SCP-299-KO-A talking with Dr. ███

Item #: SCP-299-KO

Object Class: Keter Neutralized Pending

Special Containment Procedures: Due to SCP-299-KO-A's number and hazards, containment of all instances is impossible. Instead, the Foundation maintains a diplomatic relationship with SCP-299-KO-A. The Foundation should maintain a friendly relationship with SCP-299-KO-A, and disinformation about SCP-299-KO should be spread among the press and media.

Currently, containment procedures for SCP-299-KO-B are under planning.

Description: SCP-299-KO is divided into two subgroups: SCP-299-KO-A and SCP-299-KO-B.

SCP-299-KO-A refers to some instances of the large-billed crow(Corvus macrorhynchos) in Korea. SCP-299-KO-A possess intelligence similar to humans, allegedly even having their own unique culture. SCP-299-KO-A entities communicate with one another via telepathy, and some with reality-bending abilities can communicate with a human.

SCP-299-KO-B refers to anomalous entities in Korea that resemble the large-billed crow(Corvus macrorhynchos). All SCP-299-KO-B entities can cause disasters around humans. The scale of the disaster varies from entity to entity, ranging from simply tripping to falling off a roof and falling to death. SCP-299-KO-B seems to outnumber SCP-299-KO-A vastly.

SCP-299-KO-A and SCP-299-KO-B are very hostile to each other, even having a war against each other. (Some arguments claim the war is still ongoing.) It was deemed unfavourable to SCP-299-KO-A, as SCP-299-KO-B instances outnumber SCP-299-KO-A by tenfold, but reports show that SCP-299-KO-A is taking the lead. However, the current situation after Incident 299.62 is unclear.

Addendum: According to SCP-299-KO-A's claims, -A instances originate from the 'Three-Legged Crow (삼족오, 三足烏 Sam-Jok-O)'1 There were three three-legged crows, each living in Korea, Japan and China. The Korean crow created SCP-299-KO-A's ancestors, and in the year ███, it gave freedom to SCP-299-KO-A and passed away. After this, most SCP-299-KO-A instances moved to Mt. ██████ and live there to this day.

The lifestyle of SCP-299-KO-A of Mt. ██████ resembles that of Silla, adopting the Golpum system2. SCP-299-KO-A relies on agriculture, exploiting the fertile soil of the mountain, maintaining a mostly self-sufficient society. Mt. ██████ is located far away from humans, hiding the community from the public eye. Also, some SCP-299-KO-A instances that live in human cities disguise themselves as regular crows to hide their species. The Foundation signed multiple treaties with SCP-299-KO-A, maintaining a friendly relationship with them since 19██.

According to SCP-299-KO-A, SCP-299-KO-B originates from the Japanese three-legged crow. It created SCP-299-KO-B to show humans its power. It achieves this goal by warning humans of incoming danger, first with SCP-299-KO-B's appearance and then itself. On ███, after the Japanese crow died, SCP-299-KO-B emigrated to Korea.

There were no discovered stories or recordings that back up SCP-299-KO's claims.

Interview log 299.7: This is an interview conducted with SCP-299-KO-A to gain information about SCP-299-KO-B

Dr. ███: Let's start the interview. First, can you introduce yourself?

SCP-299-KO-A: My name is Blackfeather. I am the captain of the strike team.

Dr. ███: Blackfeather? Is your name typical amongst the crows?

SCP-299-KO-A: No, I'm the odd one out. My mother loved this particular name.

Dr. ███: I see. Next is a simple test. Please look at this photograph.

SCP-299-KO-A: That's one of us. He looks funny.

Dr. ███: Then what about this o-

SCP-299-KO-A: (Shouting) That ungodly diabolical piece of shit!

Dr. ███: Please calm down. Okay, the test is over. How do you distinguish between you and SCP-299-KO-B?

SCP-299-KO-A: Do I need to explain? It's bloody obvious. They are less than crows. They're demons, wrenched demons.

Dr. ███: I see. Can you explain your relationship with SCP-299-KO-B?

SCP-299-KO-A: Explain? Oh, well. We lived in peace, developing culture, having families. And then, suddenly, that motherless curs invaded us. According to an old story, those bastards came from Japan. So is Japan clean now?

Dr. ███: What kind of harm did they cause you, exactly?

SCP-299-KO-A: Well, they invaded our territory, impersonated us, and tore down our pride.

Dr. ███: What do you mean by 'pride'?

SCP-299-KO-A: Before - even now, to an extent - we were treated as a bird of ill omen. You know that too, right? That's not because of us, but those goddamn demons! They caused harm to humans, and now the humans blame us for that.

Dr. ███: I see. Then, what are you planning to do with those demons?

SCP-229-KO-A: Our head honcho declared a war to eliminate those bastards. But there's too few of us. We're far behind those fucking pieces of shit.

Dr. ███: Then, isn't a war too difficult?

SCP-299-KO-A: Don't cut my sentence. Of course, our honcho thought of that, too. That's why he opted for guerrilla tactics. Well, it's more of a fancy term for ganging up.

Dr. ███: What kind of tactic, exactly?

SCP-299-KO-A: First, our shamans gather up and summon them as much as they can. Next, our strike team wipe the unsuspecting bastards out.

Dr. ███: Aha, I see.

SCP-299-KO-A: Good. Can I go now? I have butts to kick.

Dr. ███: Of course, you can. I have all the information I need. Oh, one more thing…

SCP-299-KO-A: Yes?

Dr. ███: Be careful at night.

Conversation log 299.2: While Dr. ███ was deployed outside to examine an anomalous event, SCP-299-KO-A flew to him, requesting a conversation. Dr. ███ recorded the conversation with a pen and paper.

SCP-299-KO-A: Long time no see.

Dr. ███: How can I help you?

SCP-299-KO-A: Actually… We're in a pickle. They know our tactics. How they knew, we don't know.

Dr. ███: What do you mean?

SCP-299-KO-A: The war against the demons! Don't you remember?

Dr. ███: No, I don't recall. Didn't you mistake someone else for me?

SCP-299-KO-A: N-no, It was you. I am sure. Did you talk with me then?

Dr. ███: I don't remember that… Wait, I'll contact my superiors.

(Ten minutes later)

Dr. ███: There is indeed a log, as you said. I don't know how…

SCP-299-KO-A: If it's not really you, then who was it I talked with? Wait… Fuck, it can't be!

(SCP-299-KO-A flies away.)

Notes: Dr. ███ claimed that he didn't conduct the interview. Examination proved the claim true. The identity of the Dr. ███ in the interview is unidentified. Following the conversation, interviewers must undergo additional examination before any interview with SCP-299-KO.

Incident 299.61: A fire started in Mt. ██████. The mountain is a habitat for SCP-299-KO-A, and the cause of the fire seems to be SCP-299-KO-B. According to SCP-299-KO-A, almost all of their members that can perform reality-bending died; hence previous tactics were rendered unusable. SCP-299-KO-A's leader seems to have deployed the strike team to take revenge against SCP-299-KO-B. SCP-299-KO-B's habitat is Mt. ████ of ██████ city. A rumour that entering the mountain brings misfortune circulated the city.

A drone discovers SCP-299-KO-A instances flying towards Mt. ████, where SCP-299-KO-B lives. Approximately 10 kilometres left to SCP-299-KO-B's habitat.

Multiple SCP-299-KO-B instances fly towards SCP-299-KO-A. The -A instances raise their feet and stab the -B instances with their talons. -B instances respond the same way. The fighting continues for three minutes.

SCP-299-KO-B instances start to fall. After all -B instances fell down, -A instances continue to fly towards the objective. Multiple -B resistances follow, but -A successfully suppresses them. After 10 minutes, the -A instances reach Mt. ████.

A sudden turbulence surrounds Mt. ████. Some of the -A instances stumble. Strong winds force the -A instances on the ground. One of them spread their wings after seeing the drone and puts up what seems to be a sign. (The sign is under decryption.)

The -A instances walk into Mt. ████. The drone follows after them, but static covers the screen, worsening as the drone goes further inside. Soon after, the signal is lost.

Two hours later, a sudden shower pours over ██████ city for 30 minutes. The following search of Mt. ████ found several hundred pairs of crow wings but no SCP-299-KO-A or B instances.

Notes: After incident 299.61, all SCP-299-KO-A and -B disappeared. It is unknown who won or if the war ended. On █/█/20██, SCP-299-KO will be considered neutralized. The deadline is ██/██/20██. Instance 299.62 revealed multiple SCP-299-KO instances. Reclassification has been withdrawn.

Incident 299.62: On ██/██/20██, before the ███████████ Olympics, during a drone performance rehearsal, multiple drones lost control and moved to a location. Dr. ███ tracked those drones and found several SCP-299-KO-A instances. One of them requested a conversation with Dr. ███.

Dr. ███: SCP-299-KO-A? What is happening?

SCP-299-KO-A: We're preparing for the final battle. This is why we hid for a few months.

Dr. ███: That means…

SCP-299-KO-A: Oh, we'll give the drones back. Don't worry. We won't harm it.

Several hundred SCP-299-KO-B instances cover the sky. SCP-299-KO-A instances move away from Dr. ███.

SCP-299-KO-A: It's best you leave, doctor.

Dr. ███: Will you be OK fighting like this? I can call backup.

SCP-299-KO-A: It's our business, so we'll try our best. We're good warriors, and on top of that, we have a reliable method.

The instances fly up, and others soon follow. SCP-299-KO-A heads toward Mt. ██████ followed by the drones. SCP-299-KO-B chases after the -A instances.

A search of Mt. ██████ was conducted five hours later. The drones were found covered in animal blood but with no malfunctions. Also, several hundred crow feathers were found.

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