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Item #: SCP-299-DE

Object Class: Gleipnir1

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-299-DE cannot be directly contained due to its nature. Since it has not yet been possible to predict the appearance of new SCP-299-DE artifacts, media need to be monitored for the sudden appearance of extremely advanced technology, "magic artifacts," and "spaceship wrecks." Finders of such artifacts and other witnesses are to be amnesticized according to standard protocol.

Confiscated artifacts are to be tested for their properties and potential uses at Site-DE12 and sent to appropriate storage facilities according to their value or danger. If the containment of said artifacts is problematic, appropriately specialized MTFs are to be be called in to take custody of the object and place it in the nearest vincinity until adequate containment measures are developed. Security measures for each SCP-299-DE anomaly can be found in Catalog 299-DE-S.

Historical records regarding SCP-299-DE artifacts are to be cataloged and redacted from public access.


Image material recovered from SCP-299-DE-213, which according to evaluations shows a metropolis.

Description: SCP-299-DE designates a variety of civilizations that, according to data received so far, will apparently exist in the distant future. These civilizations are variously named by their inhabitants and, as far as can be seen, inhabited by humans and other alien species. Normally, a civilization consists of only one species, but numerous variants with mixed populations are also known. Their extents are difficult to determine in all cases, but they all seem to span several different galaxies and even realities.

SCP-299-DE instances are usually quite different from previously known societies and also from each other. In some, there seem to be no differences or prejudices between the inhabitants in terms of appearance, origin, abilities, and views, presumably due to the existence of technologies that can eliminate any educational or physical differences within minutes, if desired. In other cultures, however, there are xenophobic and racist tendencies that manifest themselves in the oppression of large segments of the population and outright genocide. In still others, strict hierarchies prevail that cannot be broken. However, a variety of other social forms have been observed.


Flying Object in SCP-299-DE-102.

In many instances, methods to stop aging and death, and to impart anomalous abilities to biological life as desired seem to have been found. Apparently, individuals as old as four billion years or even more exist in some SCP-299-DE versions. Received evidence also suggests that inhabitants in SCP-299-DE are able to increase their physical and mental abilities to levels that should not be possible for biological life. All of these technologies are available to any resident or only to certain groups within the community, depending on the instance.

Government activities in many versions of SCP-299-DE are carried out by AIs overseen by committees or individual officers who control and interpret their output. Presumably to avoid potential bugs or unwanted self-programming. Other forms of government include monarchies, various forms of democracy, basic computer systems as supports for various forms of rule, numerous variants of socialism, and, in one instance, absolute rule by an intelligent school of mackerel.

Many of these societies presumably function only because of the use of robots and artificially created slaves perfectly suited to their particular purpose. Unlike normal inhabitants, however, these slaves are not considered living beings in many SCP-299-DE versions, but rather machines, even though they have numerous rights, such as the freedom to choose their place of residence or personal leisure activities. Said rights are protected by law.

It's pretty amazing what we've found out about these cultures. The populations of at least 70 versions somehow see clones as simultaneously equal and inferior. Presumably, the rights granted can most readily be understood as a part of preventive measures and "tool maintenance." One might wonder why they resort to clones at all, considering that inhabitants can acquire abilities that make them seem like gods in our time, but I suspect they simply see "clone work" as beneath them. Or they just don't want to specialize in jobs as much as artificial humans do. Well, we still have some material to evaluate, maybe something will come up in relation to this question…
Prof. Butter, Head of the SCP-299-DE Project

The Foundation is aware of SCP-299-DE because artifacts from these civilizations manifest at irregular intervals in our time. Why these artifacts manifest is unknown, but there are several theories circulating among Foundation researchers, such as faulty teleporters or time warps.

SCP-299-DE artifacts are numerous and can apparently appear anywhere in the universe. They have been discovered in ancient ruins and tombs or simply in the ground all over the world and, according to the analysis of historical records, manifest themselves at an average interval of two to ten years in one place on Earth. While they do not bear uniform insignia, they can be assigned to different SCP-299-DE versions through symbol and material analysis. Most of these objects are mere debris and/or non-functional and pose no threat, but some are still fully functional after thousands or even millions of years and possess a wide variety of properties depending on the object.

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