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Item #: SCP-315-DE

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: As SCP-315-DE only affects Foundation personnel, cases are to be ignored and the subject walked off and questioned after its performance. Occurrences outside of the Foundation are, provided civilians were present, veiled as planned performances of self-written poems.

Description: SCP-315-DE designates a global phenomenon, during which an affected Foundation employee abruptly begins to talk about their own greatest worries, fears, and/or problems. The duration of such an event varies between subjects and is apparently dependent on their well-being. Rhyme schemes and verse number are also dissimilar. Once the process has begun, a premature completion can only be achieved through termination of the affected person, whereas other halting attempts are integrated into the usually extremely exaggerated performance of the subject. Persons who experienced such an occurrence reported a feeling of relieving release and euphoria, which subsides in the following three to four days. Subjects are unable to remember the occurrences. It is unknown why only active Foundation personnel is affected, and not dismissed.

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