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SCP-304-DE-2 instance on the surface

Item #: SCP-304-DE

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures:

Revision 2:

Update from the 18/08/2023: Given that the majority of SCP-304-DE instances have been neutralized, the special containment procedures are to focus on researching SCP-304-DE-2 instances. Yet, the human population must be subjected to magnetic resonance imaging on a regular basis to locate living instances of SCP-304-DE-1 and remove them from the brain, if possible without injuring the individual. Afterwards, they and possible witnesses are to be amnestitized.

Description: SCP-304-DE is the collective designation for a species of lugworms1. This species consists of two groups that have formed during evolution. Instances of both groups differentiate in their habitat and nutrition, but all posses the same anomalous properties. The majority of SCP-304-DE lives on the surface of the human brain, hereafter refereed to as SCP-304-DE-1. The remaining instances classified SCP-304-DE-2 live in the Wadden sea.

Using their secretion, instances of SCP-304-DE-1 stick to a seemingly random spot on the brain. Foundation biologists assume that during the evolution of the Homo sapiens, they placed their spermatozoons and egg cells inside the nose or mouth of humans, from where they were able to reach the brain via the olfactory bulb, reproducing therein. Exact tests have proven problematic, but every man and woman is hypothesized to posses either a male or female instance respectively.

Instances of SCP-304-DE-2 lived inside pipes 20 to 30 cm in depth that posses a U-form and were dug into the Wadden sea's sand by themselves. They consume this sand and filter the organic substances out of it. They reproduce by male instances excreting spermatozoons into the water. When these cells reach the burrow of a female instances, they dispense egg cells into the water, which are subsequently impregnated by the spermatozoons.

SCP-304-DE-1 and -2 instances are able to communicate telepathically regardless of their distance. Furthermore, they posses the anomalous ability to process and manipulate all brain activities, provided they occur inside the brain. As a result, they are, inter alia, capable of editing or deleting memories, and take control over all thoughts and actions of a person. SCP-304-DE-1 instances feed from the thoughts of humans, although the exact method is still poorly understood.

In a human child's third year, an instance of SCP-304-DE-1 will periodically secret multiple separate spermatozoons into the male child, each either with an X or Y chromosome. The one in a female will excrete an egg cell, followed by both moving into the nasal cavity via the olfactory bulb. The spermatozoon passes from there through the pharynx into the esophagus, leading into the stomach. Apparently, the cell is resistant to the gastric acid, and finally enters the small intestine. There, it is excreted into the blood and afterwards passes the kidneys, from where it is directed into the urinary bladder. Following this, the spermatozoon can enter the prostate and transfers over to the testicle. Egg cells initially follow a similar path, but it travels from the bladder through the labia and eventually via the vagina and uterus into the fallopian tubes. Here, it it combines the egg cell with its counterpart by yet unknown means. During reproduction of two humans, both the anomaly's spermatozoon and human sperma are transferred into the fallopian tubes. Following impregnation of the egg cell, one instance will combine with it. Afterwards, the new SCP-304-DE-1 instance will grow simultaneously with the human fetus. As so far, the instance's gender was dependent from the gender of the child, the object is presumed to have found a method of determining the gonosome2, and chooses the instance accordingly.

When developing an embryo, the genome of an SCP-304-DE-1 instance encodes a protein that ensures the anomaly is perceived as part of the body, negating any countermeasures by the immune system.

Discovery: On the 04/10/1978 junior researcher Dr. Samara Vazquez created this file and took safety measures to ensure it can only be edited by special personnel. Magnetic resonance imaging and a statement verified by a tonal variance processor were now required for edits, in order to ensure that the person accessing it is not being influenced, forced, or manipulated by SCP-304-DE. In addition, she appended several audio recordings to the entry, which explain the anomaly's nature and are transcribed hereafter.

Addendum 304-DE-1:

Begin log

Something odd happened today. I mean, more odd than the usual. I could perform magnetic resonance imaging for the first time today. I know, how could someone who is specialized on memetic anomalys do something like this so late? Well, until now, I only had boring tasks, such as documenting new findings. I'm straying. The MRT's results were indeed anomalous, I thought. I mean, I certainly have never heard anything of a worm inside our brains in biology class. Usually, the protocol would be self-explanatory after such result: quarantine the affected individual and examine the anomaly with the certain care. But then, Dr. Groltz said that everything would be fine. As I pointed at the worm on the image, he just took a short glance at it, and then looked at me with confusion. As if I would be the lunatic! When asked if I could take a closer look at the image, he simply answered that he would already take care of that. So what! Tomorrow, I will file a request to view the image.

End log

Begin log

As I went to work today, I had the strange feeling everyone would stare at me. Always, when I turned to them, they looked into another direction of course. It almost felt like as if I was an anomaly not fitting their norm. And then, as I was permitted to view the MRT-image, the worm was missing. This leaves three options. First: I'm losing my mind. Second: An anomaly is involved that influences perception and images, but why wasn't I affected and the only one to see the worm? The third possibility is that somebody had edited the image, but why? I'm worried that the first option is the most probable. Maybe I will visit the psychiatrist tomorrow. Hopefully, she has time, as it's always crowded. Which is a given.

End log

Begin log

I'm sitting in my bunker at the moment. Whoever hears this, if somebody hears it, probably asks himself, why. So let's start from the beginning. As I stated yesterday, I went to the psychiatrist today. As feared, the waiting room was packed so much I wanted to surrender and return to my lab room, as I suddenly met Raoul. Raoul, my best friend, who usually works at a different site. I was so baffled that we stood for several minutes in the floor without saying a word. He broke the silence and suggested to go for a spin, just we two. Needless to say, I agreed and oh boy had we much to talk! On the ride, I recounted the strange happenings from the past two days. He silently listened, and when I was finished, simply said „Hmm“. Then, out of nowhere, he questioned me about the incident at the farm last week. I live alone at a farm and run it as a side-job. Last week, I noticed a weird smell and fell unconscious. It was already evening when I awoke. I only told Raoul about this accident, but he questioning me so suddenly caught me by surprise. Either way, I noticed that we were driving at the freeway, shortly after he was done with questioning. I questioningly remarked that we wanted to make but a spin, but Raoul seemingly wanted to drive to the Wadden sea. Before anyone asks why I did what I did, I should remark that we also learned in our memetic seminar we should always switch on a recording device when someone behaves not how he should, no matter how small the difference may be. Raoul's behavior made me do exactly that. Although he said nothing until we reached the Wadden sea, I will include our talk on-site.

Begin log

Raoul: Here we are. Pleasant here, isn't it?

Samara: Why are we here, Raoul? You're not normally like this.

Raoul: Noting changed in my case. Unlike you.

Samara: What are you talking about? I am still the same as always.

Raoul: (sighs) Are you familiar with lugworms?

Samara: They are worms that live in the slobs and feed on organic substances inside the sand. They also leave small piles everywhere. What's your point?

Raoul: Not all feed on organic substances in sand. The minority actually. Most of them feed on thoughts.

Samara: What?

Raoul: I know this sounds crazy. You're probably asking yourself why I'm telling you that. Me too. But you're the only one who saw the truth and is able to remember it. At least, not for long.

Samara: (several breaths can be heard) So, you are lugworms that can eat and manipulate thoughts. Parasites, basically. And every human is a host for you, except for me.

Raoul: You have also been a host recently. But the rest is correct.

Samara: And why I am no longer?

Raoul: (hesitates) I have no idea.

Samara: And now? You are forcing my friend to murder me? If these are my last minutes, you could at least tell me everything about you.

Raoul: We won't kill you. You will become our host once more. These lugworms here posses the same abilities as we, but not all changed their diet when they had the chance.

Samara: How long are you already here?

Raoul: Since around 400.000 years. We already had a consciousness from the beginning, but only sand surrounded us at that time. 40.000 years ago, the first humans arrived, and we could smell their thoughts. We instinctively knew what we had to do to reach them. And so we decided to change our nutrition.

Samara: How did you get into the brains in the first place?

Raoul: Look, I'll show you. This lugworm here will place an egg cell into your nose that will move to your brain. And this lugworm right here will plant an spermozoon into your nose that will impregnate your egg cell. Actually, I should not explain this to you.

Samara: Raoul, stop!

Sounds of a struggle are become audible.

Samara: (with a voice similar in tone to a nasal congestion) Dammit!

The sound of a punch and a body falling to the ground can be heard. Afterwards, solely fast steps and accelerated breathing are recorded, before the recording cuts off.

End log

After Raoul … no, the anomaly … plugged two lugworms into my nose, I was able to overpower him and run away. Fortunately, I knew the location of a bunker nearby. If his testimonies are to be believed, and I have no reason to believe the opposite, I wanted to evade the company of other humans. I don't know if an anomaly is … breeding inside me, and if so, how much time I still have, which is why I will hurry in summarizing everything I know into an article. I took some security measures to ensure that this article can only be edited by humans not manipulated by the anomaly. In case you're reading this, I was apparently successful. I also believe to have found the anomaly's weakness. Hydrogen sulfide. Probably the same stuff that made me fell unconscious at the farm, and the anomaly in Raoul knew that, which is why it hesitated when I asked it why I'm no longer a host. What I don't know is why the anomaly didn't just kill me. I was of no further use than all the other seven billion hosts. Maybe curiosity? I'll will probably never know for sure. When the anomaly is there, I will forget all of this, but it has to feed from my thoughts, which means that I must be allowed to have them. I just hope -

End log

Appendix: Following project Freedom (See Addendum 304-DE-2), Dr. Samara Vazquez could successfully be freed from the influence of the anomaly, and was granted an accolade for her part in a better understanding of the object.

Addendum 304-DE-2: Below is a note by O4-██. The council member claims to have held it inside his hands when he awoke and project Freedom was already performed.


Surely you are confused. Maybe you're asking yourself if you are dreaming right now. The answer is yes.

We are the Oneiroi Collective. We know you are aware of us, because we can see it in your dreams. But this is currently not of value.

We know lugworms are feasting on your thoughts, and manipulate them to hide their own nature. Well, we don't intervene the business of the real world naturally, but, according to our recent findings, a threat to humanity and therefore to dreamers.

Aww, you're scared they just witness our discussion. No worries. The unconscious is out of their reach. So, we can quietly make plans. By the way, if you agree to our proposal and it proves effective, we will document our part of the conversation, so you know who to thank.

Dr. Samara Vazquez assumes that hydrogen sulfide is deadly to these worms. Pardon me? To humans too? Although we are unsure, the quantity suffice in killing the worms should not be enough to kill humans. And we know how to release it globally.

There is a risk of course, but you can choose. We already carried out a vote between the other council members, and a draw appears to rule. You have the deciding vote.

Will you approve this proposal?

Addendum 304-DE-3: Notice by researcher Ferdinand Groltz to all Foundation staff following successful performance of Project Freedom.

We are grateful to tell you Project Freedom was a huge success. After all, we gained full control of our thoughts in one day, which were initially barred from us. We were richly awarded for our endeavors. Barely has the hydrogen sulfide been released everywhere, we already felt more free than ever. Although a remarkable sum of humans are still imprisoned by foreign beings, we will free them, too. My colleagues and I express our gratitude to all members of this organization, who have actively or passively worked to achieve this goal. Remember that you once again saved humanity. You have performed excellent labor. Noble labor. However, we indicate that we may not rest yet. The threat of SCP-304-DE enacting a counteract still persists. The object class has been decided to remain Keter. SCP-304-DE-2 instances are not neutralized, as they do not pose any threat. It's not over yet. As you are surely aware, there is no room for mistakes in our organization.

Dr. Ferdinand Groltz, leading researcher of SCP-304-DE

Appendix: Following the completion of Project Freedom, undercover agents embedded in different groups of interest sent several documents to the Foundation, which indicate there were multiple attempts of removal by individuals of said group that were not affected by the object. These attempts, however, appeared to have been intervened by the anomaly.

Addendum 304-DE-4: The following is an E-Mail exchange between researcher Lorenz Leblanc and researcher Anton Brock.

By: Researcher Lorenz Leblanc
To: Researcher Anton Brock
Subject: SCP-304-DE

Dear Dr. Brock,

Something highly strange caught my eye in the notice from Dr. Ferdinand Groltz. I assembled the letters of every sentence, and they form the sentence: "We will return". I strongly assume an influence of SCP-304-DE. Could it have found a new way of mind control? I request permission by you as representing research lead to test an instance of SCP-304-1 once more.

Dr. Lorenz Leblanc

By: Researcher Anton Brock
To: Researcher Lorenz Leblanc
Subject: Notice by Dr. Groltz

Dear Dr. Leblanc,

Permission denied. Instead of wasting your time by assembling letters, you should participate in more important projects.

Dr. Brock

By: Forscher Lorenz Leblanc
To: Forscher Anton Brock
Subject: Aw: Notice by Dr. Groltz

Dear Dr. Brock,

this sounds like you want to protect the anomaly. Are you also under its influence?

Dr. Leblanc

By: Researcher Anton Brock
To: Researcher Lorenz Leblanc
Subject: Aw: Aw: Notice by Dr. Groltz

Dear Dr. Leblanc,

Correct. Maybe you're asking yourself how we survived. We discovered we can utilize antimemetic agents to manipulate the human consciousness, without having to crawl around in their brains. We will tempt you to serve us as food again. Incidentally, said memetic agent is embedded inside this e-mail. On its own device and without context, it is ineffective, unfortunately, forcing the memetic agent inside the message to bring your unconscious to initiate this e-mail exchange. Come to the Wadden Sea. We are hungry.

Dr. Brock

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