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Item #: SCP-3096-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: No means of controlling SCP-3096-JP are currently available. Further research is ongoing. As such, the main focus of containment will be on coverup following the anomaly's occurrence.

Description: SCP-3096-JP is an anomalous human beheading phenomenon occurring within Japan. Victims are discovered in their rooms with their heads missing at the neck. No signs of weapons or a third party can be detected in the room. The common element of these incidents is that the bodies are always in a kneeling position, with the neck against one of the walls of the room. In some cases, the hands have also been cut at the wrists; the cut body parts are invariably missing.

Autopsy reveals that the victim's neck was cut by a sharp blade in a single stroke, leading to instant death. In addition, it is thought that prior to being killed, the victim had been in a kneeling position with their head to the wall, looking down towards the ground.

The anomaly was initially discovered in the 19█0s. At the time, the common features between all victims was merely that they were "males in similar living conditions", and there was no way to predict the occurrence of the anomaly. On the other hand, the victims' associates often stated that they had "slowly become withdrawn" and "often stayed at home", and the volume of sleep aids purchased by victims rapidly increased in the weeks prior to the incidents.

Addendum: On the morning of 19██/██/██, the ambulance service was notified of a "woman who had fallen from the fifth floor" by a man (18 years old at the time) living in [REDACTED]. However, upon arriving, the rescue team only found the man in a violent, disoriented state, with no trace of the woman. As such, the incident was initially seen as a prank; however, the man appeared to not be lying and appeared to not be on any drugs or alcohol that could cause him to hallucinate.

At the time, the above situation was not linked to SCP-3096-JP. However, the involvement of the anomaly is suspected due to the following interviews, as well as the fact that the man matched the common profile of the victims.

Interviewer: Dr. ████████

Subject: ████████ ██████

<Begin Recording>

Interviewer: Mr. ████████, could you please tell us again what happened?

Subject: A woman fell from a fifth floor window, I think. That… [hesitates]

Interviewer: No problem. Go on.

Subject: I-I'm really sorry. In truth, I was just tired and mistook my dream for reality.

Interviewer: Could you tell me about the dream?

Subject: It was, uh, two weeks ago, I think. A beautiful woman, she always stayed by the window looking out. Every time I slept, I dreamt of her. [Silence] In the dreams, I'd seen her face, but I'd never met her or talked to her. And yet looking at her makes my heart pound.

Interviewer: And you saw that woman falling out of the window in your dream?

Subject: Yes, it was yesterday night's dream, she was sitting on the window ledge, with the window wide open, looking out. But outside the window it was pitch black, so I don't know what she was looking at. [Silence] Suddenly, she collapsed and fell out of the window. I screamed without thinking, and then I woke up.

Subject: But when I woke up, there was a window on the wall in front of me that wasn't supposed to be there. It was a big, wide open Western-style window, one that could slide up and down. Even though it was morning, it was nothing but pitch black on the other side, and there was a damp, warm wind blowing in.

Interviewer: And you were confused, I presume.

Subject: That's right. Even so, it's embarrassing. I panicked and called for an ambulance, then ran down to the first floor still in my pajamas. Now that I think about it, if I had looked out of that window to look outside, I'd have realized immediately that it wasn't real.

<End Recording>

Addendum: A followup visit was conducted after the interview. During this period, the presence of an anomaly could not be confirmed. However, at the followup visit, the subject corroborated the following image, but claimed that he did no longer saw the woman in his dreams.


Autogenerated image based on the description of the dream. Keywords: vertically sliding window, woman, covered face, looking outside, tiptoeing, pitch black outside

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