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Item #: SCP-309-DE

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

  • Housing: Site-DE6; underground; biotope; cretaceous-like fauna; artificial sky; 30-38°C; ferroconcrete walls; 700 m2; monthly cleaning
  • Treatment: Varying; Once per week; whole cadaver; cow; horse; pig; reward chicken; refilling water tanks
  • Toys: Tractor wheel; wood barrel; trunk
  • Handling: Eight person security guarding; extended tasers; Etorphine narcotics; rubber projectiles; preventive sedation



  • Appearance: Tyrannosaurus Rex; life-size; male; grey; alive; 11 m; 8.5 t
  • Behavior: aggressive; frequent roaring; hostile to Foundation
  • Anomaly: Infohazard; ban of whole sentences; ban of falsification of truth; solely object-related; viable in deadly atmosphere
  • Discovery: Rehburg-Loccum; Germany; jurassic park; model; transmutation; visitors; attack; 16 casualties; unintelligible distress calls
  • Capture: MTF DE6-𝔊 "Big Game Hunters"; MTF DE4-𝔎 "PSI-Corps"; MTF DE8-𝔄 "Crime Scene Cleaners"; civil evacuation; anesthesia ammunition; 25 shots; fainting; crane; truck; anesthesia infusion
  • Appendix: Corpse recovery; 12 bodies; cover-story; rampage
  • Examination Results: unknown modeler; new model; test run; bill; fine print; Are We Cool Yet?
  • Incident-309-DE-1: Gate malfunction; failing containment reporting system; KIRA; informational influence; partial system crash; unevacueted; attack; Class-D; distraction order; Dr. Nahles; MTF DE6-𝔊 "Big Game Hunters"; re-containment; 4 deaths; degradation; KIRA patch
  • Appendix-309-DE-1: Scales; infoharzardous effect; sewing in; transmission; military equipment; strike forces; surprise assault; advantage; unintelligible distress calls; O4; authorized
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