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Item #: SCP-296-DE Level 3/296-DE
Object Class: Euclid Secret

Old KAI Interface at Site-DE2 and HQ of Project ASPHODELUS

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-296-DE must be surveilled by an automatized recording at all time. The site director and the director of Project ASPHODELUS must immediately be notified of any detected changes.

Records and Information Security Administration is tasked with reconnecting Site-DE2 to SCPRADIO through an alternate channel and permanently isolating SCP-296-DE from it.

Further execution of the Special Containment Procedures is in the responsibility of Project ASPHODELUS.

Description: SCP-296-DE is an anomalous call within SCPRADIO1, targeted at the interface of the Site-DE2 AI KAI. Since its discovery in 2061, SCP-296-DE transmitted a repeating broadcast of exactly 1507 minutes of bleeping, wheezing and buzzing, as well as static, only interrupted twice since.2 The broadcast's content was slightly altered after both interruptions, and in two other occasions. The registered source of SCP-296-DE is the office of the Foundation front company "Foundation for Social Courage in Potsdam", which was terminated in 1997; inspection of its access point remained inconclusive.

Stochastic examinations of SCP-296-DE indicate that it is not broadcasting random signals, but a highly compressed data stream. In fact, segments of SCP-296-DE could be indeed decrypted; it appears to contain documents encrypted and transmitted in a variety of methods. Amongst the indentified methods are morse code, different standards of telefax, different means of audio steganography, and a synthetic voice dictating texts, accelerated by the factor 35.

Additional documentation is available for personnel with clearance level 5/296-DE oder 3/ASPHODELUS.

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