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D-4505 after transformation into Remilia Scarlet, a character from Touhou Koumakyou ~ the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil.

Item #: SCP-2955-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Objects produced by SCP-2955-JP are to be stored in a Standard Containment Zone at Area-81JH. Area-81JH Intelligence Division is to monitor for intrusions into lower narrative levels and prevent them when detected.

Description: SCP-2955-JP is a humanoid anomaly of variable appearance manifesting during tests with SCP-2650-JP. The anomaly affects human subjects who have been transferred from the universe in which this report was created (hereafter referred to as the base universe) into a lower narrative level, primarily through the anomalous effects of SCP-2650-JP. These subjects are altered to have the appearance consistent with that of the characters within the lower narrative level. This transformation consists of not only appearance but the physical structure of the subject's body and clothes. Behavioral changes have also been observed. In addition, it has been reported that affected individuals gain the abilities ascribed to the character they resemble, such as immortality and abilities that contravene the laws of physics, which have been classified under subspecies thaumaturgy.

SCP-2955-JP's anomalous properties occur when a subject has been transferred from the base universe into the lower narrative level, which is then altered in some way. Initially, the Foundation had only speculative information about SCP-2955-JP. However, this report has been prepared based on cases observed by the Foundation, as well as several cases that were subsequently confirmed. For further information, please refer to SCP-2650-JP Experiment Log 2650-66.

Experiment Log 2650-66 - ████/██/██

Procedure: D-4505 was provided with photography equipment and 8 years' worth of life-sustaining supplements, and disappeared along with SCP-2650-JP, with the aim of procuring information when D-4505 returned in some form.

Result: After approximately 1 year, SCP-2650-JP was recovered, containing an object thought to be the body of D-4505. SCP-2650-JP also contained the photography equipment supplied to D-4505, from which video material has been successfully retrieved.

D-4505 had acquired immortality during its disappearance, and recovered from its dead state a few minutes after opening SCP-2650-JP. However, its external appearance differed significantly from its previous appearance, instead resembling "Remilia Scarlet", a character from the Touhou Project series1.

The recovered photography equipment shows D-4505 transforming into Remilia Scarlet while standing on what appears to be the roof of a building. In addition, a few days after the transformation, D-4505 appeared again on the rooftop, and was irradiated with visible heat rays by an unidentified object circling in the air. D-4505 appeared to be vaporized by the heat. It is assumed that D-4505 was temporarily killed by these visible heat rays and stored in SCP-2650-JP. The phenomenon that caused D-4505 to transform into Remilia Scarlet is currently unconfirmed.

Analysis: D-4505's body reacts violently to ultraviolet light; subject claims to feel pain when exposed to sunlight. Wings similar to those of bats (Chiroptera) extend from D-4505's shoulder blades, giving D-4505 the ability to fly. D-4505's body is able to transform into mist or bats, and additionally is able to act while in this state. D-4505's physical abilities have been anomalously increased, acting as if it transcends established laws of physics in its movements. As previously stated, D-4505 has gained immortality and can regenerate itself even when physically destroyed. Although this has not been confirmed due to difficulty of observation, D-4505 has also acquired the ability to observe and/or determine the future.

Although D-4505 was a 59-year-old male prior to the experiment, its physical characteristics had become those of a young female. There have also been significant changes in D-4505's psychological profile, notably that the abnormal obsession with money that D-4505 originally possessed has not been observed. In addition, D-4505's memories prior to the experiment have been replaced with memories as Remilia Scarlet.

Addendum 1: Information

SCP-2955-JP's anomalous properties had not been discussed for an extended period of time due to the difficulty in obtaining information about it. As SCP-2650-JP is an object that is based in universes outside the base universe. The most pertinent information on SCP-2955-JP was obtained when Area-81JH was resolving an incident caused by GoI-093 "PAMWAC", which had been classified as separate from the anomaly. The following documents are excerpts from the internal BBS used by GoI-093. The circumstances leading to their acquisition have been redacted by order of the Facility Management Committee of Area-81JH, with regard to the current countermeasures against the related GoI.

All About Remilia-chan Thread part563

221: ◆ge2212IK ████/██/██(█) ██:██:██:██ ID:???

Has the Mistress2 been ElMA'd?
Am I wrong here?

222: Indomitable Anonymous ████/██/██(█) ██:██:██:██ ID:???

Of course she is? My EoSD's bugged and I can't clear it, it's troubling

223: ◆SHo67Kc0Y ████/██/██(█) ██:██:██:██ ID:???

I checked it out, and there's definitely something weird with the internal Humes. Even then, Touhou is prone to instability in and of itself because it's got characters who can transfer things between universes. It's a little weird, I'd better check it out.

224: Indomitable Anonymous ████/██/██(█) ██:██:██:██ ID:???

Looks like Remi's been kidnapped. I bet she's been ElMA'd.

225: Indomitable Anonymous ████/██/██(█) ██:██:██:██ ID:???

I've reported it.

The above post was made about two weeks before SCP-2650-JP reappeared containing D-4505. The term "ElMA'd" has been determined to be used on GoI-093's internal BBS to refer to "using ElMA to abduct a character from its native setting". Members of GoI-093 have avoided using the techniques associated with ElMA, and appeared to express a sense of urgency regarding the matters suggested in this post. Area-81JH has identified a post that appears to be the source of this response. The following is the full text in question.

【Important】Announcement Thread

11: Hara Shisui◆SASAAAi ████/██/██(█) ██:██:██:██ ID:???

Since there have been a lot of new people, and it seems that a lot of you are taking ElMA lightly, I'll take this time to remind you of why using ElMA is forbidden.

The anime characters we want to marry are 2D, and they live in a lower narrative level to the world we live in. We're 3D, and they're 2D, as you probably already understand.

Here's where it gets complicated. These 2D worlds' rules are set by us 3D beings.

Luffy's arm can extend, Golgo 13's a skilled sniper, Hazama Kuroo is an unlicensed doctor. All that is determined by the creators of the story, who exist in the 3D world, saying "this is how that world works". No matter how hard Luffy struggles, he can't save Ace, and the surgery to save Dr. Honma won't succeed. Why? Because the author said so.

It's called the "absoluteness of the lower narrative levels" because no matter how much the inhabitants of a 2D world try, they can't change the future (setting) that the author has determined. If the author doesn't change the setting, the world won't change on its own.

12: Hara Shisui◆SASAAAi ████/██/██(█) ██:██:██:██ ID:???

Alright, so the real question. Why is using ElMA banned?

Using ElMA to call out 2D characters uses the ElMA Holy Seal Thaumaturgy, which is an external method that ignores the absoluteness of lower narrative levels. The ElMA Holy Seal Thaumaturgy itself says you can call out anything you want from other universes, and as long as you stick to that purpose, it's not that dangerous.

However, calling out 2D characters is different. When you bring a character out of the 2D world, they're gone from that world. For good.

Breaking the absoluteness of lower narrative levels has a lot of bad side effects. For instance, changing other existences into that character for consistency. The original being loses all its memories up to that point, and the change is permanent.

… Just for that, some people think that it can be abused, but we have a problem with what happens next.

After the alteration, there will be two characters - one in each world - but the one who isn't in the 2D world is weakened due to being freed from the absoluteness of lower narrative levels.

As a simple example, there are characters who outright break the laws of physics, right? These characters maintain their existence because of the absoluteness of lower narrative levels. If they are freed from this property, they cannot live the way they are. They die a tragic death.

If you really love that character, stay the hell away from this. When these consistency changes happen, that image of a lovely waifu will fall apart. And nobody wants that to happen.

Although there are other reasons why ElMA is banned, this is the general gist of it. If you see anyone who might be using ElMA on the boards, make sure to tell us about it immediately. Thank you.

Addendum 2: Situation Report

Area-81JH Intelligence Division discovered a post announcing that the character Remilia Scarlet had been summoned from the lower narrative level "Touhou Koumakyou ~ the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil." on GoI-093's internal BBS. The contents suggested that the poster was a follower of Eden leap Mutual Aid, and may have used the ElMA Holy Seal Thaumaturgy. This was also known to the administrators of GoI-093 at the time, who attempted to identify the person responsible for the post.

Upon receiving this information, the Foundation conjectured that SCP-2955-JP's anomalies and D-4505's transformation occured due to an unknown individual abducting Remilia Scarlet from the setting of Touhou Koumakyou ~ the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil., and that the resulting disappearance of Remilia Scarlet from the setting caused D-4505, who had been transferred to that narrative setting at the time, to transform into Remilia Scarlet.

I'm counting down the days until my idol from my teenage years marries me lol

22: ◆dnn87qI ████/██/██(█) ██:██:██:██ ID:???

Just need to prepare the documents and that's it…
Remilia herself has already come over to our world

23: Shackled Anonymous ████/██/██(█) ██:██:██:██ ID:???

Looks like a troll…
How did you do it? If you don't tell me I won't believe you

24: ◆dnn87qI ████/██/██(█) ██:██:██:██ ID:???

I don't need you to trust me haha, she's already my wife anyway

Remilia will surely love Koigarezaki too, unlike Gensokyo there's no daytime there… it'll be a great way to start our married life!

25: ◆dnn87qI ████/██/██(█) ██:██:██:██ ID:???

Ah, what shall I do about our honeymoon? I guess it'll have to be Atral3 lmao

Emergency Response Thread

130:Raiteu◆skdDSA4 ████/██/██(█) ██:██:██:██ ID:???

The relevant post has been located. I checked the IP and it's definitely coming from Koigarezaki.

This is gonna turn out like the time some moron from Yami Sushi tried to ElMA Patchouli4 , imo. If there's anyone in Koigarezaki right now who can give some information please tell me.

131: ◆SHo67Kc0Y ████/██/██(█) ██:██:██:██ ID:???

Any info about new residents is published by the town hall but I don't see anyone on the list that could be Remilia.

It's probably the case that she's being confined in her ElMA'd state.

Koigarezaki hasn't had any ElMA adherents come in for almost 10 years or so. If this is really an adherent he'd be jumping worlds regularly and it'd stand out. Given that I don't have any idea how that could be the case, I'd say he's not an outright adherent to ElMA, just someone using the techniques, and he settled recently.

132: Heaven-bound Anonymous ████/██/██(█) ██:██:██:██ ID:???

This is repeating what's said in 131, but I've never heard of any ElMA adherents entering or leaving at all.

Ever since that time a man from the Inquisition gave up worldjumping and got wiped by Idon for trying to set up a knighthood I don't think there's been any cases.

133: ◆SHo67Kc0Y ████/██/██(█) ██:██:██:██ ID:???

Here's the entry records for the last two weeks
・ Former Mujin-Getsudō-Shū, 84 years old, male - retirement
・ Former Mujin-Getsudō-Shū, 78 years old, female - retirement (married to above)
・ Former Deer College faculty, 28 years old, male - seclusion
・ Former TTT employee, 1861 years old, male, Chinese, embodiment of a trade god - seeking independence

The Deer College faculty member is around the right age to have considered Remilia an idol in his teenage years…

134: Heaven-bound Anonymous ████/██/██(█) ██:██:██:██ ID:???

Deer College faculty dismissed: could this be for the disappearance of students?
Found something relevant in the Koigarezaki Shimbun

133: ◆SHo67Kc0Y ████/██/██(█) ██:██:██:██ ID:???
I went to his house, I'm certain he opened an interspatial gate from his house and I saw the traces of it.

He probably ran away after seeing the posts about tracking him down, he left some tea and it was still warm.

I think I can chase him down, what do I do?

130: Raiteu◆skdDSA4 ████/██/██(█) ██:██:██:██ ID:???


It's dangerous, don't go any further.

If there's anything, we'll contact you from here. We'll work with you if that happens.

4 days after these posts from GoI-093 members, the poster who abducted Remilia Scarlet once again posted to the board. The exchange of posts among GoI-093 members following this constitute important information regarding SCP-2955-JP's anomalous properties. The following is an extract.

Emergency Response Thread

266: criminal◆dnn87qI████/██/██(█) ██:██:██:██ ID:???

Excuse me, this is the criminal in question.

I'm going back to Koigarezaki now. Please help me.

267: Raiteu◆skdDSA4 ████/██/██(█) ██:██:██:██ ID:???

Thanks for contacting us. What is the situation like right now?

268: criminal◆dnn87qI████/██/██(█) ██:██:██:██ ID:???

When I heard you were going to track me down and catch me, I got scared and ran away to another world, but then Remilia's physical condition started to get worse…

This is bad…

269: ◆SHo67Kc0Y ████/██/██(█) ██:██:██:██ ID:???

We anons in Koigarezaki went to the criminal's house.

Remilia's there, but she's suffering from typical symptoms of loss of absoluteness…

This is gonna turn out like what happened to Patchy… She'll be in a pitiful state soon so we need to act fast…

270: Raiteu◆skdDSA4 ████/██/██(█) ██:██:██:██ ID:???

The loss of absoluteness is probably because a replacement Remilia has been created by modifying someone else…

If there's a replacement already, even if we help this Remilia there's another Remilia that will die. It's a shame, but we can't do anything. If it were possible, we should've let him go before the replacement was made.

Intercepted Information Log - Koigarezaki 551
████/██/██ Reporter: Agent Tokito

<Start Recording>

[Throughout the recording, a female voice can be heard crying out intermittently.]

Male 1(◆SHo67Kc0Y): This is definitely Remilia.

Male 2(Unknown): Hey, what happened?

Male 3(◆dnn87qI): About two days ago her condition started deteriorating. By this morning, she was—

Male 1(◆SHo67Kc0Y): Condition? Her body's all…

[Several seconds of silence.]

Male 3(◆dnn87qI): Can't you help us?

Male 1(◆SHo67Kc0Y): Hey… You hear that, right?

[Male voice sobs.]

Male 3(◆dnn87qI): I… I didn't know. I didn't know that she'd end up like this. If I knew I'd end up being treated like this… I wouldn't have done it.

Male 2(Unknown): You only realized that now?

[Sounds of movement.]

Male 3(◆dnn87qI): Please, can't you do something to help us? You're the Occult Confidence Guy6, right? Can't you do something? Anything?

Male 1(◆SHo67Kc0Y): Hey, hey, stay away. It's pointless. She's lost her absoluteness, there's no way to keep her alive. Even now, since she's lost her vampire-ness, she'll be gone soon.

[Male voice loudly wails.]

Male 3(◆dnn87qI): Please… do something, anything… anything!

Male 1(◆SHo67Kc0Y): So it's pointless. Unless we can switch the Remilia in the original 2D world for this one, we can't help her. And if we do that, the other Remilia will suffer the same fate. It won't work.


Male 3(◆dnn87qI): Remilia… Niconico and Touhou were my life back then, back when I skipped school to avoid getting bullied, back in my middle school days… And you, Remilia, were my everything…

[The female voice's crying becomes more severe.]

Male 3(◆dnn87qI): Remilia, you were all I had in my youth… no, all I had my entire life. Your eyes, your hair, your wings, your clothes, your power, your music… I love all of it with all my heart. If you weren't here, I would have killed myself. For it to come to this… I'm truly sorry.

[The female voice stops momentarily.]

Male 1(◆SHo67Kc0Y): Will you stay with her until the end? If you're not prepared, I suggest staying away.

Male 3(◆dnn87qI): Of course I'm staying here. And, um, I'm sorry you had to come all this way to see me, but if you could leave for a moment? I'll accept the consequences afterwards. I just want to be with her alone.

[A single set of footsteps.]

Male 1(◆SHo67Kc0Y): You…

Male 3(◆dnn87qI): Remilia, you can see fate, right? If you had known it would come to this… I'd wished you'd fought back and killed me… Why… why did it have to end this way? If I could help you in any way… that would be good.

<End Recording>

Emergency Response Thread

271: ◆SHo67Kc0Y ████/██/██(█) ██:██:██:██ ID:???

We talked to the criminal.

In conclusion, I'd like to bring Remilia back to the 2D world, and the Remilia currently in the 2D world back to its original world. I know it's against PAMWAC's principles, knowing who was to blame and that the criminal was just an idiot, but I wouldn't feel right not doing it. I can't express this feeling in words, perhaps it's part of my ability to control fate. So please, let me have this.

272: Raiteu◆skdDSA4 ████/██/██(█) ██:██:██:██ ID:???

Stop. Even if you do that, nothing would change.

I'm handing out a short ban. Please stop posting.
★Short-term ban: »271

273: Deo-Domestic Pinko Izumi ████/██/██(█) ██:██:██:██ ID:???

Have the criminal open an interspatial gate to EoSD. Then use your powers to somehow control Marisa7 and have her beat Remilia with her Master Spark8.

After that, let the criminal deal with it. If he's a real ElMA user, he'll know how to use his shoes.

274: Raiteu◆skdDSA4 ████/██/██(█) ██:██:██:██ ID:???

★Short-term ban: »273

275: Raiteu◆skdDSA4 ████/██/██(█) ██:██:██:██ ID:???

Admin notice: I'm locking this thread temporarily.

These posts were made 12 hours before D-4505 appeared with SCP-2650-JP. The attack on D-4505 recorded in the video recording retrieved from SCP-2650-JP was identified to be the act suggested in this post.

Although ◆SHo67Kc0Y and related individuals have been confirmed to be still active, ◆dnn87qI has not. Area-81JH Intelligence Division has received information that the individual in question no longer resides in Koigarezaki, but further information on his whereabouts remain unknown,

D-4505 is currently on life support provided by the Foundation; however, the subject's physical deterioration continues. An attempt to return D-4505 to the lower narrative level "Touhou Koumakyou ~ the Embodiment of Scarlet Devil." in order to preserve its state has been attempted, but as the attempt was obstructed by an unknown individual, it has been considered a failure. D-4505 is projected to lose vital signs within the next few days.

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