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Item #: SCP-2975-JP

Threat Level: Yellow

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Complete containment of SCP-2975-JP is impossible. Even if SCP-2975-JP occurrence is observed in the general public, there is no need for coping and information obfuscation such as amnestizing and cover stories as long as there is no secondary damage caused by SCP-2975-JP. In order to prevent SCP-2975-JP occurrence at the site, personnel belonging to Site-81 Division are to be prohibited from working overnight for more 2 hours.

Description: SCP-2975-JP is an anomalous phenomenon that occurs at Site-81 Division in Japan. Although SCP-2975-JP was supplemented by the Foundation in recent years (2020), SCP-2975-JP was found to occur between 22:00~04:30 the next day (Japan time), and target individuals who had been performing a single task for more than 2 hours (hereinafter referred to as "the infected").

SCP-2975-JP occurs in the form of the manifestation of food and note of unknown meaning to the infected. The infected and the people around them accept the occurrence of SCP-2975-JP without feeling any malaise, and enter a state of sleep approximately 20~60 minutes after the occurrence of SCP-2975-JP without exception, and wake up 6~12 hours later unless interfered with from the outside.

The infected loses the memory of SCP-2975-JP after waking up, but the content of the anomaly is directly reflected in the dream, so it is possible to grasp the content of the occurrence through the analysis and consideration by the Foundation Oneiroscience Department. In addition, it was found from an experiment using a surveillance camera that the tableware such as the one which food was served naturally disappears during the sleep period of the infected without exception, but the aforementioned note remains.

The following is a listing of confirmed SCP-2975-JP cases.

Case: SCP-2975-JP-37

Time of Occurrence: 2020/05/14 22:37

The Infected: Ms. Yuka Sakigari (works for a designer company)

Contents of Occurrence: 2 rice balls, hot roasted green tea

Situations of Occurrence: The infected was exposed to SCP-2975-JP while she was working on an overtime task at her desk at work. The surveillance video shows that she went to bed 24 minutes after eating up all the items and woke up at 07:51 the next day. The infected mentioned, "In my dream, I had someone cook me dinner and sing me a lullaby afterwards".

Contents of Note: Burning G6 bear! mA time ⸜( ॑꒳ ॑ )⸝⋆*

Case: SCP-2975-JP-58

Time of Occurrence: 2020/06/02 01:41

The Infected: Mr. Tatsuki Jomoto (student waiting for another chance to enter university after having failed the yearly entrance exam)

Contents of Occurrence: 250ml of coffee drink, 3 slices of sandwich with cucumber, tuna, and ham

Situations of Occurrence: The infected was studying for a university entrance exam at home, and was exposed to SCP-2975-JP. The infected stated that he went to bed about 40 minutes after eating up all the items and woke up at 12:25 the next day. The infected mentioned, "I remember falling asleep with something soft wrapped around me1".

Contents of Note: Surpass sA time 1. … srur long Kc [Rock shadow]^⌒)b ugh

Case: SCP-2975-JP-80

Time of Occurrence: 2020/06/26 23:19

The Infected: Mr. Ryosuke Dokutani (part-timer)

Contents of Occurrence: white rice, 1 raw egg, soy sauce, "Ajinomoto" seasoning

Situations of Occurrence: The infected was exposed to SCP-2975-JP while surfing the Internet at home. He stated that he went to bed about 30 minutes after eating up all the items and was woken up at 06:07 the next day by his mother who lived with him. The infected mentioned, "I was listening to music on my earphones, but before I knew it, it changed to the earpick audio2. It was probably a woman. It could have been a dream, or my iPhone malfunctioning."

Contents of Note: nwe($M mu\stake yO (;•ω•ก)

Case: SCP-2975-JP-119

Time of Occurrence: 2020/07/23 01:00

The Infected: Mr. Kotaro Genkaku (works for the Foundation's MTF)

Contents of Occurrence: 500ml of sports drink

Situations of Occurrence: The infected was exposed to SCP-2975-JP during night training at [CLASSIFIED INFORMATION], which is located in the Foundation's premises. He went to bed 25 minutes after eating up all the items and was awakened by the team leader at 01:27. The infected mentioned, "I don't even know what my parents look like, but I feel like I met my mother in my dream".

Contents of Note: Ko T1 hinny ”” bias rA illusion ta fidget (((*´ε` *)(* ´З`*))) fidget

Addendum: SCP-2975-JP was discovered on 2020/05/07 during an investigation into the cause of a medium scale containment breach at Site-8114. 58 personnel stationed at the site at the time were found to have been exposed to SCP-2975-JP, and the current version of the document was created. It should be noted that this is the first case of SCP-2975-JP that has been observed to put the infected into a sleep state, although there have been several cases of SCP-2975-JP recorded in the paranormal phenomenon records. In light of the change in the anomaly in this case, the Foundation has decided to number this paranormal phenomenon to SCP-2975-JP.

As a part of the experiment to investigate the characteristics of SCP-2975-JP, D-499213 who became the infected wrote the following text on the back of the note, and he was able to communicate with the entity that seemed to be the source of SCP-2975-JP.

Who are you? Why are you giving me food?

About 30 seconds after writing these sentences, a note of unknown origin appeared.

This note has not appeared since then.
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