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3/3199-JP LEVEL 3/3199-JP
Item #: SCP-3199-JP

Special Containment Procedures: Where SCP-3199-JP occurs, the relevant real estate is to be monitored by Project Cerberus. Following the completion of the designated procedures, the assigned personnel are to falsify relevant records and revise assessments of affected properties through laundering while taking into account local laws and administrative procedures in order to minimize the long-term negative effects of SCP-3199-JP.

Description: SCP-3199-JP is a large-scale bureaucratohazard occurring alongside the use of necromancy. Necromancy, defined as occult technology using remaining thoughts, flesh or bone from a deceased person in order to revive them, often produces corpses that are mobile and active (regardless of their level of intelligence), which are commonly known as "zombies" or "undead".

As a result, in addition to simple damage to the body, because a living corpse continues to be legally considered dead, the reanimated subject has the property that buildings in areas they have passed through meet the conditions for being considered "stigmatized property".

SCP-3199-JP is the anomalous legal process that occurs at this point. The relevant building or structure is immediately legally considered stigmatized property "due to being haunted/cursed land"[sic], regardless of whether the relevant person desires it. Because death and the spirits of the dead are avoided in many cultures, this often has the secondary effect of causing the current owner to relocate and a significant drop in the value of nearby real estate.

In the recorded history of necromancy beginning in 1600 BC, SCP-3199-JP's existence is a relatively new discovery, with the concept of stigmatized property beginning in Europe and the United States at the beginning of the 20th century and spreading to other regions over time.1.

As such, multiple cases of incidents caused by superelderly necromancers with no understanding or, in some cases, respect for relevant laws, or conversely by necromancers deliberately using SCP-3199-JP to manipulate real estate prices using necromancy2 have caused significant long-term issues for the Foundation's secrecy efforts due to the fact that restoring said real estate's prices must be done using legal due process.

However, the SCP-3199-JP anomaly is currently seen as a useful underlying mechanism for building a global necromancy detection system. This system is capable of using the WATCHDOG analysis program to rapidly detect and locate occurrences of necromancy by monitoring real estate prices. This system is particularly useful in detecting small-scale uses of necromancy within confined areas.

The monitoring system, which is operated under Project Cerberus3, has successfully led to the location of 73 Group of Interest bases, the capture of 127 Persons of Interest, and the detection of 34 instances of unauthorized revival of Foundation personnel or their relatives and friends.

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