as its crew have meanwhile been discovered, and stored in site-DE19. The scene of accident has been rebuilt. Given the object's lack of threat, no containment procedures are in effect.


SCP-293-DE on its crash site.

Description: SCP-293-DE designates the wreck of a space ship that has crashed near the Lüneburg Heath on the 12/09/2019. In its intact state, the object was probably 107 m long, 50 m wide, and 30 m high. Vessel plans lead to the conclusion that it was oval-shaped, and featured several jet engines and weaponry. Analyses of its materials are still being conducted, but it has been discovered that the materials used in its construction cannot be reproduced by any means known to the foundation. Any writings in- and outside of the vessel have been composed in the ortothan alien language, and can therefore be translated by the foundation. According to available information, SCP-293-DE appears to have been attacked during a reconnaissance mission, and had to subsequently crash-land on earth.


SCP-293-DE-C during autopsy.

SCP-293-DE possessed a crew consisting of eleven humanoid life forms with consistently different appearances and genetic structures. The crew wore white and black patterned uniforms when recovered and appeared to have died partly from burns and partly from sudden violence. Insignias on their clothes exposed them as members of the ortothan space-navy.

Discovery: SCP-293-DE has been discovered on the 12/09/2019 through the European Space Agency, while it still was in the progress of falling. Spyware by the foundation identified the vehicle as an extraterrestrial spaceship, and alerted the organization who, under the cover of geological investigations on an meteorite crash site, sealed off the perimeter. Following the event, involved members of the European Space Agency were amnestitized. Initially, the crash site has been decontaminated by MTF DE5-ℌ "Saubermänner" and MTF DE4-𝔚 "Seuchenkontrolle"1, in order to hinder the spread of extraterrestrial microorganisms, whereas MTF DE8-ℨ "Samariter"2 attempted to recover survivors. However, solely the crew's corpses and the ship's black box could be salvaged. Using a maglev train, the cadavers were transported to site-DE6 for further study, while the black box was moved to site-DE23 of analyses.

According to decrypted data, SCP-293-DE was part of an Ortothan Coalition response squadron sent out after a solar system-based outpost on Saturn's moon Phoebe suddenly went silent. The mission was to fly to the base and seize it, if necessary. Further information can be extracted from Recording 293-DE-023 which was recovered from the black box.

Currently, the Foundation is undecided about what the events that have occurred mean for human spaceflight, especially since humanity's space shuttles and satellites have not been bothered so far.
Meanwhile, measurements have revealed that inexplicable heat sources have appeared on several moons, asteroids, and inside the solar systems. Due to gathered data, defensive plans are currently being revised in case of a theianic invasion.

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