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SCP-3101-JP and SCP-3101-JP-1, photographed prior to death

Item #: SCP-3101-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3101-JP and SCP-3101-JP are contained using Metcalfe Incorporeal Entity Repulsive Forcefield Generators.

Description: SCP-3101-JP is Mikawa Kaede, a 35-year-old Japanese female deceased in 2016 due to a traffic accident. SCP-3101-JP is a Class B Spectral Entity; the source of its ectoplasmic energy has been determined to be its smartphone. While SCP-3101-JP possesses the same consciousness as when it was alive, its consciousness is typically focused on using its smartphone. As such, SCP-3101-JP is thought to be unaware of its death. While the screen of the smartphone is typically glowing white, it is unknown what action is being taken on the smartphone. Performing physical actions on SCP-3101-JP is particularly difficult, and communicating with the anomaly is impossible even when the ectoplasm is physically manifested. The reason SCP-3101-JP's ectoplasmic energy source is its smartphone is unknown; however, it is thought that this is because SCP-3101-JP died from using its smartphone while riding a bicycle, leaving a heavy impression on its psyche.

SCP-3101-JP-1 is a Class B spectral entity in the form of a 3-year-old Japanese female. SCP-3101-JP -1 is Mikawa Harumi, who died alongside Mikawa Kaede in the accident; however, unlike SCP-3101-JP, it correctly understands that it is deceased. SCP-3101-JP-1 has regularly attempted to communicate with SCP-3101-JP; however, it has not been successful see addenda.

Addendum 1: On 2020/5/10, SCP-3101-JP suddenly showed a response to SCP-3101-JP-1's calling. SCP-3101-JP turned off its smartphone and showed signs of being frightened by its surroundings. SCP-3101-JP conversed with SCP-3101-JP-1 for 20 minutes; following this, it pressed its head against SCP-3101-JP-1's chest and hugged its head. During this period, SCP-3101-JP's ectoplasmic energy was seen to significantly change; however, approximately 40 minutes later, it returned to its stable level. While SCP-3101-JP -1 did not produce a significant response during SCP-3101-JP's activity, following it, it appeared to fall asleep. This is the first time SCP-3101-JP-1 has been observed sleeping.

Addendum 2: SCP-3101-JP and SCP-3101-JP-1 were observed closely for the one week following the events above; however, no significant actions were recorded other than talking once an hour. In addition, SCP-3101-JP did not use her smartphone during this period. In addition, SCP-3101-JP and SCP-3101-JP-1's ectoplasm volumes were observed to be slightly decreasing.

Addendum 3: On 2020/5/21, SCP-3101-JP once again used its smartphone. While it was initially thought that SCP-3101-JP had returned to its manner of action before the 10th, the entity soon ceased operating the smartphone and handed it to SCP-3101-JP-1. SCP-3101-JP-1 observed the smartphone for a short period of time and began to perform the same actions as SCP-3101-JP. During this period, SCP-3101-JP-1's ectoplasm returned to a stable state; from this, it was determined that the smartphone controls a certain state of the ectoplasm, and that it functions even on other anomalies. Following this, SCP-3101-JP-1's focus continues to be entirely on the smartphone. Due to this, discussion is ongoing over whether to renumber the smartphone as the primary anomaly.

Addendum 4: On 2022/1/20, SCP-3101-JP's ectoplasm volume was observed to have decreased to a dangerous level. During this period, SCP-3101-JP had repeatedly attempted to speak to SCP-3101-JP-1, but had failed. Beginning in January 2022, SCP-3101-JP has stopped attempting to call SCP-3101-JP-1's attention, and only occasionally attempts to obstruct its view of the smartphone.

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