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Item #: SCP-310-KO

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedure: Because SCP-310-KO appears and disappears at constant times but unfixed places, security must be strengthened around places where the object often appears. The places where the object appears are getting more and more, so if any agent finds a way to stop it, the agent must contact the senior agents immediately. The object causes no harms to civilians, but because it turns hostile in certain circumstances, it is necessary for the agents to stop the situation or to eliminate the factors that will cause the situation, such as setting up other food carts around the object to minimize its contact to civilians.

Description: Though SCP-310-KO takes various appearances, it usually takes that of a food cart. The object appears in various places, which is usually a place where many food carts are located, and where civilians are frequent. The object makes its appearance at 16:00, and disappears between 21:00 and 23:00 in one place without any prognostics, though it disappears always after serving its last guest. There are were civilians who have seen the appearance or disappearance of the object, yet they didn't wonder how. So it is presumed that the subject was manipulating their mind. (There are many opinions for why the Foundation was able to discover the object.) At the time right after the object appears, it is not ready to start business immediately because it is in preparation, and the time to start its activity is 18:00. The object is difficult to distinguish from the other food carts, but on its one corner of the interior of the object is a model or figure that is reminiscent of white [REDACTED] flowers, which helps identifying the object.

The food that SCP-310-KO sells is various kinds of street food such as tempura and hotteok (A kind of Korean pancake). The food is no different from the conventional food, and there is no risk of ingestion. However, precise analysis reveals that the food ingredients are nothing consistent with any food products produced in the present earth. Most of the owners (a.k.a. SCP-310-KO-1) who have been asked about this mostly became angry or were reluctant to answer, but according to some answers, they are all from [REDACTED]. The price of the food seems to be along the market conditions.

SCP-310-KO-1 is not much different from modern human beings, but according to personal informations obtained by agents, they are already dead. They are reluctant to talk about their past and merely stick to selling food. However, there is a situation where they become hostile or very confused, which is when they meet people involved in demolition services, or people related to their past. In such situations, SCP-310-KO-1 tries to offend or attack the opponents with cooking utensils or ingredients. Also, the object will turn hostile if their identity is asked.

Addendum #1: Record 310-KO

Record #1 (in Busan-si ██-gu ██-dong)

SCP-310-KO-1 (Seed hotteoks): Welcome.
Agent ████: Hi. 5 seed hotteoks, please.
SCP-310-KO-1 (Seed hotteoks): Okay, just a moment.
Agent ████: Sir, may I ask where you live?
SCP-310-KO-1 (Seed hotteoks): Eh? I live nearby, but why do you ask?
Agent ████: Ah, it's for a college report. I have to do a survey of street merchants. Would you participate?
SCP-310-KO-1 (Seed hotteoks): Yeah, no problem. Ask anything.
(Afterwards, the agent made a survey of the subject with simple identification information, income and occupational environment. But the subject refused to answer the question of why he was involved in his job, or of his family affairs. Later, the identity of the person was revealed through the identification information, but he turned out to be a person who was deceased.)
Agent ████: Thanks for your participation. I will conceal your name in my report.
SCP-310-KO-1 (Seed hotteoks): You're welcome. Here, the seed hotteoks. Come again.

Record #2 (in Daegu-si ██-gu ██-dong)

SCP-310-KO-1 (Tempura): Welcome.
Agent █████: Hi. KRW 4000 of tempura, please.
SCP-310-KO-1 (Tempura): Okay, just a moment.
Agent █████: Thanks. May I ask you some- (Halts as something crashes outside)
Unidentified #1: F█████! I told you that you have to pay to have a shop here, didn't I?! (Sound of kicking a chair)
Unidentified #2: Why are you doing this when I have guest- (Sound of being kicked) Ack!
Unidentified #1: Shut up! Get outta here today! Okay!? (Crashing sound) Huh, why are you watching us? Go away!
Agent █████: ..Hmm (Is going to report the situation to nearby agents stealthily)
SCP-310-KO-1 (Tempura): (Staring outside for a moment) Excuse me. (Goes outside with a boiling sump)
Agent █████: Eh? Where are you go- (Screams) Huh!?
Unidentified #3: Aaargh! My eyes!
Unidentified #1: The… The f███?! What do you think you're doing?!
SCP-310-KO-1 (Tempura): You m███████████s! You had to do that even after you killed me!?
Unidentified #1: What? What the hell are you say- (Pause) W-Wait, why is Choe here-AAAAUGH! (Hit by oil on their face)
SCP-310-KO-1 (Tempura): F███! We both are going to die today, you m███████████!! (Tries to keep attacking them with oil)
Agent █████: (Makes emergency call with a small wireless set) Alert! Alert! The object became hostile!
(Since then, the crew of the Foundation had put in force to suppress the object and citizens. All eyewitnesses were treated B-Class amnestics. The people who attacked the food carts were identified as gangsters ██, who were put as D-Class personnels afterwards. During the process, the object suddenly disappeared.)

Addendum #2: Incidnet Report 310-KO-4

In 2012/11/23, while contacting the object in Seoul Gandong-gu, Agent ██ screamed. Agent ██ asked if the object is the agent's father, yet the object answered "no" impertinently. The agent soon began crying as the object continued to embarrass the agent, and the object was also angered by the agent's attitude. Nearby agents including agent Zhsan calmed the two, and the five minutes of interview of the object revealed that he was indeed the father of agent ██. After investigating the agent's house, the object said he died about two days ago, but he could not tell because his youngest child who is in another place would be shocked. Agent ██ had a three-hour discipline, and was instructed to go down to their hometown as a two-week vacation. Afterwards, the object never reappeared in the same place, and also was not found elsewhere.

I request to, when selecting a person to manage the object, ask them whether their parents are dead and identify their parents in secret. In order to prepare for an emergency situation. – Agent Zhsan

Request approved. However, though I'm saying this because of mere solicitude, if you are going to find the object who is an agent's parent and buy some more food, please don't do that. We only contain objects, not help them. – Agent Fresco, Task Assigner

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