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Item #: SCP-2973-JP

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2973-JP is contained in Specialized Humanoid Containment Cell-13 at Site-93. Various measurement devices are installed in the cell for monitoring SCP-2973-JP. In the event that any unexpected exercise of abilities by SCP-2973-JP is detected, the Site Director is to be immediately notified, and an emergency meeting concerning the containment of SCP-2973-JP is to be held.

In order to prevent the manifestation of its anomalous properties, the Site Director is to operate the site in compliance with Provision 2973-JP, which includes disguises to ensure that SCP-2973-JP is not aware of its own anomalous nature.

Description: SCP-2973-JP is a Japanese male named Noboru Hirayama. SCP-2973-JP possesses the following anomalous abilities, all of which are classified as extremely powerful or precise within the scope of the Foundation observation.

  • Class VIII reality altering capability
  • Retroactive chrono-transference capability with Category I accuracy
  • Extra-A probability altering capability
  • Anomalous dynamical capability (Equivalent to Level VI)
  • Substance manipulation capability with P Index 0.005

SCP-2973-JP unknowingly uses the above abilities to generate a complex series of anomalous processes. Interference with this process has never been accomplished due to direct interdiction by the above abilities or retroactive alteration of time nullifying the failure cases. The process generally proceeds as follows.

  1. Internal Hume level of SCP-2973-JP increases to approximately 110. In addition, a Hume Field with an average of 1.00Hm is created around SCP-2973-JP. This makes SCP-2973-JP highly resistant to external interferences.
  2. Substance manipulation capability allows SCP-2973-JP to partially align the molecular arrangement of the target held in its hands into a planar pattern.
  3. Probability altering capability manipulates the electron configuration of the target, significantly reducing the intermolecular bonding strength.
  4. Anomalous dynamical capability produces highly uniform and bidirectional stress on the target. In combination with the aforementioned molecular alignment, the target undergoes brittle fracture, resulting in a cross-section with a roughness that can approximate an ideal plane.
  5. Consequently, SCP-2973-JP is capable of splitting disposable chopsticks with extreme precision.

Currently, there have been no confirmed cases of SCP-2973-JP exercising its abilities other than when splitting disposable chopsticks. In order to eliminate opportunities for SCP-2973-JP to interact with disposable chopsticks, the environment of its containment site has been rearranged in accordance with Provision 2973-JP, which was enacted at the 5th Site-93 Sanitation Committee Meeting in 2012. As such, SCP-2973-JP has not exercised its abilities since its containment to date. However, its Object Class is categorized as Keter, in light of the fact that the abilities possessed by SCP-2973-JP are extremely powerful, albeit for limited use, and their exercise occurs without its own awareness.

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