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Item #: SCP-3072-JP

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3072-JP is to be stored in a Low-Risk Small Bological Containment and Raising Tank. Male personnel are not to manage SCP-3072-JP's tank naked without the Site Director's permission.

Description: SCP-3072-JP is a group of 55 mm long Pseudoceros with anomalous properties. Like non-anomalous Pseudoceros, SCP-3072-JP are simultaneous hermaphrodites.

SCP-3072-JP's anomalous properties manifest during copulation. Upon being approached by a biologically male organism fulfilling the traits below, they will attempt to mate one-to-one.

The subject is healthy and not sexually excited
The subject is submerged without any outside assistance
The subject is naked, with no tools or ornaments

While mating, two needle-like penises will emerge from the instance's body and it will rapidly swim towards its mating partner, piercing its penises into any part of the subject's body and releasing sperm within 0.3 seconds. Upon releasing sperm, the subject will immediately become female.

Following this, the subject will release egg cells from its ovaries. SCP-3072-JP's sperm will travel through the subject's body and fertilize the subject's egg; however, the fertilized egg will not contain any of SCP-3072-JP's genetic information, but only the information from the subject as a male and as a female. If the fertilized egg is implanted, a human fetus will develop and be born through a non-anomalous process.

Due to the aforementioned property, SCP-3072-JP has been designated Thaumiel.

In order to confirm the presence of an anomaly, it is necessary to obtain Class D personnel on which human experimentation is permitted. Class D personnel are drawn from personnel convicted for violent crimes, particularly those on death row. While the biological gender ratio of the whole human population is essentially equal, the gender ratio among such convicts is under 10% in almost all regions. As such, the number of female Class D personnel is low, leading to a chronic lack of information on female test subjects. Such bias in test subjects is a potential risk and has been associated with various heavy incidents.

The multiple simultaneous containment breach incident of 2009/9/16 is the most well-known example. According to Report 20090916, a female employee who initially attempted to contain the situation activated an unidentified anomaly that temporarily paralyzed the Foundation's security, causing an uncontrollable, deteriorating situation. Based on this reflection, the conditions of Protocol 12, which draws Class D personnel from political prisoners, refugees and the general public, have been relaxed, but still remain limited.

SCP-3072-JP has been identified as a way to fundamentally solve this problem. Currently, research into increasing the population of SCP-3072-JP, which will be deployed worldwide in phases, is ongoing. SCP-3072-JP, like ordinary Pseudoceros, form fertilized eggs when a mate's sperm is injected into its body. While this method allows SCP-3072-JP to reproduce, it is difficult and failures have continued. As such, Project Fast Draw has been devised.

Project Fast Draw Overview:
The goal is to grow the population of SCP-3072-JP through the mating of Foundation staff and SCP-3072-JP. In order to achieve this, the Foundation will select the best-fitting Class D personnel1 to form Mobile Task Force ん-0 ("Fast Draw") and undergo a minimum of one year of training2.

Members of the task force are to inject sperm into SCP-3072-JP using only their own bodies before SCP-3072-JP does the same to them, and must minimize damage to SCP-3072-JP during the process. As such, members who satisfy the following conditions after training will be selected to mate with SCP-3072-JP:

  • Capable of remaining active underwater for at least 90 seconds
  • Average score of 95% or higher in the past 30 simulations
  • Capable of ejaculation from a sexually relaxed state within 3 seconds
  • Penis diameter less than 10 mm

The success rate has increased significantly over the project's course. Currently, out of 69 attempts, 7 attempts at impregnating SCP-3072-JP have been successful.

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