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Item #: SCP-303-DE

Object Class: Euclid

Threat Level: Yellow

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-303-DE is currently kept inside a containment unit customized for the anomaly in Site-DE20's High-Security Containment Wing.

Said unit consists of a lead capsule measuring 2 x 1 x 1 meter1, with a wall thickness of 1.7 meters, around which different paratechnological systems have been attached, isolating SCP-303-DE. Every system is duplicated, with the duplicate serving as failsafe.

The systems are:

  • A Scranton reality anchor (SRA) stabilizing the local reality at 20 humes.
  • A psionic2 disrupter that interferes with psionic fields and transmissions.
  • A P160 metaphyiscal indulger, which returns anomalous energies from other layers of existence (such as astral energy) back to their origin point.
  • A thaumaturgic ward3 that widely suppresses uncontrolled thaumaturgic effects in its active range.

Furthermore, all components making up the containment unit have been grounded with faraday cages, including the capsule and the unit itself.

Should a part of the containment unit no longer work properly, an alarm is automatically triggered, allowing for swift exchange and repair of the affected components.

Access to SCP-303-DE is therefore solely limited to security personnel of clearance 3 or higher. Experiments require permission by the O4-Council.

Description: The anomaly consists of the prehistoric skull of a mutated Tyrannosaurus rex with a length of 1.90 meters, a width of 0.60 meters and a height of 0.80 meters. The skull's age is presumed to be around 66 million years.

Notably physical features of the anomaly are:

As previously mentioned, the skull and presumably also the remainder of the body are larger in comparison to other known specimens of tyrannosaurs. For example: The largest, non-anomalous Tyrannosaurus rex ever recovered possessed a skull measuring 1.50 meters in length.

  • On the left side of the forehead, a 2.4 centimeter wide, purple-colored, not precisely identifiable jewel is embedded. Attempts to remove the stone have failed; the section is assumed to be part of the skull in itself.

In addition, SCP-303-DE is anomalous in that it emits a total of 1█ types of energy and radiation in fluctuating intensity, both anomalous and normal. These include:

  • An electromagnetic field.
  • A psionic field lacking informational contents4 or telekinetic effect.
  • Spectral energy5.
  • Astral energy.
  • Elan-vital energy (EVE).
  • Akiva radiation6

SCP-303-DE also emits a reality-disrupting effect, which can lead to high fluctuations in base-line reality through spontaneous increase and decrease of hume concentrations.

This quantity of differentiating energies is highly uncommon and has never been observed in "nature" in such form. Indeed, SCP-303-DE also presents a high risk, as it amplifies or facilitates anomalous effects for their user, especially thaumaturgic rituals, spectral phenomenons, and the intrusion of metaphysical entities; moreover, its electromagnetic field presents a risk for electronic devices.

How these anomalous effects have influenced the anomaly in life, or if it even possessed them in this form, is currently unknown to the Foundation. Analyses of SCP-303-DE's material is presently considered impossible, as its anomalous effects would damage most of the measuring devices or falsify the result, and extracting samples is regarded as too much of a risk.

Likewise, it is unknown how far the modus vivendi of SCP-303-DE differed from non-anomalous Tyrannosuari reges.

Discovery: SCP-303-DE has initially been discovered on the 10.02.2010 in [REDACTED], north from Linz, Austria. The village has been the victim to a notable quantity of possessions (four cases) and spectral phenomena (16 cases).

Both a research group and six agents of MTF-DE18-𝔏 „Lichbändiger“ were deployed to find and contain the cause for these phenomena. Following a search lasting around five hours via different measuring devices, it could eventually be located: inside a small wooden area near the village, a hotspot of different anomalous energies was found in the soil of a small clearance. The research group subsequently deployed an exploration group that returned after around 2 hours. Meanwhile, the local population was distracted by field agents using acoustic anti-memes and gaseous class-A amnestics.

However, an incident occurred during recovery, when agents from multiple groups of interest also attempted to to discover the object on their own accord, independent from each other.


Test Protocol-303-DE-1

Foreword: This test series was already performed before initial examination, so SCP-303-DE's basic effects were already known, and it could be contained. Leading researcher was Dr. Hämlig (Department for thaumaturgy).


Material: SCP-303-DE; a 1m2 large synthetic mat featuring an imprinted insignia of the Foundation (as sink); a thaumaturg (Agent ██████).

Execution: Agent ██████ places the mat in the containment cell of SCP-303-DE. Its containment systems were shut down, and Agent ██████ was instructed to create a small fireball of a few centimeters and temperature at a height of one meter above the ground via his thaumaturgic abilities.

Result: The action became highly unstable, as the energies emitted by SCP-303-DE spontaneously increased in intensity. As a result, Agent ██████ lost control over the ritual, resulting in the fireball transforming in a 2 meter high shooting flame of circa 2000 °C. At the same time, Agent ██████ could not deflect the backlash of his ritual, causing uncontrolled side-effects; 90% of Agent ██████'s central nervous system spontaneously lost their electrical conductivity, causing the agent to die. SCP-303-DE and its containment measures remained unaltered, and were promptly re-enacted.

Remark by Dr. Hämlig: "This potent and especially spontaneous fluctuation was very unexpected. Further research will be necessary, even if the practical application in rituals is completely ruled out."


Material: SCP-303-DE; an DIS-10012 demonics circuit13 constructed to be used as cutting laser; an concrete square measuring 50 cm3; a strong high voltage battery.

Execution: The DIS-100 was connected to the high voltage battery inside SCP-303-DE's containment chamber and directed at the concrete square. Afterwards, containment systems of the anomaly were shut down and the DIS-100 activated.

Result: At first, the DIS-100 worked as anticipated, emitting a high-energy laser beam in the red-light spectrum, which melted a hole inside the concrete square. However, smoke rose from the circuit after eleven seconds. Dr. Hämlig thereupon deactivated the power supply, and ordered a D-Class employee to remove the circuit.

Remark by Dr. Hämlig: "I got the circuit and its demons verified by the department for thaumaturgy: The electrical banning circle that gives the demon his programming was damaged, wherefore the demon now possesses full control over the circuit and his own powers. I shall request a neutralization of this DIS-100."


Material: SCP-303-DE (EVE intensity of around 7800 Casper); an thaumaturgic aura motor14; a standardized LED lamp.

Execution: The lamp was connected to the aura motor, with both being brought into SCP-303-DE's containment chamber. The containment systems were deactivated thereafter.

Result: The lamp overcharged and burned out.

Remark: N/A


Material: SCP-303-DE; one D-Class staff (D-5468); five milligram demonarkotikum15; a straitjacket.

Execution: D-5468 was dressed in the straitjacket and placed at the ground of SCP-303-DE's containment chamber. Afterwards, he was administered the dose of demonartikum, and the containment systems of the anomaly were shut down.

Result: D-5468 suffered an intoxication for five minutes as expected, but then began to squirm and loudly scream under cramps. Dr. Hämling thereupon ordered two MTF members of the security team to remove D-5468 from the chamber. Noticing this, the aforementioned D-Class staff attempted to bite the personnel, vehemently insulting them at the same time. As a paramedic tried to administer him a sedative via an syringe, his bodily strength increased many times over, enabling him to free himself from his straitjacket, and began to punch present personnel. Several sedatives had to be used in order to calm D-5468 down.

Remark: D-5468 was subjected to a severe case of possession through a demonic entity. A Foundation thaumaturge performed an appropriate exorcism.

Afterword: Following Test-303-DE-1D, the test protocol was halted on behalf of the O5 council, with further experimentation being prohibited.

    • _



    Appendix Incident-303-DE-2: Interview on contained demonic entity.


    Date: 15.01.2011
    Time: 16:45 MEZ
    Interviewer: Interrogation Expert Harald B. Angst
    Interviewee: Demonic entity from Incident-303-DE-2, hereafter named by its plain name "Samon"

    Foreword: Samon possessed the physical form of a three meter high, black-skinned humanoid with a head from a bull of same color, and wore a leathery loincloth around the waist, as well as a iron battle axe18 His (provisional) containment consisted of a banning circle constructed with salt and silver chips.


    Angst: Good afternoon.

    Samon: Hail Satan.

    Angst: You are currently in custody of the SCP Foundation, Esoteric Site-DE20, we-

    Samon: Let me go.

    Angst: Pardon me, but that's not as easy as it sounds, unfortunately.

    Samon: I am Samon, warmaster of the Seventh Circle19, commander of the 4th hell legion, butcher on heaven's gate, and military consultant for the Global Occult Coalition. I demand be freed at once and returned to Hell.

    Angst: Why I- Hold on, you want to return to hell? Not released upon the Earth?

    Samon leans forward, while supporting his right arm on the "wall" that was created for him through the banning circle.

    Samon: Indeed, 'Angst'.

    Angst: Well, uh, an exorcism is certainly possible for you. But there are still a few questions I would like to ask you.

    Samon: I suppose I will stay here, If I don't coorperate?

    Angst: Probably.

    Samon settles at the floor.

    Samon: Keep it short.

    Angst: Thank you.

    Angst clears his throat.

    Angst: How have you come on Earth and in our site?

    Samon: Where exactly did I appear?

    Angst: We are aware that the tyrannosaurus rex skull was involved. I meant under which process it enabled you to appear here.

    Samon: You have absolutely no idea about what it is, right?

    Angst: To be honest, no, we don't.

    Samon: Why am I not suprised …

    Angst: Do you know how?

    Samon: Mortal, I would not talk such way, if I wouldn't know more than you do.

    Angst: So, what's the skull, then?

    Samon begins to silently laugh.

    Samon: Now, how do I explain this to you?

    Samon appears to be ponder for a moment, before continues.

    Samon: Well, it's not just existing over here, but also on our end. And in a bunch of other layers, too.

    Angst: You are also in possession of such a skull.

    Samon: No, its rib cage. And, as far as I know, the sky has one of its feet.

    Angst: Do they have the same effects as here?

    Samon: Effects? It has an aura of sheer might and energy, and sometimes ejects a chunk of magic, that's all.

    Angst: Real- Interesting, but how did you come down here, then?

    Samon: So: We found it inside the fourth circle, in the west, to be exact. The lust maws have once again found new mine shafts, founding it inside. Thee dark majesty20 then ordered it to be brought to him inside the core and put on the back burner. Now, I was on site at the moment, randomly came close to it, and the thing unloaded magic; thereby ripping me to this place.

    Angst: That- That's all? You were at the wrong place at the wrong time and were summoned.

    Samon: Exactly. I also assume that the same can be said for the King's demon.

    Angst: This would have been my next question. Anyways, can you give me further information concerning the skeleton?

    Samon rises.

    Samon: No, and I would now prefer to return back home.

    Angst: But-

    Samon: Mister … Angst. I'm regularly summoned by the PHYSICS Division's directorate21 to consult them during military decisions. Do you really think containing my very own would be without consequences?

    Angst: I- I'll see what I can do.


    Afterword: Following approval by the O4-Council, Samon was successfully exorcised by two Foundation thaumaturgists. The execution proceeded without issues.

    E-Mail Conversation █████/303DE:

    An official announcement was thereupon send to all authorized staff on the 24.01.2011:


    Dr. Hämling recently submitted a proposal for another examination of SCP-303-DE, especially for possible intelligence, which has been approved. Therefore, Project "Triple-C" will commence on the 01.02.2011. The following departments are involved:

    • Department of Thaumaturgy; key areas necromancy and consciousness thaumaturgy
    • Department for Prehistory; key area prehistory
    • Department for Paratechnology; key areas development and creation
    • Department for Parabiology; key area zoology

    The budget amounts to [REDACTED] euros, Dr. Hämling is project lead, with Site-DE20's room L-030 being the research laboratory. The containment systems of SCP-303-DE are to be stored inside the aforementioned room for the duration of Triple-C.
    — O4-1

    Every department was assigned two doctors when "Triple-C" began, with the exception being the department for thaumaturgy, which was provided three with Dr. Hämling. The research thereupon began their work, investigating both the exact parascientific features of the anomaly, partly also multiple times, as well as potential origin and living conditions.

    It took almost three months until an investigative method was developed. SCP-303-DE's demeanor has been notably calm and stable during this time.

    Report concerning Project "Triple-C"

    Author: Dr. Hämling
    Date: 30.03.2011

    Following some research and exhaustion of 85% of the budget, the "Triple-C" research group discovered a method that could be used to contact SCP-303-DE.

    Required materials and technologies are the following:

    • [REDACTED]; ritual component specifically constructed for this experiment.
    • A psionic field generator22
    • A White detector23
    • A thaumaturge.
    • A computer featuring algorithms developed for the experiment.
    • Cybernetic brain mass implant to transfer thoughts onto machines in real-time; model from external production, recommended due to better quality.
    • A Scranton reality anchor
    • SCP-303-DE

    When performing, SCP-303-DE would be placed inside the ritual setup without its containment procedures in place (except for the Faraday cage), likely inside the deflector ("Ritual circle"), and the psionic field generator placed vertically above it. The thaumauturge, to whom the cybernetic implant has been inserted, would, in turn, be connected via this to the field generator, which, by means of the white detector and the computer algorithms, precisely adapt its field force to SCP-303-DE. The thaumaturge linked to this system would then perform a short ritual with [REDACTED] to establish a psionic connection with SCP-303-DE through the filed generator. Meanwhile, the SRA would stabilize local reality at 10 hume through the whole process.

    Should our estimations prove correct, this would allow the thaumaturge to have a conversation with the anomaly, provided a consciousness is present.

    The O4 council approved the test's execution the following day, the 31.03.2011, with a majority of 7 votes (6 opposed; 0 abstentions). Due to his familiarly with SCP-303-DE's anomalous properties and thaumaturgic expertise, Dr. Hämling reported voluntarily as subject.

      • _


      Location: Test room V-003, Site-DE20
      Date: 05.03.2011

      Material: Dr. Hämling, "PHANTASIA" model cybernetic implant for communication between human and machine24; psionic field generator modified for the experiment; SRA.


      The test setup has been constructed and calibrated per the exact instructions by the research group. Dr. Hämling took seat on a chair and connected to the impulse generator at exactly 10:13:41.

      After a short waiting period of around one minute, during which Dr. Hämlig prepared himself for the ritual mentally, he gave the order to activate the impulse generator. The latter subsequently connected to SCP-303-DE's psionic field with a force of 512,4 white.

      At 10:33:02, Dr. Hämling begins the ritual, using his own aura as energy source and diverting the backlash in his own body. Although, the surveillance systems on the pulser and implant could not registrate any stable psionic connection for the first few seconds, but could eventually measure a small connection, which steadily increased in intensity.

      Dr. Hämlig enters a trance-like state eleven seconds after the connection has been established, when his implant can only select blurred imagery and distorted audio material, and he also no longer reacts to external calls.

      After two minutes, Dr. Hämlig has become completely unconscious, with the implant showing no image or audio material. Therefore, the test leads want to cancel the experiment, and deactivate the field generator, when loud breathing is suddenly recorded by Dr. Hämling's implant, followed by weak, blue light patterns in the center of his mental vision. The experiment continues.

      In the next 42 seconds, the footage becomes steadily sharper, until an entity can be seen inside the otherwise dark enviroment: An approximately twelve meter high tyrannosaurus rex with a blue plumage. Additionally notable is that the entity, in contrast to other regi, possesses three smaller, also blue eyeballs in each eye socket, and that different body parts feature tiny purple crystalls protrude a few cenitmeters from the feathers. Sighting this creature, test lead presumes that Dr. Hämlig has begun to dream and that the implant mistakenly interpretes it as actual cognition.

      However, at this time, Dr. Hämlig begins to (mentally) talk with the creature:

      Hämling: Hello?

      Entität: Hello.

      Hämling: W- Where am I?

      Entity: Define "here". Your body still lies in V-003, though your mind gazes into my kingdom.

      Hämling: Your… kingdom? Are you S-

      Entität: -CP-303-DE.

      Hämling: So I was right! Yes! It- I mean you are intelligent!

      SCP-303-DE: That wasn't so hard to find out.

      Hämling: Anyway, eh- ugh… May I ask you for your name? So, your actual?

      SCP-303-DE: The observer.

      Hämling: The observer, tha-

      SCP-303-DE: The observing skeleton.

      Hämling: Mmh?

      SCP-303-DE: "The doomed dinosaur god". PBE-3030-L'Engle-Ex-Machina. I'm of many names, my lord.

      Hämling: Oh. Well, then, uh, could I at least ask you some questions, then?

      SCP-303-DE approaches within a few meters in front of Dr. Hämlig and bends his head down.

      SCP-303-DE: I let you in here for a reason, so go on.

      Hämling: Of- Of course, uh: What are you?

      SCP-303-DE: A god.

      Hämling: Why do- do you think that?

      SCP-303-DE: Good man, I emit akiva radiation, possess latent anomalous forces, and reside in a metaphysical plane of my own. As far as I am concerned, this accounts to being divine.

      Hämling: Oh, o- of course, yes… So, uhm, why the appearance of a dinosaur? Wouldn't a god prefer something more elega-

      SCP-303-DE: This is my actual appearance. I am a dinosaur.

      Hämling: Oh, well, uh, then how did it come about that a dinosaur is god? I mean, there was surely n- no religion in the prehistory? Right?

      SCP-303-DE inhales air through its nostrils, exhaling it demonstratively.

      SCP-303-DE: Well then, here is my tragic backstory: You are familiar with the theians?

      Hämling: The inhabitants of the planet Theia, who were wiped out after the collision with our Earth?

      SCP-303-DE: Correct. Said theians began to experiment with metaphysical radiation before their abrupt end: Psionic energy, artificial akiva, et cetera et cetera. They used something your kind would best describe as "god generator" as their source; a machine that generates energies, which are usually only created through mental activity, believe, thoughts and so on. But when then Theia perished, this generator was only damaged and continued to exist for some time, until he finally packed up one faithful day, completely unloading in one bang. Although the explosion was ridiculously powerful strong, but also ridiculously focused, solely a spot of around 12 times the 12 times the 12 meter was extinguished. 12 x 12 meter, in which I was sleeping.

      Hämling: So, you-

      SCP-303-DE: Please, don't interrupt me. So, as I said, the explosion hit me, and with it its whole metaphysical loading. And so, I was, well, deified. But also slain, in a classical sense. Though I cannot leave this layer, but my remains, scattered across the whole universe, as you have obviously seen, expand my influence.

      Hämling: And, what are you doing, then? I mean, when you can solely influence the space around your bones?

      SCP-303-DE: Doctor Hämling, just because I'm not capable of leaving this metaphysical plane, does not mean I'm not able to pierce outside. This place is, in simpler terms, the highest plane of our universe; and I'm in possession of distinctive info-thaumaturgic and psionic powers. I know everything.

      Hämling: So, a god of knowledge?

      SCP-303-DE: So to speak.

      Hämling: Well, thy majesty, may I then ask you if you would be interested in supporting my organization? The SCP Foundation?

      SCP-303-DE: Your proposing a league?

      Hämling: Indeed, we could wo-

      SCP-303-DE bursts into loud laughter.

      SCP-303-DE: On my behalf, no! Do you really think I would like to cooperate with you skippers?

      Hämling: Well, we all long for knowledge in the end!

      SCP-303-DE: Just because I'm bored doesn't mean that this prison of kingdom is not of agony! And your organization does something very similar!

      Hämling: We isolate anomalies for their own protection and well-being of the public!

      SCP-303-DE: Annoy another person with your propaganda. Apart from that, are you always so foolish?

      Hämling: Pardon me?

      SCP-303-DE: A magical skull fees anomalies and threatens the site, and they sent their mind to me, in order to propose a league? Jesus, since I have woken my skull, I'm literally working against you, and do not even realize!

      Hämling: Oh…

      Dr. Hämling is quiet for a short moment.

      Hämling: I assume it's now time for me to go.

      SCP-303-DE: Yes.

      Thereupon, the psionic connection was cut off, and Dr. Hämlig awoke. The test was considered finished.

    An increase in containment procedures and a re-classification of the anomaly is pending approval by O4 council.

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