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Character chain corrupted by SCP-299-FR, now censored and safe.

Item #: SCP-299-FR

Threat level: Black

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to its nature, SCP-299-FR cannot be contained.

Daily surveillance of all servers and networks belonging to the Foundation must be done by no less than four (4) different programs located on different and independent servers to detect any eventual change(s) linked to SCP-299-FR.
The files and networks linked directly to the Foundation’s safety must be the top priority in surveillance, depending on their importance.

As soon as a file, code, or network is targeted and identified as infected by SCP-299-FR, it must immediately be disconnected from all networks, isolated, copied, and cleaned.

If SCP-299-FR infects any not informative file or any other not informative character chain, those must be destroyed as soon as possible.

It has been demonstrated that using different files format at once could slow down SCP-299-FR’s infection, and could even prevent future ones.

Any presence of SCP-299-FR in documents related directly or indirectly to the Foundation must be reported immediately.


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